‘Liable For Arrest’


Today’s Irish Times

Shayna writes:

I received a phone call yesterday from the office of The Lord Chief Justice in Belfast regarding comments I had made on Broadsheet.ie. I was asked if I had a lawyer and I was told that I am liable for arrest.

I was instructed to contact Broadsheet to take down any reference to myself in regard to the ‘Ulster Rugby Rape Trial’ – I was the foreperson on the jury. Broadsheet reacted momentarily to comply.

I had a series of phone calls and one email from the Lord Chief Justice’s Office. I did ask: where did the complaint originate? I was told The Irish Times.

I called The Irish Times last night and spoke to a reporter who confirmed this.

The comments I made referring to the case were within the parameters of the judge’s discharge to all the jurors. The one thing she said was: “Do not reveal conversations or discussions that occurred in the jury room.”

Following my comments on Broadsheet, there is now an order, delivered to me yesterday, by  Judge Patricia Smyth QC, for the jury members to not comment on this case at all.

I will, of course, abide by this, but hope to keep contributing to Broadsheet on other subjects.

Belfast rape trial juror’s online comments are referred to AG (Irish Times)

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146 thoughts on “‘Liable For Arrest’

    1. Cu Cullan

      Never too soon for humour..!! Meanwhile, there are still reporting restrictions in place in the UK. Not so in Ireland where I am free to say that the judge in this case has some serious questions to answer.. and Shayna, all it takes for evil to flourish.. well done.. stay strong

      1. rotide

        And how much of the 9 weeks of proceedings that you were no doubt in the public gallery for raises these serious questions?

    2. realPolithicks

      You are on “probation” now Shayna, so we expect you to be on your best behavior. In future just ask yourself WWJD…;)

    1. anne

      Who ya gonna call to have a b*tch n a moan? The Oirish Times of course. No need for ‘talk to Joe’ anymore.

  1. rotide

    For what it’s worth, I thought your comments complied completely with the guidelines online and what you stated the judges instructions were.

    Im no big city law talkin guy but i highly doubt that you’ll be arrested on the back of anything you said here. most of it was public record.

  2. Tom

    Can somebody clarify for me

    If I wanted to name the accuser on twitter whilst based in Ireland there is actually nothing the court in NI can do?

    1. The Old Boy

      That’s broadly correct, yes. Twitter would likely comply with any judicial request to have it deleted, mind.

      You could theoretically still be lifted the next time you crossed the border.

  3. Mr Indica

    Really, you should have kept your mouth shut. This is Ireland, there’s always a pernicious rat waiting to do you over…..

  4. Frilly Keane

    Hey Shayna,

    The Irish Times grassed you up!

    They’ll be organising a bona in Tyrone for ya t’night
    And maybe a decade of the rosary

    they’re might even be a Broadsheet Blanket Protest

    Hon the Broadsheet 1

    (btw if I were you now I’d go shopping for the weekend, get me hair done etc, )

  5. Sentient Won

    The Psyop continues…

    Fake trials, fake news.

    You are being had. Your brain is being stirred deliberately.

    Verucka’s linking of the Belfast rape trial to Repeal the 8th, was not a mistake, it was deliberate, part of the plan.

    The result of all this: Angry women everywhere are now more motivated to demand the ‘right’ to kill their own babies. And all men are bastards.

    The strings are obvious to all but those who will not see.

    Answer this: Why was the accusers name kept secret while the defendants were named and shamed before any evidence was even heard? You can’t have one party ‘in camera’ and the other party not.


    Except it wasn’t. It was fake.

      1. rotide

        Switch out the trial, referendum and leo references for any mass shooting, #qanon and crooked hilary and this could be a post by Bodger

        1. Frilly Keane

          like maybe
          this is all part of the Chess game Bodger is playing

          like, the Irish Times grassing his people up to the Brits
          Radio 1 mocking his home by calling it BroadShite

          before you know it, Amazon (or some other big internet crowd) will be in to buy the gaff

          1. anne

            Who is Bodger & why do you refer to him as “himself” like it’s some sort out mom & pop show around here?

            Sound with me & himself, you were spouting to Shayna..&” that’s all that counts” nonsense.

            If you think you’ve some sort of authority around here, you know what I’d say to that.

          2. rotide

            In fairness, I’d love to see someone buy the place, like it or not he’s been running the place for nothing for the past 8 or 10 years. He’s earned any bank that comes from it

          3. Frilly Qeane

            but shur I’d love ta hear what you have ta say girl

            btw Shayna and meself are old Chat Pit comrades
            so we go back a bit with JR

            and I’m Bodger

          4. anne

            Comrades, hardly.

            Yeah…last time I looked in the chat pit you were criticising her for not showing up to BSOTT twice. What’s your excuse this time sorta vibe off ya. You probably don’t remember.

            Bodger writes coherently too..so eh I don’t think so.

          5. Yep

            Sometimes I think you’re all fake accounts controlled by Bodger to give the impression this place is popular and I fall for the ruse everytime I scroll past the posts.

            Then I remember I’m Bodger and just don’t have the time with the hours of research I put in.

            Anyway, stay woke folks #quinine

          6. realPolithicks

            “Sometimes I think you’re all fake accounts controlled by Bodger to give the impression this place is popular”

            I can confirm that I am in fact “Real”.

