‘He Had A Mother And A Daughter Living In A Shed’


Further to reports of a tenant and a number of housing activists having been forcibly removed from 52, Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1 (above) on Sunday, January 28, by landlord Paul Howard [not of Ross O’Carroll-Kelly fame] and a number of men…

Sham Fynan writes:

Dublin Digital Radio have launched their new podcast Current. Current will be a new weekly podcast covering a range of social, political and cultural issues.

Our first episode features a representative from Dublin Central Housing Action talking about their role in the Paul Howard saga and what’s next for tenants. We reckon it’s something that your listeners will enjoy.

Dublin Digital Radio (Facebook)

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10 thoughts on “‘He Had A Mother And A Daughter Living In A Shed’

  1. johnny

    he’s simply a by-product off the dismal and abject failure off this govt to provide housing-what ya gonna do ban him from owning property?

    1. Gringo

      Howard is no different from the various parasites involved in the property business, like the banks and the vulture funds ect. He just lacks finesse is all.

  2. cian

    A small percentage of landlords are completely awful, and should not be allowed to rent homes.

    What is needed, in my mind, is a better monitoring of the current standards, and enforcement of these – either directly through fines and/or preventing the slums from being rented until they are up to standard.
    What we will probably get is more legislation and higher minimum standards… that will be ignored by the Paul Howards of this world.

  3. Anomanomanom

    Its very easy to solve. Minimum people allowed per x% of feet per dwelling. Any landlord that breaks this rule and is proven to have broke it must pay the full Years rent amount to the tenants plus what they’ve already paid given back to them. He landlord refuses then compulsory take over of the property. Now I know that seems a ridiculous idea but how many would still do this type of thing of those consequences could happen

  4. eric cartman

    get out of his building, its not yours. Why do you think you can illegally occupy this mans property.

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