A Limerick A Day


There is little evidence linking back pain with slouching or bad posture

If ever you’re told by a quack
That the way to avoid a sore back
Is never to slouch
When you sit on a couch
Don’t listen, just give him a smack

John Moynes

Pic: The Back Dr.

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One thought on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Robert

    As somebody who has suffered from back and neck pain, time and time again, only to have it remedied by addressing the ergonomic situation at my desk, each and every time, I can only say “what utter nonsense”.

    Having a close friend with a crushed disk from repeated heavy exertion, I’d also add “such polarised discussion of what is actually a fairly nuanced and important topic, and coming to such categorical conclusions is dangerous”.

    One of the talking heads in this article suggests that instead of worrying about our posture we should be worrying about other “more important things”. Well let me tell you, that if you knacker your back it’s a fairly life-altering situation. It affects just about every aspect of your life whether you’re moving, standing lying down or sitting. Maybe there are more important things, but neglect your back at your peril.

    Finally school bags. No child should have to carry a heavy schoolbag whether it actually leads to chronic injury or not. Just because your parents were cruel doesn’t mean everybody else has to be.

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