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Unidentified Centra.

Via Sophie, who tweetz:

Banning animal bars to stop people who use heroin from using the tinfoil has to be the most insane attempt at reducing drug use I’ve ever heard in my life.  Because making life as difficult as possible for people who use drugs definitely has amazing outcomes…

And yet I think we can all agree.

The streets feel a little safer this evening.

Larry Dunne at Green Street Courthouse, Dublin in 1985

This afternoon.

Drug dealer Larry Dunne is dead.

Via RTÉ:

Dunne had more than 40 criminal convictions including convictions for supplying heroin and cocaine. The 72year-old began supplying heroin in Dublin after it became widely available in Europe following the Iranian revolution.

Dunne was the first drug dealer in Dublin to organise groups of young “runners” on the streets and in the flat complexes to supply heroin. He therefore earned the moniker “Larry doesn’t carry”

Larry Dunne, widely blamed for introducing heroin to Dublin, dies (RTÉ)

The Dunnes – the inside story of a criminal family (Magill, 1983)

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

Tony Duffin tweetz:

This sign has been placed up on a wall in a lane way in Dublin City centre. Further highlighting that street-based injecting is still a problem in the capital. Supervised injecting facilities will reduce this problem and keep us all #SaferFromHarm.

In February 2018, the HSE announced that Merchants Quay Ireland was the preferred operator of Ireland’s first Medically Supervised Injection Facility.

MQI has previously said it believes up to 60 people will use the facility daily – when it becomes operational.

The facility will be part of its renovated Riverbank centre on Merchant’s Quay and the organisation recently gave additional information to Dublin City Council as part of its planning application for that renovation.

Updated application for Dublin drug-injecting facility submitted (Sorcha Pollock, The Irish Times, July 3, 2019)

Paul writes:

Misfortunate drug addict openly injecting yesterday beside the Bank of Ireland on College Green in Dublin (Foster Place). If a car was burning out here there would be an immediate response and assistance… but when a human being is burning out it’s as if they are invisible. We really need better help and services for drug users in this country.

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Foxrock, Co Dublin

Anon writes:

Just wanted to share something which I had heard about but not actually witnessed until yesterday (Tuesday being Methadone day in Foxrock). Many times I have read commentary on similar situations, that certain affluent areas in South Co. Dublin “do not experience social issues like the rest of the city..” or “this would not be tolerated in D18..”
Well here is photographic evidence that it does. You can see a man and a woman sitting in the doorway of the local village pharmacy (presumably after receiving their methadone) inhaling what I can only assume is some sort of aerosol (possibly butane) before being moved on by a local resident/trader.
Quite sad overall to see any person in this situation be it in Foxrock or inner city Dublin, but I just wanted to highlight the fact that this does happen here. I am not from Foxrock but I have been living in the area for a while and I can only imagine the the diatribe and dissatisfaction from the Foxrock natives if they were fully aware… Would like to hear what you commenters have to say on this matter…


Shocking details of the heroin-related death of a north Belfast grandmother have emerged. Fra Stone from the Community Drugs Programme of Falls Community Council said he believed Ms Fitzpatrick’s death was the first heroin-related fatality in the city in about a decade.

Granny (49) found dead with heroin syringe by her side (Marie Louise McConville, Irish News) [behind paywall]