‘Number Of Rough Sleepers Are Down 50%’


This afternoon.

In the Dail…

Tanaiste Simon Coveney, taking Leaders’ Questions in which he was asked about homelessness, he said:

“In relation to homelessness, we are making some positive progress. Rough sleepers, for example, are down by 50%..”

Mr Coveney’s comment follows Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy saying yesterday – on foot of the publication of February’s homeless figures:

“Recent indicators suggest that the number of people sleeping rough is significantly down on what it was last year. The Dublin Region Homeless Executive undertook a count of rough sleepers last night [Tuesday night] and while they have not yet verified all of the data, it appears the numbers are down approximately 50% on the count undertaken last November, when the figure stood at 184.”

Meanwhile, in relation to the count of people sleeping rough on Tuesday night…


Earlier: 9,807

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10 thoughts on “‘Number Of Rough Sleepers Are Down 50%’

  1. Tomy

    Great news. The government are doing a good job despite the naysayers who are only happy when things are bad.

    1. david

      And the homelessness keeps rising
      Hubs hotels friends couches family sofas etc etc
      They forgot to reveal that nugget
      More spin from SCUM

  2. :-Joe

    More fupping lies and spin from the useless middle managers operating without any real leadership, vision or the common sense to implement solutions for progressive positive change.

    Someone let it slip that maybe there is a positive statistic to announce and like a bunch of rats fighting over a crumb they climb all over each other to be first to swallow the credit for it.

    Coveney announcing it says it all… he absconded his role in homelessness asap and now drifts back in like a bad smell to take some face from it.

    I hope it’s me rushing to conclusions but with their form, will anyone be surprised if it’s them?..


  3. scottser

    since 2011 when FG entered power the homeless figure has almost trebled. they have no right to talk of progress when all they can do is throw good money after bad by making more homeless places available. people need homes, not beds in hostels or hotels. in fact, every single housing minister in the past who oversaw a rise in the homeless figures should by rights be denied their ministerial pension. murphy though, is a spectacular failure – you sort of wonder has the man any pride in himself or his work at all?


    1. realPolithicks

      These guys don’t care about homeless people which is clearly shown by their lack of concrete action to solve the problem i.e build some social housing. They are very concerned however to LOOK like they are doing something but the mask is slipping as there are only so many times they can claim their policies are working when the homeless numbers are increasing every month.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Boy Leo
    Boy Simon
    Boy Eoghan
    Boy Simon (mark 2)

    All inept. Boys letting on to do men’s jobs. As for Micheal Martin – another waste of space.

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