Come Home To A Real Irish-Made, Flat-Pack Fire-Pit


The Rawsaol fire pit.

An original portable design developed by Brendan McCarey and James Cleary for their start-up, Rawsaol in Mullan, County Monaghan.

Brendan writes:

The name Rawsaol is a play on words. Raw meaning we only want to use raw sustainable materials. Saol is the Gaelic word for Life, our end goal is to product beautiful, functional objects for everyday life.

Both of us have a design background, myself in crafted design and James in Industrial design. We started making Swedish log candles last summer and then played around with a few fire pit ideas and from there we created the flat pack fire pit…

In fairness.

Yours for €400

Rawsaol Fire Pit

Irish-made stuff to marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’. No fee

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24 thoughts on “Come Home To A Real Irish-Made, Flat-Pack Fire-Pit

  1. Verbatim

    Ah, can we not say a rhyme and get a chance to win one?
    It’s something I’d like to roast my chestnuts over.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            When they get a bit too overzealous with the bold filter like that, honestly it feels like they’re throwing down a challenge.

            cheeky bum-handed leper.
            Twit-warbling jumper monkey.
            Anything goes now.

          2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            ok you Muck-spouting cream faced loon :) ( because you know who censors Shakespeare?)

          3. mildred st. meadowlark

            That is marvellous. Take a well-deserved bow.


            You lampoon-faced fart carbunkle.

            Censor that.

  2. anyone

    looks great fair play

    I think it’s reasonably priced, it looks well-made not some crap you would buy in lidl

        1. Shayna

          I think the price is subjective – the equivalent to price per wear with clothes – an expensive winter coat may cost €400, say – but what with the winter it’s been, the expensive coat, on reflection may have been a good buy. I do agree with Ram, €150 may be a more realistic/reasonable price. It looks “grate” though!

  3. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Gaeilge. Not Gaelic. Bloody Brexit Blowback….

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Well, I think it’s fair enough to describe it as ‘the Gaelic word for’. Otherwise they’d have said ‘Gaeilge for’.

      1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

        “Irish-made” More research needed by you. 4th class might have been the best 2 years of your life, but this is basic stuff … the language here is Irish/Gaeilge.

        Not Gaelic.

        Missed the flight back to Newark?

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