LIDL last night (top and middle), this morning (middle pic) and with Gardai at the scene this afternoon and a video compilation of events (above).

Citywest, Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

LIDL bulldozed by stolen digger…

Safe dragged down street…

Centra and Topaz attacked with angle-grinders…

‘Serious incident’ at Dublin supermarket investigated (RTÉ)

Lidl in Dublin looted and smashed on Friday night (Irish Times)

Pic: PA


Nine people have been arrested following robberies and looting at two shops in west Dublin.

..A small number of gardaí responding in an SUV could not get to the scene due to the weather conditions, which included snowdrifts of up to five feet.

Nine arrested following looting in west Dublin (RTÉ)


Oh dear.



To the pitchforks!

Thanks John Gallen



Pics: PA, Rollingnews.


Ruillebuille writes:

After the disgraceful scenes at Tallaght it’s a pity the news media don’t show what happened last night in Clondalkin when a fire engine got stuck.

In fairness.

234 thoughts on “Unreal

    1. Yep

      I think addict is a more respectful and useful term. Just follow the Swiss model. The addicts arrive at the bakery in the morning and are given their daily dose (2 -3 white bread) so they can go about their day.

      1. Pluto

        LANDLORDS, GARDAI, FINE GAEL, DAVID DRUMM – they can all do no wrong.

        No let’s stir up national outrage over disadvantaged people stealing 50 euro worth of Tayto crisps.

        1. John

          Did you not see the massive SUV that some of these “disadvantaged” folk were bundling their stolen goods into? And most of they were stealing consisted of slabs of beer.

  1. rotide

    Stupid ladyparts are pretty identifiable in some of the videos going round whatsapp.

    Bit of Darwinism in action.

    1. DeKloot

      What did ladyparts ever do to you other than give you birth and sustain your formative years?!

  2. Qwerty123

    I’m getting loads of videos on this, gardai have stopped the digger driver now and have arrested one for sure. They we’re trying to open the safe with it. Scumbags, then will complain about lack of facilities. Flipping heck, it is like the purge alright. John Connors had an interesting tweet sticking up for the looters too, but ye won’t be sharing that….

      1. anne

        Here we go


        “Put it this way, if i see any young ones or young fellas robbing a few loafs of bread from a big corporation I will not be calling @gardainfo . These cnuts are robbing all of us everyday.”

        1. Happy Molloy

          ah Christ…
          I’ve had a lot of respect for him and the role model that he is, is an example of doing something different and creative, but I’ve lost a lot of respect with that comment.
          Call it what it is ffs

          1. Ami B and BS

            I think his comments are in general poorly phrased but the part about big corporations fleecing us on the price of essential food items is itself beyond doubt. Here’s the thing Harry – I don’t hold him up as some kind of icon or spokesman in the first place. It’s horrible to witness how quickly the mob mentality has become the norm every time some mouthy traveller posts a dumb tweet. Truly pathetic

          2. John

            He then deleted it and denied its contents and proceeded to dig himself into a massive hole before threatening to sue everyone.

          3. Ami B and BS

            Who cares John? Why so exercised about the mindless outpourings of some z list celebrity?

        2. Qwerty123

          Thanks Anne.

          I’m seeing videos now of the centra being looted, once they got through the security gate all these people just appeared. Wandered in slowly and nonchalantly, reminded me of the walking dead/the purge.

          1. Qwerty123

            Not the sharpest tool. And he wonders why he can’t get an agent!! Wouldn’t mind but Lidl as companies go aren’t the worst, pay living wage, good stores, affordable food etc

          2. Ami B and BS

            You and your ilk are the most predictable of all Lilly twitching away like bejaysus behind your lace curtain

          1. Ami B and BS

            Lilly has a boo boo for seeing the “poors” act the maggot. Doesn’t like when others point out the truth if the truth isn’t the same old boring middle class toffee nosed conservative consensus

  3. Pat Harding

    Meanwhile, the Irish army are sweeping snow off the Main Street in Newbridge for the cameras?

    All we need now is copycats?

    1. Cian

      Jeez – I was watching the news last night and there were a load of people in Tallaght sweeping snow off the streets. copycats!

  4. Nullzero Nullzero Nullzero

    In a nation of feel good community spirit stories Citywest raises its head to destroy a discount supermarket. I wonder if that will be included on the brochures for the houses being built next door.

