Staying In Tomorrow?


On The Late Late Show

Gareth Naughton writes:

Ed Sheeran’s Belfast born grandad was an ardent royalist and it would have been “cool” if he could have seen him pick up the MBE, the Perfect singer tells Ryan Tubridy on Friday’s Late Late Show.

Elsewhere, after more than a decade of trying Galway, hurling legend Joe Canning will talk about why this was Galway’s year after 29 long years waiting for Liam MacCarthy to come calling.

…Comedian Jason Byrne will tell the bizarre story of his vasectomy and its aftermath.

…Brendan Grace will bring Bottler, Dublin’s favourite schoolboy and incorrigible messer, to the screen to tickle funny bones.

*hides telly behind tree*

The Late Late Show on RTÉ One at 9.35pm

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30 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. The Old Boy

    God bless Brendan Grace, but I don’t think he’s changed one thraneen of his script in 30 years.

  2. James

    Rather 1 hour of Bottler than 1 minute of Ed Sheerin…. He’s so terrible… Am I the only one that can see this?

      1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

        “It’s only Chris Martin from Coldplay. Chris, what are you doing here in a factory in Wigan? It’s mental.”

      1. James

        No. I just really think he lacks talent, charisma, looks. He’s an all round terrible package, and he could not be more popular. I just find it so bizarre that he can be so popular. How is he so popular? It really perplexes me. Am I alone on this? I really feel no one else see’s this. He’s terrible.

        1. Naomi

          @ James Not all singers are easy on the eye, Mick Hucknall, Bono, Geldof and Seal for example but that didn’t stop them them making it. Sheeran gets so much criticism about his looks, that’s unfair, don’t you think? I don’t know all of his songs but I don’t know how you could listen to ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and not like it, it’s so romantic and beautifully worded.

          He’s very down to earth in interviews, maybe that bores you, rather that than being an obnoxious ‘here’s me and who’s like me’ egotistical coke-head, such is the case with numerous ‘stars’.

    1. Andrew

      +1 and I’d rather 1 hour of Brendan Grace than 10 seconds of Jason Byrne

      Sheeran:blandy mc blandface

      Did you like James Blunt Naomi? Or whatshisname Michael Bublé

        1. Naomi

          Ah now, Clampers, you may get your spanking quota on the thread offering ‘gentlemen’ milk bathing services – strictly right hooks being offered by moi, lol.

  3. Scundered

    How dare Ed Sheeran have family members who were proud of their nationality, the fact that got highlighted as a thing is a little suspect in itself. Let the hatred go.

  4. On The Buses

    Ed Sheeran placates Irish audiences that he is most pleased with his MBE cause his dead grandad would have been proud, while reminding us that he married a catholic woman.

  5. Nullzero

    Every time I hear his latest single (Perfect for those of you not being subjected to it in work all day long), I keep expecting him to break into a chorus of Lady in red. Are today’s hip young kids really turned on by such nauseating drivel? Have things got to the point where the most subversive thing that can be thought up by todays youth to irritate people who grew up with good music is to create absolute soulless tripe and laud it as genius?

    1. scottser

      Personally I’d love to see brick throwing, marauding youths rise up and try to smash the system as long as it doesn’t affect property prices. And if they find a musical outlet for it sure won’t we all make a few quid with the right marketing?

  6. Jim Bob Julius

    Nothing wrong with Ed Sheeran, but he is more of a younger persons musician.

    Nothing wrong with Brendan Grace but his comedy is more of an elderly persons comedy.

    I know nothing about Joe Canning but hurlers always get my admiration.

    Jason Byrne is quite possibly one of the unfunniest ‘comedians’ out there. About as funny as your water tank falling into the bedroom.

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