Parp! The Herald Angels Sing



They fart?

Pardon me for being rude, it was not me, it was my food; it just popped up to say hello, but now it’s gone back down below.

Whoever ejaculated it, particulated it, etc.


Is it normal for a woman to fart when she orgasms? (Irish Times)

Thanks Charger Salmon

39 thoughts on “Parp! The Herald Angels Sing

    1. Frilly Frilly Christmas & a Happy New Year

      FFS. Puccino’s créme brulée latte all over me Santy Dabbing thru the snow top!!!

    1. Frilly Frilly Christmas & a Happy New Year

      Assuming all orgasms are faked

      Actually, if this were true btw
      Yere noses would tell ye whether she got there
      Or not

      1. Frilly Frilly Christmas & a Happy New Year

        They never had ta wi ‘ me Vertigo
        I dunno what kinda girl you’d do be with

      1. some old queen

        I’d need the hot spots marked out in advance, a user manual with an indexed search and a KPI report afterwards?

  1. Shayna

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot, I applied to the Irish Air Corps when I was 17. It appears I’m too tall (6′ 2″), oh and female. I’ve since flown my neighbour’s 8 seater helicopter, it turns out the Irish Air Corps were right.

    1. Shayna

      I realise, it doesn’t appear relevant, my comment. I was on flight last year outta Belfast, Fast Eddie (Eddie Ervine Ferrari F1 type) walked past me and didn’t say, “Hi” – I’d autocued him for a Ferrari gig thing. I give up, people trust me with words, then in real life?

  2. Frilly Frilly Christmas & a Happy New Year

    Tell ye wha’ lads
    I wasn’t expecting this thread to end up as well behaved as it has

    Happy Christmas

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