A Row As Big As A Melee


You gave us 100 hours.

We gave you 50 shows and some change.

A big thank you to, clockwise from top left: Johnny Keenan, Vanessa Foran, Olga Cronin, Neil Curran, Luke Brennan and ‘Preposterous;, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

It was night of contrasting moods as Broadsheet on the Telly marked its 50th and saw the return of Luke Brennan (via Porto) but also witnessed tension among the panel and not in a good way.

The show, produced by Neil Curran, can be viewed in its entirety above.

Our ‘at a glance’ guide:

2:00 – “Cheddar Man”
8:12 – “Richy Sheehy  – Legend”
16:00 – ‘That foreign game”
27:50 – De Entertainment slot
41:28 – Enter Luke!
47:10 – Irexit -a thing?
56.000 – Handbags
1:23:09 – Disclosures Update with Olga
1:46:49 – De papers

Mature language.


Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly

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9 thoughts on “A Row As Big As A Melee

  1. anne

    I tuned in at one stage & Vanessa was all giggles… tuned in again & Vanessa was sorta rocking back & forth on her chair and rolling her head around & snapped at John when he asked were they friends.. the happy pills musta been wearing off.

    Olga gave a good summary of the disclosures tribunal again..
    I was wondering what journalist ye were referring to btw..don’t read the papers too much.

    1. anne

      I just watched it all.

      Jaazus from about after the hour mark Vanessa is off the wall. Seriously aggressive responses to John, like “what’s your question?” and disruptive behaviour. She can’t seem to tolerate Johnny’s views at all.

      Vanessa, put down the wine while you’re on and try to be less aggressive. I appreciate your views and contribution, and you’ve a great sense of humour.. but you were embarrassing there on Thursday night.

  2. H

    I think I tuned in at the wrong times, around10.45 and 11.00 you all seemed engrossed in something I wasn’t entertained enough by to bother catching up with – but I’m sure it was entertaining to those who were with you from the start.

  3. Walter Ego

    Vanessa reminds me of my sister, she’s fond of the odd bottle now n then. It all starts off a good laugh but sadly as the night progresses she’d get more and more lairy and would argue with a box full of puppies if she could. Not a nice trait in anyone. Think they should maybe delay their first glass of the night. There i said it.

    1. Fiona

      You make a good point, Walter. I too know a few people like this, not pleasant to be around when the wickedness sets in.

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