Catholic Moralism Trumped


City Hall

As a group of Dublin City Councillors, we are acutely aware of how the 8th amendment, and Ireland’s restrictive abortion legislation, has impacted on the lives of women across our city. Its presence in our constitution is a hangover from an era when Catholic moralism trumped women’s rights, health and autonomy time and time again. We are delighted to see that era finally coming to an end.

“We welcome the votes taken by the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment yesterday (Wednesday). In particular, it is a seminal moment that a Committee of the Irish Oireachtas has recommended that women in this country should have the right to choose abortion as they see fit, up until 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is a major step forward.

As a council, we voted some months ago to call on the Dáil to introduce a referendum for the repeal of the 8th amendment. We welcome the fact that that date has moved a step closer.

“We would also like to congratulate campaigners across the city that we represent, who have filled Dublin’s cities time and time and time again with colour, youth, vibrancy and anger, calling for and campaigning for abortion rights for the women of Ireland.

It is the women and men of Dublin whose hard work, for decades, made this happen.

Cllr. Tina MacVeigh (People Before Profit Alliance)
Cllr. Hazel de Nortúin (People Before Profit Alliance)
Cllr. Éilis Ryan (The Workers’ Party)
Cllr. Claire Byrne (Green Party)
Cllr. Michael O’Brien (Solidarity)
Cllr. John Lyons (People Before Profit Alliance)
Cllr. Mary Freehill (Labour Party)
Cllr. Jane Horgan-Jones (Labour Party)
Cllr. Mannix Flynn (Independent)
Cllr. Paul Hand (Independent)
Cllr. Sonya Stapleton (Independent)
Cllr. Patrick Costello (Green Party)
Cllr. Pat Dunne (Independents4Change)
Cllr. Cieran Perry (Independent)
Cllr. Gary Gannon (Social Democrats)
Cllr. Norma Sammon (Fine Gael)
Cllr. Dermot Lacey (Labour Party)
Cllr. Alison Gilliland (Labour Party)


Yesterday: REPEALING



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31 thoughts on “Catholic Moralism Trumped

    1. Steve

      +1 lol yeah was just gonna point that out. Same with their abstaining yesterday. Cowards.

      Suppose it makes sense when you’re actually a cult that bullies members and is happy to resort to violence , intimidation, abuse and kangaroo courts to get your own way.

      1. postmanpat

        That is because they are still Catholics vs Protestant up in the north. Sinn Fein are Catholic and all the left leaning is PR lies for us southerners , up north they openly hate non Catholics . And they are the same party, The backward pious Catholics up north cannot find out that a Shinner voted for abortion down here. This way , down here, they can always claim they didn’t vote against abortion and score brownie points for seeming liberal, and up north they can claim they didn’t support abortion to stay on side with their bigoted fan base. A slight win-win on both sides from the cowards that plant bombs and walk away. Still led by the same person that orders said bombs to be planted to murder innocent women and children . Same party , they haven changed. don’t for a moment ever forget that. Sinn Fein members are scum and so are the people who vote for them.

  1. Andrew

    What’s the point of this statement? Self-congratulation?
    Dublin City Council never fails to amuse. when are the next council elections? I must take more notice the next time.

    1. Jake38

      They can take time for this kind of important stuff because they have already fixed all the traffic/litter/drug dealing/homelessness/drunken violence/public transport problems that so plague other cities.

    2. The Old Boy

      Indeed. “And by the way, we hope that you will pick one of us as your Boris-style mayor in two years’ time.”

    3. Harry Molloy

      I heard a councillor from Labour I think on the radio the last morning saying that Dublin city council meetings spend an average of 75% of the time talking about international issues…

      sounds like the politburo lives on. exactly what you need for local government.

    4. Joe Small

      Yes, lets debate Catalan independence again at the next meeting, because Dublin is running so well.

      These are the lads who should be filling potholes and little else.

      Instead we have TDs talking about potholes and Councillors talking about abortion. Bit pointless.

  2. missred

    So the committee’s trolls have set up their own minority report. So there will be lots of “So there!” and general sulking at things not going their way, with a guest spot from Tom Cruise.

  3. gorugeen

    By Jiminy I didn’t know the workers party still existed. Silly moi.
    The Ronan Mullen Show rolls on. He referenced Solomon when talking about this development. Not a lot of surprise there as his morals and attitudes to women come from Solomon’s time. I find him horribly creepy and whingey. I’d say going for a beer with him is as much fun as a bucket of boiled snot.

      1. postmanpat

        I asked a legitimate question on another post a few days ago and the good people at BS deleted it . I didn’t mean my comment as an insult, I was merely asking the question and hoping someone knew the answer regarding Ronan Mullens sexual history (or lack thereof ) with the opposite sex . I mentioned the “V” word and got silenced. Ill be more diplomatic. Is he a “celibate” ? (as priest like to call themselves ) Does that explain his weird outdated sex negative views? You see, I don’t think a vir….sorry, celibate should be in elected office. I’m sure he is a nice guy. Its sad to see someone that goes on like that in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of married with children and now celibate (real celibate) politicians who are as damaged and sex-negative as Mullen.

        1. Andrew

          You don’t think a celibate person should be in elected office? Why not?
          Are there any other rules you want to lay down for those you deem worthy enough to run?
          Nobody is forced to vote for Ronan Mullen, they do so because they want to and he puts himself forward.
          I don’t agree with Ronan Mullen and I would not ever vote for him, but he has a right to run for election and his voice to be heard. However distasteful that is for you.

          1. postmanpat

            Why not? Because they delude themselves that they are spiritually enlightened and above the rest of us. When in fact we can all easily imagine the real reasons are that they chose to stay pure. It is them , not us, that are less evolved. Not that they believe in evolution but you get my point. You are right though , he has every right to have his voice heard, that’s democracy love or or hate it its the only system that works for the most amount of people most of the time. But remember this: Catholics are facists not democrats.

  4. snowey

    i dislike every single on of the people on that list

    i have voted green in the past – they’ll get nothing now.
    A win for my local FF cumann

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