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    1. jusayinlike

      Were any laws broken SOQ?

      Or was this just taking advantage of an unregulated digital space?

      Could this be floated as a reason to promote regulation and censorship of the internet?

      Extremist bill promotion?

      1. some old queen

        In this case, it is highly likely laws were broken as there was financial caps for each organisation in the Brexit campaign. On paper they gave a 3/4 mil grant to a 23 year old fashion student, except it never even went into his account.

        This wasn’t even in a digital space, just good old real world corruption.

        1. some old queen

          They claimed to be separate organisations yet were centrally financed. If proven could bring down the government because so many Leavers are in the cabinet. One advisor to May is to resign already.

          You could just go and read the articles of course?

      2. david

        Course it is
        Typical Joseph Goebel strategy
        Outrage the people then by popular demand you have state control over the medias then the likes of little Leo verruca can go into overdrive
        Same now in the states regarding guns
        The US government would love people not being able to legally held weapons
        Proper vetting and attention of mental health is what failed
        The FBI the police the doctors that all could of intervened to ensure those nuts had no access to legally held fire arms
        Mind you allowing devices to make a single shot a automatic is real loony tunes as is allowing machine guns

        1. Nigel

          The US government is full of staunchly NRA-supporting gun-rights extremists they control all three branches of the US government what are you talking about.

      3. some old queen

        Oh ffs you two are like a broken record. If you are going to come up with an alternative theory as to what is going on then at least make it plausible?

        CA was ran by Bannon and funded by the billionaire alt right Mercers, this is fact. CA were also responsible for the slogan ‘Crooked Hillary’. If you want to see the power of this sort of thing then count the amount of times ‘Crooked Hillary’ was typed in the comments section of this website alone.

        1. david

          So because trumps side used a spin unit wrong?
          What about crooked Hillary with her billions used to do exactly the same
          Check out wiki leaks regarding her families foundation which is involved with some of the worst scum in the world
          I just wonder why anyone lives in russia with all the revelations about them
          They are either tampering with their bodily fluids or they are a nation of imbecilic morons
          Or maybe just maybe the Russians who are human beings are happy living under a leader who has brought strength wealth and pride to them
          Meanwhile in paranoid west reds are under the bed and have infiltrated all segments of life because we in the west are so moronic we cannot even protect ourselves from the Ruskie plot to rule the world

          1. Nigel

            crooked Hilary didn’t use stolen data, Trump did, partly to spread nicknames like ‘crooked Hilary.’ The irony is right there for everyone to appreciate.

            Oooh, though, someone likes a strong virlile leader who makes sure everybody votes the way he wants them to vote and can keep all the oligarchs happy.

        2. david

          Read about how the Nazis used propaganda to rise to the top take power
          Then how they used it to get the constitution changed
          Its great reading
          Then there is the gleiwitz incident used to start the invasion of Poland
          These German tactics are historical fact
          Google them read books get informed as it was a European nation ,a nation who was headed by Hitler voted in by the German people
          The Germans did it once are capable as a nation of doing the mot evil acts against humanity
          It can happen again

          1. Nigel

            Hopefully the Cambridge Analytica revelations will wake people up to what’s been going on.

          2. jusayinlike

            In your wet one’s Nigel, there won’t be any Benghazi or home baked server hearings into it.

          3. Nigel

            Of course there won’t. Those things happened in the US. We’re talking about the UK. Different places entirely.

        3. jusayinlike

          SOQ, what laws were broken?

          I seriously doubt there will be any Benghazi or home baked server congressional hearings about it..

          Trump called Hillary crooked..

          So what..

    2. realPolithicks

      jusayinlike and david remind me of Gollum having a conversation with himself…my precious.

      1. jusayinlike

        Says the GRA whistle-blower expert, why don’t you get Nigel to do your talking again..

        typical sniping from the resident Massachusetts tard..

  1. Commentator

    How can Julian Benson’s story be an exclusive for the Sindo? He was on the Late Late talking about it on Friday.

    1. Frilly Keane

      F U two anyway
      Ye made me go back up and look for what ye were talking about

      Poor Barry
      How did it come to this ….

    1. david

      Ever wonder why Ireland is being considered for a seat on the security council of the UN
      Our country is being used in this posse against Russia with little Leo verruca told to open his big stupid mouth and be a mouthpiece not from this nation but by our new masters
      The problem is he represents our country and he dose not speak for our people

        1. david

          Yep verruca is most probably on the phone begging for the seat on the security council trying to get commitments from other nations and the deal is he will be the mouth piece leading the way like a Merken muffley character from doctor strangelove
          He is after all minister for defence and most probably thinks he will be the one occupying it
          Jesus he could not even run the health department

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Varadkar, it is clear, is unable or unwilling to complete tasks. His time in Health, tourism, housing, proved that. He told us as well that he could get a job as a doctor anytime he wanted in Canada. Which made me think – he did the years of medical study to become a doctor, and then was unwilling or unable to continue. All points to a person with no substance who prefers praise over productivity.
            His grassroots people know it. His hangers-on know it. It’s dawning in his own constituency. Only a matter of time until he’s ‘former TD and leader of FG’

  2. david

    I see pro Europe lobby are doing their best to nul and void the referendum for brexit
    The people spoke and the British people must stand firm against this little conspiracy to undermine democracy
    Mean while the damage they are inflicting on the UK government is costing the British people dearly
    Stand firm your future is brighter out than part of a forth Reich

    1. Nigel

      Everyone knows democracy means voting once and then never ever voting on anything ever again.

  3. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    the world keeps turning
    you can’t get off
    it’s almost warm out people !

      1. Nigel

        One side engages in fraud and dirty tricks, the other side points out fraud and dirty tricks, complete equivalence.

        1. some old queen

          If you want to get into conspiracies it is fairly obvious there is one or more posting on this site under multiple usernames with the intention of stifling any real debate. Today’s posts are a pretty good example.

          At best it is a couple of cantankerous old creeps arguing for the sake of it but at worst it is something else. One thing is for sure, people are getting fed up of it, myself included.

          1. Lucy

            Agreed. It’s so off putting to read the blatant trolling, with the repeated incorrect spelling of names etc., being permitted on the site. Contributes nothing to debate or discussion, whether done as a hobby (desperate times I guess!) or otherwise.

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