The Gaynor Effect


From top: Laura Gaynor (front row  far left) with the cast and crew of Pernicio, at the Royal Television Society Awards on Tuesday and at last night’s Young Directors Awards 

Laura Gaynor, Sligo filmmaker (and old pal of the ‘sheet) who’s currently a production trainee at BBC – took home TWO awards this week

On Tuesday night, Pernicio, a film Laura produced and Dave Fox directed, won Best Drama at the Royal Television Society student awards.

And last night , at the Young Directors Awards, Laura was named Producer Of The Year.

In fairness.

And RTÉ turned her down.

Good times.

Pics: Laura Gaynor and Young Directors Awards

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23 thoughts on “The Gaynor Effect

  1. some old queen

    Derry Girls? Young Offenders? Of course RTÉ turned her down, that should go without saying. And if something of substance like Other Voices does manage to get through, they stick it on when most of those who would be interested are in bed.

    Anyways, congrats Laura. Well done. More to come I expect.

    1. rotide

      Are you saying that Derry Girls and the Young Offenders aren’t good?

      If you are, did you ever think that maybe you’re the problem and not rte?

      1. malarkus

        I think you have woefully missed ole queenie’s point. The fact that they’re good is self-evident in RTEs dismissal of them. These days an RTE rejection letter should be considered a badge of honour.

          1. rotide

            What talent was exported exactly?

            RTE commisioned and aire TYO and have previously commisioned the writer of derry girls to write Raw. Considering that she’s a native of another country not covered by RTE’s remit and there is precisely zero evidence of them turning down Derry Girls, I can only assume you have no idea what you’re on about at all.

          2. Bodger

            Can I just pipe in about Laura. It was really obvious to everyone here going back to when she was a teenager, when she first started sending us her productions, that Laura was exceptionally talented. Even though she wasn’t related or connected to someone in RTÉ, we were convinced they would choose her.

          3. Lilly

            Ah now Bodger, that was naive. You have to be related, I’ve never heard of them making an exception. Congrats Laura!

        1. rotide

          I think you have woefully misunderstood TV production.

          Why do you think RTE dismissed either of these shows given that they actually commisioned The Young Offenders and are the only TV station actually broadcasting it?

          Is there any evidence AT ALL that RTE even got the chance to commision Derry Girls, let alone turn it down?

          1. rotide

            Should also point out that BBC3 is an online content provider, it’s VOD only. TYA isn’t actually being broadcast outside of Ireland. Small pedantic difference but there nonetheless.

          2. haw haw

            More details coming in as Rotide continues Butthurt Googlesearch to prove he has not ‘woefully misunderstood TV production’ after making total clownshoe of self with snippy comment.

            Here’s Clampers with the latest sports…

          3. rotide

            Haw Haw, 2 idiots here suggested that RTE ‘dismissed’ The Young Offenders. This is patently untrue. Simple as that.

            As for Derry Girls, I’ve yet to see any evidence at all that this show was ever pitched to anyone in RTE so saying that RTE ‘dismissed’ it is just another part of the moronic circle jerk around here.

      2. Neilo

        Can’t vouch for Derry Girls but Young Offenders is oddly affecting: Conor’s a Romantic poet in a terrible trackie.

          1. Neilo

            ***Roots out Derry Girls on Sky Go app*** Will have a look at this over the weekend – is there too much* Tommy Tiernan in it?

            *Too much = more than 5 seconds of screen time

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Tiernan’s the “straight man” (or mon, as the dialect attests) for the purposes of the comedy. His character is nothing like the Tiernan comedy persona.

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