Regulating The Regulator


Here’s How.

The Irish current affairs podcast returns with host William Campbell (above) looking at Comreg [The Commission for Communications Regulation] Ireland’s telecom industry regulator.

William chats with Director of Retail and Consumer Services at Comreg, Barbara Delaney about industry rip-offs,  including premium line numbers used by firms like Sky and Ryanair.

William writes:

Comreg’s brief is to protect consumer interests. Here’s How asks whether they are doing that as well as protecting the interests of vested interests…

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4 thoughts on “Regulating The Regulator

  1. Tina Tequila

    how odd for a civil servant to do:

    a) an interview (at all)
    b) an interview with a podcaster (i.e. minor non-mainstream media outlet)

    1. Andrew

      People are vain, even if it is just a rinky dink podcast nobody will listen to. Sure look at Tony!
      He must have little else to do. Which wouldn’t surprise me.

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