          1. Ami B and BS

            Jusayinlike and his multiple personalities are the worst features of this site. Every day I’m harangued and pestered here by this troll.

      1. Lilly

        Pavlov’s dog, fast out of the traps at the mere mention of her master, Leo. I hope he’s paying you per post ;)

  5. Rob_G

    I, for one, am looking forward to Paul Murphy’s grassroots social media campaign to influence the jury ahead of the criminal trial.


    1. Ami B and BS

      As if on cue we have a plethora of snotty little Terenure College boys wielding verbal baseball bats- such tough little boys – yet would wet themselves if they met an actual traveller or native of Jobstown – utter trash

      1. Rob_G


        I imagine that the irony of the fact that you are the only one talking like a “tough little boy” in this thread is lost on you, but anyways…

        Perhaps you will tell us which part of Dublin you are from, so we can go through your roof with a JCB to steal your stuff – I bet you would feel differently about private property and the rule of law then :)

        1. George

          Keep it in perspective. It was a crime, it was a bit sensationalist and brazen so it is getting people talking. Crimes happen everyday and are wrong.

          But in the bigger picture. The LIDL will be put back up. It’s basically a big shed so it shouldn’t take that long. There will be insurance paid out. Several men have been arrested and will hopefully be convicted if they are the right people. What was stolen an damaged are commodities owned by a large company, not comparable to an individual’s home and property.

          1. dylad

            Thanks for that, I was hiding under the bed until you clarified everything for me there.

    2. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

      Sinn Féin could use this against Muphy and the PBP politically.

      Tiocfaidh ár thaw.

  6. Qwerty123

    Apparently they stole everything from Lidl apart from the work boots and father’s day cards!!

      1. Nigel

        Dear kindly Sergeant Kripker
        Don’t give us no reproof
        We had to drive a digger
        Through a supermarket roof
        With all this snow that’s fallin’
        We thought it was the Beast
        Golly Jaysis we had to get some yeast!

  7. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Condemnation rampant from watchers of RTE Young Offenders (a punishment in its own right) over on the Journal.

  8. Kay

    have to use my posh phone voice for the next few days to avoid a lynching the mob have there pitchforks out

  9. phil

    Crime happens , and always very disappointing, the courts will deal with it , but have a look over on the journal, some of the broad brush comments , I find that far more worrying … all the agendas , usually thinly veiled , but not tonight …

    1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

      Yep. Good range of Mensa candidates evident:


      “Dey shud bring bak hangin xoxo”


      “They should make them pay water charges as punishment”

    2. Frilly Keane

      D’ya know what you need ta’ do Phillie
      Along with a few others here
      Stay away from the Journal
      I can tell ya now
      I’ve bin there a half a dozen times, if that

      An’ it hasn’t done me a bitta harm

  10. PeadorO

    As a local, I’m very upset by John Connors comment — and very sad that he doen’t see how comparing teenagers stealing drink to a biblical idea of someone stealing “a loaf” to feed his family is ultimately very very degrading to our community (and even the community he is seen to represent).

    We are not all that stupid, that, as working class “scum” we think robbing a shop is ok because the only victim is a faceless company.

    This as well from one of our councilors:

    I just don’t know :-(

    1. George

      He didn’t say that. He said if he saw young people stealing bread he wouldn’t call the guards. He didn’t say anything about stealing alcohol or knocking down a building and he didn’t say it wasn’t wrong to steal bread either. He just said he wouldn’t report it

      1. PeadorO

        Here, I don’t know where your from BUT the amount of crap me and my kids have to live with because people won’t report it.

        I know travellers are a sensitive topic and the crap he got last night was out of order, but what I was seeing from himself and PBP was pretty much the same as if they said “good enough for them”. Like this is just part normal life and it’s outsiders judgeing us or something.

        At least Paul Murphy seemed to have some clue about life up here. We have to get our post from the sorting office. The buses don’t run to our estates once cause a lad pissed on a driver.

        Don’t talk to me like I’m thick. This is my life

        1. George

          None of that means you get to put words in someone else’s mouth. He wrote the words he wrote not what you think he wrote.

          1. PeadorO

            What words did I put in his mouth? He said he wouldn’t call the Garda and shops are ladyparts.

            I’m saying that kind of poo talk helps no one and is exactly why people call the likes of us scum.

