A Limerick A Day


US president Donald Trump (left) and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon

It’s such an unalloyed delight
To see Donald and Steve have a fight
Has Steve lost his mind
Or will history find
That the claims that he made were all right?

John Moynes

Pic: Getty

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41 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. snowey

    my support for trump was mostly based on my admiration for Bannon.

    this is like when one of my friends ran off with the others wife….fun times in the middle

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Awwwww, man! I read that wrong. He thinks you look like Steve Bannon.
            Ouch. Like, OUCH. Totes ouchmagouts.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Well… I do sometimes. In the grey hour before dawn, before I’ve had the chance to iron my face into a pleasing expression.

    1. Nigel

      That’s the weirdest sentence I’ve ever read here, and we have pizzagaters. It’s like admiring leprosy.

    1. ivan

      I did like the line about it being rather akin to The Producers; thing is there’s no Bialystock or Bloom, just a load of eejits who make Franz Liebkind look like whatever the opposite of inept is.

  2. Friscondo

    The Trump presidency is turning out to be a massive strategic victory for both Russia and China. As if it’s failures in Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t enough to diminish its global status and prestige, this buffoon gets elected. A once great nation now reduced to laughing stock. Whatever the truth about Russian involvement, the US has only itself to blame for an electoral system that has long been rotten to the core and easily bought. It’s ironic that they’ve become victims of something they have spent decades indulging in themselves. Subverting the electoral process and regime change across the world. China is the main winner here, as it now appears to be the only adult in the room.

    1. Bodger

      This is a distraction, probably cooked up by Trump and Bannon. I think you are missing the bigger picture.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I saw. LW posted a link to an interesting explainer. It’s rather sarcastic.

            Any rebuttal, Bodger?

          2. ivan

            any chance of *that* link, Mildred. had a read of the other guff a few days back and…well…yeah…ahem. this LW thing might be worth a shufty as well…

          3. Nigel

            ‘Q promises that Clinton, Obama, Podesta, Abedin, and even McCain are all either arrested and wearing secret police-issued ankle monitors, or just about to be indicted; that the Steele dossier is a total fabrication personally paid for by Clinton and Obama; and that the Las Vegas massacre was most definitely an inside job connected to the Saudi-Clinton cabal.’

    2. scottser

      there’s no conspiracy. trump is openly, and wantonly stealing america for himself and his buddies and insulating himself from prosecution down the road.

  3. Listrade

    It’s anti-Trump, so it must be accurate. We can’t criticise people for falling into conspiracy theories or falling for rhetoric when some people went OTT with this news. I’ll reserve opinion.

    Michael Wolff is hardly a reliable person for accurate reporting. Making up quotes, changing quotes, making up incidents, and so on. And that’s without having any reason to suspect Bannon might be making it up either. It’s not like being fired and having an axe to grind might come into it. It’s not like he hasn’t also got a history of lying with Briebart.

    It’s a double hit of scepticism. I can’t trust Bannon’s version and I can’t trust how Wolff is reporting Bannon’s version.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      it’s still amusing, though

      and at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?

    2. LW

      Has Wolff form in that regard? I thought the extract I read was a fictionalised version, he was able to relay quotes and events only an omniscient narrator should have access too

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        A lady on Twitter told me (so it’s fact) that he’s an entertaining writer and at times incisive but not averse to making up quotes to bolster his points.

    3. barelylegal

      These reported comments of Bannon have a peculiar ring of truthiness off them though, you have to admit listrade ?

      1. Listrade

        As brother says, it is amusing, even more so Trumps response (which is along the lines of “she was a psycho” and “I never fancied her anyway”).

        Bannon’s a good storyteller and a good writer. What he says and writes is utter crap, but he’s good at it. I tale it all with a pinch of salt. There’s probably a small bit of truth which has then been embellished by Bannon and then embellished further by Wolff.

      1. Listrade

        Eek looks like the cooboration is happening. Bannon hasn’t denied comments and others are verifying certain conversations.

        Unless it’s now 4D chess master move by Trump involving 15 individuals. And his lawyer sending a cease and desist.

        I get confused, not being smart at 4D chess and all that

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