Aoife Walsh

This just in.

RTÉ has announced that former Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh will bow out of Dancing with the Stars “due to issues with a fractured toe”.

A replacement will be announced in the coming days.


No, the rhumba.

Dancing with the Stars will air on Sunday, January 7.

Pic: RTÉ

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20 thoughts on “Breaking

          1. Go A Way

            This is one of the milder ones …

            Lebidiswa Rage
            In part 3 she manages to get him a British passport – and next Christmas they welcome his wives, kids, parents and siblings under the family reunification programme.

    1. Boj

      Zed not Zee
      “Zee’s dead baby”…nah, doesn’t have the same ring to it. So we’re agreed on Zed…cool!

  1. dhaughton99

    Just more fodder for the afternoon RTE radio shows, RTE Guide and the LLS. Same reason they love that transformation show, they can spin off so much from them.

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