Meanwhile, In Cork



15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

  1. Ger Mc

    where are the mas and dads supposed to drop their kids off? they have to pull in or do ya want to fupp them out of the car midway

    1. Rob_G

      “where are the mas and dads supposed to drop their kids off?”

      – any where other than the cycle lane with an unbroken white line would be fine

    2. Paps

      Somewhere they can legal stop and pull in perhaps. If such a place doesn’t exist, perhaps they should approach the council. Stopping in a mandatory cycle lane is poor form., they should put up bollards to protect the bike lane.

      1. Ger Mc

        Paps and rob should head down to cork with their lollypop sticks . That would put a stop to all this messing around in cycle lanes.

  2. Killian G

    And anyway why are all gthese overweight teenagers being driven to school? Wouldnt hurt them at all to walk (darent suggest they run)

      1. Killian G

        Very interesting link SIR. I believe it to be very true, I understand why we have heightened fears about abductions etc because the media fupping love these stories, even when it did not happen. Look at stats and you will see that these crimes are so rare as to be hardly worth worrying about. Way way more danger from domestic careless causing house fires, leaving kids to their own devices on ipads and what not, allowing kids pig out on sugar-dense diets and so on and so on. These are the real dangers, not the Paedos hiding in the bushes.

          1. Killian G

            YEs fair enouigh but I am not talking specifically about this video. I see it all the time parents walking kids to school who are well able to walk themselves – and then standing at the gates 10 minutes before they come out to walk them home again. We are turning our kids into useless, impotent, terrified drips.

  3. Ger Mc

    Killi boyo weren’t you the one who had the accident with the sock ? drippy, useless and impotent I’d say

  4. Snippity

    Segregated lanes to schools would allow kids to cycle to school.

    But the motor industry and those invested in it don’t want that, so our kids must grow up obese, wheezing and cooking up a nice little cancer or two.

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