Rob Reeves writes:

I filmed this chat with Sean, a Dublin heroin addict a few months back. It has continued to get views despite not having received any promotion.

Sean’s a very intelligent and engaging guy. It’s such a massive issue in Dublin, perhaps your audience would find it enlightening.

Rob Reeves Films

39 thoughts on “No Quick Fix

  1. Brother Barnabas

    strange thing to say, I know, but enjoyed that – really sad but interesting too. extraordinary self – awareness. and really nicely handled by rob – humility and respect, never patronised

    1. Digs

      Really? I thought it wreaked of patronisation. I find this kind of thing, much like Donal Baloneys and Terry McHams thing, incredibly questionable. There are serious ethical issues around anyone promoting themselves in decrying social ills. If this video is spread organically its one thing, but when the guy sends it in himself its on shaky ground. It’s one thing highlighting issues we’re unconscious to, it’s another thing completely trying to find your niche at the expense of people with serious mental health issues and addiction problem. In a nutshell, it’s purely exploitative. IMO

      1. Brother Barnabas

        fair enough. i didn’t see it that way at all. i think there’s a dire need to ‘humanise’ addicts in Ireland – and i think this video does that. most of the discussion around heroin addiction, in particular, does the opposite – case in point being the use of the word ‘junkies’, which is disgusting but is even used by politicians – and goes unchecked.
        anyway, that’s what I liked about this. (and the comparison with DM wasn’t lost on me – I was going to say in original comment that DM could learn from this, but didn’t because suspected BS would delete it if I did)

        1. Digs

          I agree that we need to stop dehumanising people with drug addiction and mental health issues, but short films don’t do this. Rather, it tends to caricature these very vulnerable people. By all means sit down and talk to the guy and see if you can relate, just stop filming everything.There before the grace of God go we….

          1. Cantankerous Pat

            I can’t agree. The humanity of this man really came across and i don’t think the intelligent engaging self aware portrayal corresponds with any stereotype.

          2. Teresa

            I couldn’t disagree with you more. Short films have been instrumental in creating not just awareness but actually making a difference in people’s lives. All one has to do is look at Donal Moloney’s short film ‘Martin’ and see that his work not only created a huge amount of awareness but also been pivotal in having his mate being housed and made safe. His work with Martin(and others) has made a difference. He has spent the last four years of his life giving up a lot of his personal and family time to make a difference. The “short film” has been inspirational and last I heard it was being considered as part of a kids educational program in Quebec.

            I would suggest Digs that you’re nothing more that a hateful trolling begrudger with a worrying issue.

          3. digs

            Teresa are you trolling me? What kind of “worrying issue” have I got?… and please don’t mention my urinary incontinence…

          4. Charlie

            Digs. I’d imagine it’s the same “worrying issue” that I and many others have with you. That’s is you hatred, your negativity, your trolling, your stalking and your constant begrudgery of anyone who even half attempts to do something positive or well meaning.

      2. Charlie

        Good ol’ Digs. You’re still on about the same negative poo every time. You detest everything that’s good about people. Would you like salt n vinegar with those chips?

          1. Digs

            There’s a glaring irony in your comment. I’m not hateful or a troll. You’re moral aggression is breathtaking. I am not comfortable with Robs ethical compass. I’m not suggesting he’s a bad guy but I fail to see how his film is productive or helpful. You’ll find many people working in addiction and mental health services would also be uncomfortable with this kind of thing.


    I think this is a very worthwhile item ,as it shows a different side or real side to being an addict. Perhaps some guy like this could have an input how to treat ,or rehabilitate people like himself.
    I hope our Minister is watching this and also it seems to discreetly address the role of “do -gooders”,sometimes a stronger hand is maybe required to rehabilitate the addict.
    Seems a very nice guy ,if I had the £20,000 -I would chance it.
    I hope he is still with us and next time I am in Dublin I will remember this footage before I pass a person in need in the street.

  3. Sir Le Pont d'Avignon

    Strong D.4 poo smell…
    Never mind.

    All I learned is that there’s at least ONE person out there with too many cameras.
    – He recently talked to a poor person and made a video about himself, with his haircut in a supporting role.

    Talk about stereotypes…
    Pretend it was spontaneous…
    Excuse your prejudice….

    Do whatever you like.

    You dont entertain me very much.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      thing is, memes – you delude yourself thinking you’ve some superior insight

      you’re an ignorant thick who knows nothing

  4. Sir Le Pont d'Avignon

    If you see someone ‘on the street’ and you throw them a few bob…
    …then, the next day/week you see them again, in the same place… You throw them a few bob…
    …then, the next week/month you see them again, in the same place…
    … It’s raining, so you can’t say no…

    €20 is NEVER going help anyone or anything, beyond your own conscience.

    And then you see this on Broadsheet, and your first thought is:

    Fair juice to yerman, the other bloke.
    €20 is €20s.

    1. Sir Le Pont d'Avignon

      1. ‘Feel’ empathy.
      2. Post a +1.
      3. Get a +1 to your +1.
      4. Job done. Sleep well.
      5. No seriously.

        1. Taunton

          Fantastic contribution. You managed to get the same jibe in again, and on the same thread too. Are your other posts as fascinating?

      1. anne

        You banned that one. Why are you talking to it? Also ‘Narky Anne’.

        Makes a joke of banning anyone. Also why are multiple personality weirdos given a platform to talk to themselves here and use numerous names? Weirdos chatting themselves up throughout thd night on here, clearly with little to nothing going on with any of their personalities.


  5. finzo

    To anyone who questions the intentions of the guy who made the video, think about this: have you recently sat down with a person addicted to heroin and just asked them questions about themselves, and gave them a chance to share their side of the story? I haven’t and I’m guessing you haven’t either, so whatever cynical views you have on the “opportunism” of the filmmaker (or however you want to phrase it), just remember that at a human level at least, someone reached out to someone else, who by their own admission is in need, showed some compassion instead of judgement, and above all, listened. Fair play Rob Reeves, fook the begrudgers.

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