Kick Against The Pricks


To mark International Women’s Day.

And ahead of upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Slovakia and the Netherlands.

The Irish Senior Women’s National team players read mean tweets.

Colm Hanly writes:

The perception of women’s football is often derided, with numerous mean tweets and blatantly sexist comments online.

Released in line with International Women’s Day, the latest #TheCallUp video from Three focuses on dispelling the myths around women’s football.

Featuring Bordeaux’s Niamh Fahey, Sophie Perry (Brighton Hove & Albion), Amber Barrett (Peamount Utd) and Claire O’Riordan (Wexford Youths) the Irish Senior Women’s National team players review and contest some of the ridiculous mean tweets on women’s football such as “Watching Women’s football and even my fish has gone to sleep”…

Ah here.

Any excuse

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9 thoughts on “Kick Against The Pricks

  1. Anomanomanom

    Bar the internationals, some fantastic teams in fairness, the women’s football is boring as poo. And I’m not being sexiest. Its just unfortunate that there’s not enough good teams. Which is why when the internationals get together and its all the best players its far superior to the club game.

  2. Not On Your Nelly

    The large attendance at games and the viewing figures on telly sure show those men.

    You go gurls.

  3. scottser

    you could say that about a lot of lower league football though – gender has little enough to do with it. if you check out ladies footie at premiership and international level the standard is very watchable.

    1. Tony


      Like prim and proper ladies? Or Lady Penelope? Or ‘Ladies Gaelic Football’?


      Women, you mean

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