In London.

Sligo’s Laura Gaynor, who’s working as a production trainee at BBC, takes us on a tour of BBC’s HQ.

As Gaeilge.


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20 thoughts on “Inside BBC

  1. Happy Molloy

    If she was a teacher the students would call her Miss Gaylord .

    Always happens with Gaynors, I’m aware of multiple instances. Students aren’t half as original as they think they are

      1. scottser

        this may resonate with persons of a certain vintage and location:
        ‘if there was a benny (gay person) tied to a tree, would you pull him off’?
        ‘are you a benny tied to a tree’?
        ‘no? benny on the loose!!’
        simpler times indeed.

    1. italia'90

      It would only be fair if Charger did a tour of RTE HQ for us,
      in the Queens English,
      just for the sake of balance ya know…

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