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  1. david

    Good old convene
    No side talks with the UK over brexit which out of all EU states will suffer the greatest
    Our future has been taken out of our hands
    Rather scary stuff
    The whole good Friday agreement is sadly doomed as the EU move to crush the UK which they will not but sadly for us we will be ruined
    Grow a pair of balls varadka for this is way beyond you and your teams
    Micky martin you must pull the plug before its too late

        1. david

          Pre good Friday in the north and the crash here and the debt we were forced to pay as our gutless governments post crash allowed others to pillage us
          And these are the same friends we sit back and allow our future to be formed
          And coveney telling the Brits what is what penned by the reich
          Have we received any concrete proposal that our nation will be compensated from the EU over severe economic consequences from brexit ? No
          The rest will negotiate for us no matter what consequences we receive as a result of the EU FU to the UK
          Wake up man we mean nothing to the EU

          1. Nigel

            We mean nothing to the UK, you mean. Less than nothing, we’re one more screw-up in their disastrously ill-thought and ill-planned exercise in nationalistic self-mutilation, but they’ve bought off the DUP so it’s all the usual noises and hand-waving and confusion from the Tories while Ireland tries to remind everyone how important the GFA is and the EU acts like grown-ups. I mean, your babbling comments here are so stupid they can only be spin: Varadkar can only insist on no border, he absolutely has to. But the UK can’t exit the EU without imposing a border. The EU know this, but the UK is projecting wild fantasies to cover up their abject betrayal of Good Friday. The UK started shaping this future when it voted for Brexit without regard for the consequences.

    1. some old queen

      Oh FFS. You clowns love to snipe and criticise but never actually contribute anything yourselves now do you?

      The only way the GFA is doomed is if the British renege on commitments given within an international treaty. Side talks or under the table deals are not going to happen because the Irish have no authority to single handily negotiate where Europe starts or stops.

      Unless they come up with some sort of fudge on the definition of a customs union, the line will be drawn between UK and ROI OR between Britain and Ireland. It really is that simple. May’s speech yesterday just kicked the can down the road. A very short road, about 12 months in time travel.

      1. anyone

        “The only way the GFA is doomed is if the British renege on commitments given within an international treaty”

        It’s looking increasingly likely that may happen though soq, clearly the UK is not going to devolve any sovereignty given the current parliamentary maths – if there is a Labour government then, who knows?

        I think the battle lines are getting drawn in on this, and May is fighting a tough hand but seems to have rallied all her crowd behind her again. In the end I think NI will have a special status both in and out of the UK and the EU. Have always thought that was the answer here.

        1. david

          And this is why the feinners must take their seats and convene makes it his business to have bi lateral talks with the EU and UK
          The strategy of sitting there and leaving the EU who we have 5%say if that will act in the interest of what matters to them and we are so insignificant we do not count
          The game being played is so beyond the capability of a government who cannot even deliver housing broadband or health

          1. anyone

            Well there’s no doubt about that, but in the circumstances I think they’re doing fine with a difficult hand. In the long run it makes more sense to align ourselves to the EU bloc but I feel that Coveney and Varadkar could do better on the diplomacy front too

        2. some old queen

          Step back to before Brexit. The main trust, at least as far as a lot of voters were concerned, was immigration. Now it is all about trade and not a mention of immigration. Why is that?

          Any restriction to the free movement of people on the island of Ireland will be resisted in ways never seen before, particularly by those who were never involved in the conflict. Call it what you will but passports will be mandatory when travelling between the island of Ireland and Britain. There is no other way of doing it.

  2. david

    As for care homes
    Is there still not regulations in place to ensure these clauses are not clear and fair
    Maybe its time to make this a criminal act to dupe people who are not in full faculty to consent to a change of their care
    Time for the garda to investigate and bring charges for deception

    1. david

      Anyone true in theory that’s what we all want but reality is the EU will in its war against the UK because if the UK thrive then many powerhouses will consider leaving the EU which is the problem
      As we have seen it develops with two tiers
      Look at the troika what they did to us and how we capitulated
      This monster the EU has become is unbending hence the UK getting out
      The EU will punish the UK and that will in turn punish us and the troika was evidence with language like if you do not pay bond holders a bomb will go off in Dublin
      We will suffer because we are caught in the crossfire
      This is I believe beyond varadka and coveney
      They are not being seen to do anything but sit back and leave others who do not live in our country to negotiate on our behalf
      This country must be involved directly with the UK and EU negotiating our future
      Its going to get very nasty as it all host up
      And as we all realise we cannot put our future soley in the hands of those who will not face the consequences of what happens
      Will we see bombings all over Europe as a result of the failure of the GFA? No
      Will our industries be in a stronger position than Europe to survive loosing our biggest trading country
      Agriculture especially will face decimation if no deal results from an intransigent EU
      And looking back to the crash we were treated in an abysmal manner

      1. Nigel

        There is no ‘war’ against the UK, except maybe the UK at war with itself. There is the UK utterly and incompetently thrashing about with no plan and no vision and no preparation and no ability to negotiate but with plenty of nasty anti-EU rhetoric shirking all responsibility for the mess they’ve made. Like yours.

        1. david

          Nonsense rhetoric dear boy
          Read between the lines you can see it
          The Brits are playing poker and when you negotiate you do not reveal your full hand
          If Britain had a trade deal like the one they have now fine but the EU will not tolerate that
          And that works both ways
          The main gripe the Brits have is the security of its borders
          You see what concerns me is that anything the UK proposes the EU will reject
          No matter how reasonable

          1. Nigel

            The Brits are playing Snap everyone else is playing Negotiate The Departure Of The UK From The EU.

      2. anyone

        fair enough David but what proposal do you suggest as an alternative for our foreign policy?

  3. david

    Good old Nigel
    Can I sell you a second hand car
    Meanwhile the Sinn feinners will not take up their seats in the UK parliament and neutralise the orange card
    Yep will not kiss the queens bottom but kiss the frau’s
    This is the importance of the GFA
    And the possibility if that breaks the troubles will arrive down here
    That is the importance Sinn feinn must take their seats and politically get to work before the rabid factions return to their old ways
    Principles mean nothing when the threat of returning to murder and bombing in the communities who voted for them start again
    But alas like before when fine Gael were in charge the GFA broke down fact

    1. Nigel

      Blaming everyone but the UK for the threat to GF, no matter how much incoherent vague nonsense you have to spew to do it would be adorable if it weren’t so poisonous. You want to save the GFA? Reverse Brexit. That’s it. No other way. As you say yourself, principles mean nothing with that threat hanging over us.

      1. david

        Reverse brexit
        The British voted out full stop
        If Sinn feinn refuse to take up their seats through so called principles and what principles?
        Principle that lead to war
        If they took their seats and played a green card in the corridors of power in the UK they could reduce the cards that the unionists are playing
        But they prefer to sit and remain powerless on the sidelines hoping the unionists want to share power in a institution that Sinn feinn have a say so they say so what is their agenda?
        Maybe they in reality are only like those who they represent use the power of the bomb
        Nigel take your head out of your donkey

        1. Nigel

          Yup. Only way. They trampled over the GFA, recklessly risking a return to violence when they voted for Brexit. If they’re serious about preserving peace, they need to reverse it and reconsider. Anything else is utter disregard for the lives of people in the North. That’s just the way it is. The fact that you’ll attack anyone but Brexiteers over this shows it’s all just rhetoric to you, too, the same as it is with other Bexiteers.

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