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  1. Jonsmoke

    the broken white line indicates a ‘shared’ cycle lane. so the car can drive in the cycle lane (half in/half out so to speak). if they need to overtake a cyclist they only do so when there is no on coming traffic and give the 1.5mt space. the bike lane is pointless really.

  2. ZeligIsJaded

    Driver will more likely be thinking about which would do more damage to their car.

    At least that’s the impression I’m left with after years of cycling in scenarios like this.

  3. scottser

    it completely depends on the bike. if it’s one of them silly fixies,or those mountain bikes with massive wheels then obviously they’re going to get it first.

    1. Killian G

      As someone who has lost a friend (knocked off her bicycle into a ditch by a car that did not stop) and has another left with some fairly major problems walking as a result of being hit while cycling, I really struggle to understand what sort of peroson would make this kind of comment

      1. scottser

        Sorry to hear about your mate, but my pisstake is aimed at this useless and unenforceable llaw. Not one life will be spared and not one motorist will be prosecuted under Ross’s vanity project.

    2. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

      Right. How about those cargo bikes…. do we allow 1.5 metres from the bike or the cargo truck bit…

  4. DeKloot

    It’s hard to say from the picture but it looks as if that cycle lane has two lanes (opposing lanes I imagine) and the unbroken line is where the lane for vehicular traffic begin. If that’s the case, the Clio is in very sketchy territory and the driver should probably die – a la the Trolley Problem.

    1. Paul

      the unbroken line is the middle of the road. There is another broken line/bicycle lane on the other side of the road.

      …I think.

      1. DeKloot

        The longer unbroken lines to the right have thrown me a little – as in that looks to me like the centre of the road for vehicular traffic….

  5. Blonto

    It’s a badly laid out road.
    One cycle lane and under-sized car lane on the side of the clio.
    Two car lanes and a cycle lane on the other side.
    Put one of each on both sides and everyone has room.

    Stop trying to make it about cars versus cyclists. Because the cyclist loses every time.
    Where there’s not enough room, the cars should slow down until it’s safe to pass.
    And stop giving fodder to the morons who try to be funny about a situation where people can be killed.

    1. Martco

      & if ye need to see the answer to this conundrum go visit Holland see how they do it
      forget the cheap paint build proper cycleways job done

  6. Joe

    It highlights the idiocy of the proposed 1.5 mtr legislation and its non-enforceable nonsense .

    If some idiot overtakes a cyclist and endangers them they need to be done for:-
    motor biking
    horse riding
    zimmer framing
    baby walker
    baby buggy
    useing with “undue care and attention” (should keep the cyclist happy) p.s if I left any road user out please add!

    Or how about a bit of common sense between all road users eh?

      1. Martco

        Do you think the majority of cyclists who ride footpaths and collide with people at bus stops are caught lest even done for it? What’s your point caller?

          1. Martco

            I imagine a lot, but my estimated numbers would be every bit as valid as yours. my own brother in law was clipped for starters, just because he was waiting for his bus on the N11. two months in hospital & recovery with a broken collarbone

    1. George

      No it does not. The car should be overlapping the cycle lane here as it is a broken line. When the car approaches a cyclist it must then wait until the opposite lane is clear and then overtake by moving into the other lane and leaving 1.5m or 1m depending on the speed limit of the road.

  7. Panty Christ

    Most cyclists don’t report collisions with vehicles by virtue of them being largely at fault for the collision

      1. Nigel

        No. But if you were to form the idea that there’s a disproportionate hatred of cyclists out there some people would roll their eyes at you.

  8. Paps

    How about putting no one at risk and driving / sharing the road safely?
    If you think you are being “Forced to choose” please get the hell off the roads.

    1. Owen

      Would ‘sharing’ mean abiding by the rules of the road, for all parties, or can bikes still do as they like?

  9. Jake38

    Inadequate road, non-lane bicycle lane and ridiculous unenforcable law.

    Irish public administration at its best.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    Dual carriageway from Waterford Hospital to Whitfield Roundabout. Travelled it on Friday. Alongside the road there is a 4m wide pedestrian and cycle path (shared). Where does a cyclist cycle. Yep. On the dual carriageway.

  11. edalicious

    “Forced to choose, who would you kill, the cyclist or the oncoming driver?”

    Or, you know, you could just drive like a feckin’ normal person and wait until it’s safe to overtake before doing so. I’m astonished at the amount of times road users appear not to realise that this is an option.

  12. manolo

    Politics is Panto doesn’t seem to understand how an advisory lane operates. If there is no cyclist on the lane, the driver can use it. If there is a cyclist on the lane and oncoming traffic in the opposite lane, then the driver needs to take a deep breath a wait until it is safe to overtake.

    The new law will mean that if the local speed limit is 50 or under, a safe overtake means leaving 1 metre of space – just over an arm length.

    It is enforceable and it makes a lot of sense.

  13. Scundered

    Then stay behind the cyclist and wait, you have no right to be in front just because your transport can go faster.

  14. Rois

    Should the left wheel of the clio actually not be on the other side of the continuous white line??

    Also said RED line is orange. No need to make picture more confusing.

  15. DirtyMichael

    The Council can avail of more funding by ‘building’ more cycle lanes like this one. It’s a cynical manipulation of a well intentioned policy. I believe the markings make that road more dangerous than it was before as many motorists confused focus on them may make them less attentive to other hazards.

  16. postmanpat

    Drive with the left wheels on the broken line. Reduce speed and stay behind cyclist if there’s oncoming traffic and when the coast is clear overtake the cyclist with the 1.5 clearance (less if the cyclist notices what you are doing and moves in a few feet to let you around) then go back to driving with the left wheels on the broken line. Drama over in 2 seconds. First world problems…… Meanwhile in Sudan.

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