All Brent Out Of Shape


The Office never leaves him.

A re-do of last Sunday’s The Week In Politics on RTÉ 1 where – to the horror of all present, especially independent TD Mick Wallace – Fianna Fail’s Stephen Donnelly TD MBA, channeled the ghost of David Brent from BBC 1’s The Office.

You’re not looking at the whole pie, Jenny.

Thanks anon

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10 thoughts on “All Brent Out Of Shape

    1. Rich Uncle Skeleton

      I’m disappointed in Donnelly, but he’s not my biggest disappointment. That’d be Alton Towers.

    1. BobbyJ

      I imagine he’ll be found out next time, I don’t think the denizens of Greystones will forgive the switch to FF.

      & rightly so

      1. Spoofer

        They won’t but he’ll pick up the hardcore FF votes to counter that. Don’t worry those figures have all been worked out months before he announced the switch.

  1. Andrew

    From Independent to Social Dems to FF. I agree, he’ a spoofer. He’ll probably be re-elected though.

  2. Ms Star

    I really liked Stephen and had high hopes for him back in 2011 when he ran as someone with a grasp of the real world. I can handle a certain amount of populism but the mindless marketing speak heaped on his Independent U-turn is just too much now. Heaven help him if FF get in in any guise and he ends up with the Finance gig, I suspect he would make Minister Shane Ross appear commanding. Pity though after all the promise

  3. Junkface

    Mick Wallace with his head in his hands is pretty funny there ha ha! I have to find the original video.

  4. Paul

    Really strange post. He didn’t actually say anything odd or objectionable ( which I was waiting for) before he was over dubbed with Brent. I can only assume the poster has a pre existing issue with him.

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