‘A Bit Surprised’


Michael Colgan

This morning.

In The Irish Times.

Deirdre Falvey reports:

The author of a report into allegations of inappropriate behaviour and abuse of power by the Gate Theatre’s former artistic director, Michael Colgan, has expressed disappointment it was not released in full.

Gaye Cunningham said she was “a bit surprised” the theatre did not release the review in full. The report describes behaviours, not specific incidents, according to the workplace relations expert.

…Ms Cunningham heard 56 people’s testimony and delivered the review to the board of the Gate this month.

…Ms Cunningham said that while she had hoped the board would be in a position to release the full report, it was not in her remit to decide what was published.

“I don’t want people to feel I let them down,” she said. “I didn’t promise publication. I didn’t have the authority to make that decision. I conducted the review in good faith.”

Release of Gate report into Colgan behaviour not in my remit – expert (Deirdre Falvey, The Irish Times)

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32 thoughts on “‘A Bit Surprised’

  1. david

    He used to come into my restaurant and I remember he was very nice
    We seem to be having a marcarthy witch hunt these days
    I just wonder imagine if they started on mick jagger and the groupie days in the 1960s how they would make mick jagger satan

    1. bisted

      …hopefully it’ll be Mick Jaggers decision to go support the zionists and their apartheid regime by playing in Tel Aviv that will haunt him…

      1. Neilo

        @Bisted: It’s quite a feat to spot the hand of The Wily Jew in so many minor facets of life. Some might recommend a little therapeutic intervention but I suspect the successors of Freud and Jung would be ‘problematic’ by association.

        1. bisted

          …Freud and Jung would have a serious issue with you pro-zionists constantly trying to conflate jewishness with your failed pariah state…

          1. david

            Failed ?
            Israel is anything but failed
            A rich nation that has survived and prospered in a region that is totally hostile to them
            A sovereign state not reliant on the EU to keep it in existence
            And the reason its there was because of the genocide of Jews
            Millions butchered and put to death in death camps
            A state formed to protects its people
            As for pariah state it is not it defends its people no matter of colour or creed

          2. bisted

            …if doing my small bit to draw attention to the plight of Palestinians at the hands of their zionist oppressors makes me a crank…then I’m a crank…I do acknowledge your superior experience in this assessment…Jungian?

      2. david

        Israel has sitting in its parliament Arabs Muslims and Jews so tell me how can they be apartheid?
        The Muslim Palestinians I assume you refer to do not recognise Israel and if they refuse to recognise Israel refuse to recognise the government
        To be apartheid Arabs and Muslims would not be allowed to vote or stand for election
        May I say this because we do not have until now recognised travellers means we are an apartheid state
        You must be pretty uneducated to post such a stupid comment or is your real gripe is you hate Jews and are antiemetic

          1. italia'90

            Poor Moishe Beatha. The new intern over at the Hasbara Project.
            He’s still using google translate.

    2. Lilly

      Oh well, that’s okay so. Once he’s nice in your restaurant he can humiliate women at work to his heart’s content. Do you know what a witch hunt consisted of?

      1. Sue.

        Yeah, sure that’s grand. Wasn’t he nice to someone who didn’t work at his theatre. All is forgiven, Colgan, come back.

      2. david

        I do and I think Liam nelson would agree with me
        What annoys me is the symbolic bull shit of the movement which manifested its self at the globes the little black dress designed to show off the curves of the brain as they all vied to push their agenda like a page three girl
        Imagine if men all wore skimpy shorts to these dos oiled up and exposing their six packs
        For your education I was brought up to respect women and all minorities
        One thing I hate is bull shit
        Mind you I wonder your views about personal from charity organisations who sexually exploited and possibly raped the most vulnerable humans to sate their appetite and the refusal of organisations like Oxfam and the UN on these abuses
        I remember the Bosnian one when hundreds were raped by UN workers and got away scot free with no names exposed
        Mind you not a mention at the globes and I doubt the Oscars where they will be all empowering themselves in their little skimpy cut black dresses
        What do you think?

        1. Nigel

          I think you’re attacking women for the clothes they choose to wear after it has been revealed that all their wealth and fame and privilege in no way protected them from sexual harassment and exploitation. I think someone who supports someone like Colgan and attacks women for what they choose to wear is probably exactly what he appears to be.

          1. david

            So why do they wear those cloths?
            To be noticed and lets face it why should they wear cloths that expose themselves
            These women need to rise past the use of primeval urges exploitation
            Its a complicated subject
            But lets exams sexual prowess to further careers

          2. Nigel

            Why did those men sexually harass and exploit them is the real question but sure attack the victims and demand they justify themselves to you.

  2. Lilly

    Why didn’t Gaye Cunningham ask in advance how they intended to use her report? If she’d known it was to be a pacifier, destined to gather dust in a drawer, she might have declined.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Can she not publish it herself? Surely she should have the right to publish it seeing as it is her time and energy they’ve wasted. And she is the author.

      Is there a reason she couldn’t do it?

      1. Rob_G

        Well, at the moment, none of the allegations (many though there are) have been proven to be unequivocally true. All it would take would be the publication of one untrue allegation and Colgan would be able to take the Gate to the cleaners, regardless of how many of the other allegations were true.

        1. david

          Exactly why the report was not expanded because many were as you say
          But saying that his name is now dirt
          Maybe the garda need to bring charges then he will clear his name and if so can sue his accusers
          I would say legal advice was that
          That the accusations held no water

          1. Nigel

            At least one accusation is already in the public domain and no legal action by him. More likely the Gate is trying to avoid embarrassment at allowing his behaviour for so long.

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