Mary’s Prayer


The Echo Chamber podcast.

In the fourth part of a series on the homelessness crisis, Martin McMahon (top left) and Tony Groves (right) are joined by Mary McAuliffe (centre), assistant Professor/lecturer in Gender Studies at UCD, former president of the Women’s History Association of Ireland and a tireless feminist activist.

Martin writes:

We discuss the “inconvenient” voices of women and feminism; the issue of homelessness and “family hubs” via the prism of our history of warehousing our most vulnerable; the changing of Ireland from a Catholic Theocracy, to a Neoliberal Ideology, and why selling the old Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street to a hotel chain is a BIG mistake.

Plus, Mary hammers home the point that, throughout our History and up to today, we convict poor people of poverty.

Mary is a passionate and cogent voice for feminism and an advocate for changing and challenging patriarchal power structures. She is also a great follow on twitter.

The Echo Chamber


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