You Shouldn’t Have


Ah here.

More un-cheesy Valeintine’s Day cards.

Mark at the Jam Art Factory writes.

Just thought I’d get in touch with you as it’s that time of year again when businesses try flog some cards in the name of love.

We thought we’d jump on the band wagon with these cards by Dublin designers Rob Stears and Stephen Heffernan.

Available to but from either of our Dublin shops or online at link below

Valentine Cards (Jam Art Factory)

Yesterday: Who Says Romance Is Dead?

Irish-made Valentine’s Day things to marked’ Irish Made Valentine’. No fee.

9 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Have

  1. Ger Mc

    yeah . these are a bit stupid. A bit like Trump. Locker room banter and stupidity on a card. Sorry lads. yiz are not very talented.

  2. Pete

    ‘Some hoop’. Jaysus.These aren’t great. But here, genuine question. When did eejits start using ‘hoop’ to mean ‘buttocks’? Your ‘Hoop’ is not your buttocks. Yer ‘hoop’ is your anal sphincter, your actual A.H. or your ‘ring’.

    ‘Some hoop’ is a thing you only want to hear from a proctologist.

    Just saying.

    1. Papi

      ” to bate the hoop off” is to have sexual relations with someone with vigour. Nowhere is the sphincter involved unless you’re French or something. What are we? French?

      1. Pete

        Since nobody’s vagina resembles a hoop, I assume you are referring to anal intercourse. Fair play. Everyone to their own. ‘Hoop’ means ‘ringpiece’ is all I’m saying Papi. Carry on.

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