            Its pretty black and white but you want to dismiss what I’m saying? Thanks mate

      2. anne

        Who really gives a tuppenny fupp what he would report?

        But if he wants to backtrack and make people believe he wasn’t advocating looting a place by saying he wouldn’t report it, he’s a bigger dope than I thought.

        “Put it this way” John, shut your pie hole before you make yourself look even more stupid.

        1. George

          It’s his own Twitter account so he can say what he wants on it. People are talking about it so they do seem to care.

      1. Rob_G

        Not surprising, given how it didn’t take long for a PBP councillor to defend the looters, as per Peadar’s link above.

        1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

          Sinn Féin also making capital.

          ““I absolutely condemn wholeheartedly the robbery and subsequent damage done to the store. Tallaght has been very badly hit by the severe weather and emergency services and gardaí should not have to deal with type of criminal activity at the height of a weather crisis.”

          He said local people he had spoken to in Tallaght were “so angry at what has been carried out”.

          “The mindless destruction of the shop is an absolute disgrace.”

          However, he is right.

        1. Rob_G

          Yes, your 100 year-old quote was a really winning and pertinent contribution to events happening in 2018.

  11. Sheik Yahbouti

    I’d be tempted to post what I think of the little class traitors and their activities tonight but it would come out as boo boo and pootle and tootle. As an adult, I can’t be bothered.

  12. Martco

    jase..I really don’t get some peoples obsession with social media at the best of times…Twitter seems especially adept at ruining careers & helping make eejits out of some users who should keep what’s in their head private. yer man Connors there is clearly talented & exciting actor looked to have a fine future for himself, I hope this doesn’t kill it altogether for him.

    Assuming that’s a proper cash safe they could have spent all night bateing it up with that digger bucket even driven over it whatever, it would not have budged.

    I feel very sorry for the Lidl staff & lets hope it doesn’t mean they end up losing their jobs.

  13. Charlie

    I watched ‘Cardboard Gangsters’ last night. Surely there had to be better performances last year other than this predictable, average in every element production. Get yourself a loud Dublin accent, use every gangster cliche in the book, act like a ham et voila. Just sayin.

    1. Ami B and BS

      Excellent points here.

      Here we have the “arty” character assassin determined to slather his vitriol with a generous helping of culturally appropriate references and a smattering of oh so clever acting notes, like as if he was some kind of important purveyor of the zeitgeist. A close relative to Lace Curtain Lilly and a distant cousin to I’m a Moderate Harry and Tell it like it is Rob_G this creature is often found lurking in the later editions of online blog comment sections.

          1. anyone

            Look Lilly or is it Anne or is it Jusayinlike – have your silly little online spats if you will, but please leave me out of it? Deal?

      1. Teresa

        They obviously didn’t have much of a budget but Cardboard Gangsters was like Fair City meets Love/Hate light meets a junior cert English essay that received a C+. My toes curled during some of the scenes.

    2. dhaughton99

      I’m sure the real decent people of Darndale were thrilled at the portrayal their community by this half wit in his ‘Straight to DVD movie’.

  14. david

    My god
    Listening to the radio and the farce that resulted
    Firstly the garda 4×4 could not reach the scene? No snow chains no tires fit for purpose or 4×4
    Then 50 garda plus army personal from different areas
    Meanwhile gurriers on jcbs etc then looting in jobstown
    Is this for real and the nine arrested
    Released on bail as the DPP compile a book of evidence
    Meanwhile the emergency committee after grinding the country to a halt look so professional as the country cannot function
    Life under Leo
    Wait till brexit

    1. Scundered

      I spent most of yesterday pushing 4x4s out of the hedges when out for a walk, they are no match for this level of snow, if the sump of vehicle is grounded your wheels are of little use. However the drivers seem to think they are invincible.

  15. Snow Keane

    D’ya know that fillum – one’ah the Hannibal one’s
    With Julienne Moore the new Clarrrriccce?

    The bit at the end with Mason Verger /Gary Oldman
    When he gets tipped into the Wild Boar Pit
    And there’s a feeding frenzy
    The cries for help smothered by snorting and snarling

    That’s what this thread is the image of

    1. Nigel

      Does it finish with David carrying a drugged Frilly away to a lakeside house where they dine on anyone’s brains?

      1. Snow Keane

        Who’s David?

