For Your Consideration


Your Girlfriend’s Ex.

A brand new comedy short from Cavan/Dublin group LinceCraic.

Starring Andréa Farrell, Ian McEvoy and Malachy McKeever.

Shot by John McKeown with Eoin O’Neill, Jen Riordan and Brian Cooper.


10 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Dermie

    If you are the sort of person that reads comments before deciding to take a look at videos then please please heed this advice. Stay Away from this video. Please stay away. Absolute Shocking Tripe

    1. Gabby

      I gawked at the film before reading your comment. The movie technique of blending separately shot scenes in order to make some people look like midgets and others to look like Giants reminds me of the film Gulliver’s Travels. That woman had better expect a hard landing – she has flown away with an optical illusion with a cheery American accent.

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