Defiant Second Vote


Ronan Delaney writes;

Sneaky tricolour…

6 thoughts on “Defiant Second Vote

  1. Owen

    They can fupp ff. They voted, and I’m happy to sit back and watch place fall down around them. Every day there is a further messup based on pending Brexit. Sure only last week they were on about how bad the NHS is. Well, wait till Europe pulls its funding.

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      What are you talking about? They now have £350 million a week they can pump into the NHS. Elective surgeries for everyone!

  2. some old queen

    Nice colour scheme but Lord Ashcroft, where to start? Paradise Papers maybe? Tory bigwig with more fiddles than an orchestra. Hardly an objective source of public opinions, online or otherwise.

  3. Cian

    “Depending on how the question is worded, voters are opposed to a ‘second referendum'”
    should be worded
    Regardless on how the question is worded, voters are opposed to a ‘second Brexit referendum'”

    #1, #2, and #4 ask about a re-running the referendum on Brexit; and all have a majority NO
    #3 – the only one with a majority YES – asks a different question. It assumes that Brexit will happen, but asks if they want a referendum on agreed the exit deal – or a hard exit.

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