        But being carried off to be wined and dined sounds about right
        But there’s only one man for me
        So be careful with this David lad

  16. Jimmey_russell

    under a socialist government food and supplies would be distributed equally and fairly not locked behind the doors of multinational corporations and incidents like this would never happen

    1. Clampers Outside!

      As someone else said on the internets…. I cannot take credit for this insight….

      If all LIDL staff were issued with their own JCB, none of this would have ever happened.

  17. ollie

    asylum seekers are responsible for this. this is becoming a huge problem in parts of Dublin

    1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

      Untrue judging by the accents. However, it was looking black for LIDL depending on which picture you saw on Twitter, that is true.

      1. anyone

        I’m really delighted that our immigrant brothers are now fully integrated into scumbag society. Hopefully a few of them will aspire to higher political office and to join the serried ranks of the banking elites too.

        1. Ami B and BS

          Was that meant to be funny? I’m glad you find the poor such a great source of humour

          1. Lilly

            Ah I’ll leave you to figure it out dreary drawers Ami. Anne understood. It can’t be easy being so slow but tell yourself you’re a tortoise if that helps.

          2. Lilly

            @anne – He can’t even keep track of his multiple faces. Just a day or so ago, he referred to rough sleepers as vermin, an inconvenience to office workers who have to step over them.

    2. Qwerty123

      +1, west Dublin is becoming a ghetto, clonee tyrellstown, blanch and citywest all effed.

      1. Neilo

        Also, he’s the poorest excuse for a Celebrity Lookalike Richard Jobson that can be imagined

    1. Jimmey_russell

      it’s natural that these youths would lash out against the deprivation and lack of facilities in their area, it’s unfortunate but these youths have had to grow up in deeply disadvantaged areas we need understanding not judgement for these poor children

      1. david

        Yes correct however others do not behave like that
        I believe in the cat and the old fashioned salt and bandage instead of jail
        Law and order must be kept but at the same time improving the conditions must be done
        That comes from resources and unfortunately this government could not run a piss up in a brewery

      2. Diddy

        I propose an amendment to Ireland 2040. A clinical and meticulous sterilization of all known parasites in the gene pool. Stop the spawn at source.

  18. Kynos

    If beggars rode horses they’d ride them to hell. Sad thing is the good people of these areas are now forced back to the gombeen shops.

  19. Steve

    worst thing about this event is that its giving some oxygen back to the likes of Solidarity, Trots and their twitter trolls e.g. Irish Political GIFs. Lads in tallaght last night committed a crime, they got arrested and they will face the courts. leave it at that. they dont represent tallaght.

    noel rock’s tweets et al, and the witty to and fro above in comments gives PBP/Trots relevancy. Best thing is to not make social commentary. Gives them a reason to feed their sense of injustice.

    They are now are an irrelevant political force and they know it. Polls have been proving it for about 2 years. Thats what really hurting them most, not rock’s tweets. dont give them oxygen. let them die off.

    1. George

      No, the worst thing is some people might lose their jobs and not be able to pay there rent or mortgages.

  20. Qwerty123

    To all the people scrolling down through the comments, how are ye? Hope you are well.

    1. Martco

      it’s the kind of journey you’d near expecting to be invited in for some tae & biscuits after undertaking

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Exactly. Any scones doing the rounds actually?

        You’re the resident scone man now.

          1. Martco

            ok that’s very weird. because I did really actually make some today, all snapped up tho (prob because they lost their minds and thought they were sliced pans)
            thinking of soaking cranberries in gin overnight before making the next set, I’ll let yiz know how that goes

          2. anne

            I went to the shops yesterday..I could find a loaf a bread, nevermind a scone. It was mayhem. People would run you over for the last packet of sausages.

  21. Peter Dempsey

    Some of the snivelling left are making excuses. I am delighted to see the uproar about this. Hopefully it will cost PBP votes

      1. anne

        Put it this way, they’d report the looting? Like anyone with any sort of moral compass would.
        John Connors.. not so much.

    1. petey

      because PBP are of course responsible for it.
      is that what the snivelling right are going to say.

      1. Peter Dempsey

        No Petey, the right will say that the looters are solely responsible. They believe in personal accountability – they don’t need to blame anyone else. Not the parents, not being underprivileged and not PBP.

        On a separate point, just because Lidl are allowing the employees to work in other stores doesn’t justify this act of destruction.

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