          7. SOQ

            Any truth in the rumour that Pantibar is having a good friday rapist night? I am asking for a friend obviously.

          8. realPolithicks

            Harry is revealing his rather interesting sexual fantasies, sorry but I’m straight. Thanks for asking though.

      1. italia'90

        This evening marks the beginning of Passover, so I expect David will get plenty of rest for the next week.
        I have a degree of sympathy for him, but help is available to him should he seek it.
        A bit like most of us around here, a few sessions of counselling wouldn’t hurt.

    1. david

      I have never seen a nasty reaction like this for people accused of something tried and found not guilty
      The facts are this a woman went to a mans bedroom and had sex she also had sex with others in the same room
      There was no proof of violence
      There was no proof of forcing
      There was no screaming
      There was no medical evidence of forced penetration that is usual in rape cases
      There was no drugging her and she said she never had a drink.
      It was her word against them and the jury believed the men
      And of course the questions were pretty hard to take
      We are talking about rape which is a vile act second only to murder and child abuse.j
      These men were celeb and with celeb come groupies
      And it looks like when someone realised in the cold harsh light of day that maybe they could be classed as a floozy they decided this was rape.
      You do not go back to a house with loads of men with drink then go up stairs to a bed room and have sex with others

      1. Catherine costelloe

        Nowt as queer as folk. I am pretty sure the other girls at the party won’t be too happy at being called ” sluttish” by the woman accuser who invited herself back to Mr Jacksons house. Similar hysteria around George Hooks comments.

        1. david

          Lets face it why were the women round the house?
          What were they looking for?
          That’s the big questions
          But we all know
          Reputations have been destroyed out of this
          Time to move on

          1. anne

            So go back to a house, you’re asking for it, is it? What do you mean what were they looking for? What is anyone looking for socialising with others?

            She got more than what she was looking for, clearly, anyway.

  6. Bertie Blenkinsop

    ” one email from the Lord Chief Justice’s Office”….

    You should take a screengrab and let us see it, I’d be interested to read the wording of a mail like that.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Assuming it exists –
        not calling Shayna a liar but I’d like to see some proof that any of this happened.
        If she posted some in the other thread then apologies in advance.

        1. The Old Boy

          There was some inference in yesterday’s thread that Broadsheet is verifying Shayna’s reports before publication here.

        2. Shayna

          I really don’t make stuff up. I forwarded the email to Broadsheet, I think at this stage my credentials have been established. I’m a nobody who happens to be on the electoral register in The North and called for jury duty. I may well be lots of things, but I’m not a liar.

  7. Martco

    I didn’t read the comments myself but goin off the summary I’m a bit mystified about the mechanics of all this….apart from playing close to the fire what is it exactly that Shayna is having his collar felt for here?

    Who is in trouble exactly, Shayna/Broadsheet/both/neither?

    1. anne

      Broadsheet didn’t do anything wrong.. if she posted her comments on her own blog, it’d be the equivalent of blaming the blog providing service.

      Sounds like the judges directions weren’t clear.

  8. Lilly

    I knew it. The Irish Times, the pathetic, petty bunch of… who could only dream of such a scoop. There was nothing wrong with your comments here Shayna, you made a valuable contribution in the aftermath of the verdict. Pity they had to be removed but at least we got the benefit of your insights before the busy body from The Irish Times stepped in. If only they put half the effort into producing compelling copy themselves.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      +1 Lilly

      I found your comments thoughtful and insightful. I wouldn’t have said they were inappropriate or beyond the pale, so to speak.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        That’s in reference to Shayna’s comments.
        I have a sore head and it’s effecting my ability to be a functioning human today.

    2. dan

      Lily, legal expert!
      It was incredibly stupid of her to post here, not sure what she thought she would gain from it.

      1. SOQ

        I expect Shayna’s understanding was that they were instructed not to discuss any details of how they arrived at the verdict, but anything already in the public domain was fine?

      2. Lilly

        Dan, pernicious rat! (Thanks Mr Indica).

        Because everything is about personal gain in your world.

    3. neil

      The Irish Times didn’t “rat” Shayna out, they contacted the authorities in NI in an attempt to check whether the comments had come from a member of the jury. It’s called journalism.

      1. Bodger

        The Irish Times did not contact us, Neil. Are you suggesting the Lord Chief Justice’s office confirmed the identity a juror to the Irish Times? That wouldn’t be journalism.

  9. Kevin Quinn

    Is it any wonder that The Irish Times is losing circulation when the newspaper’s first instinct when faced with another publication getting a scoop is to snitch to the authorities to try to close down public discussion?

    Why didn’t they try to get ahead of the story and get a fresh angle of their own? If they’re so worried about the law on what can and cannot be reported after a trial, why don’t they get their lawyers to tell them?

    I’ve just asked a lawyer, who told me that there is nothing to prevent jurors from talking about a case when it’s finished.

    So why doesn’t The Irish Times go and talk to some of the other jury members? God forbid they might give their readers the sort of insight we got on Broadsheet from Shayna.

    1. anne

      Yeah it does wreak of jealousy.

      Weren’t that shower of p*ssies afraid of the Prone wan? And Denis O’Redacted’s lawyers when Catherine Murphy spoke about some of his tax funded write offs?

      They’d want to grow a pair if they want the scoops & stop whinging about Broadsheet

    2. Martco

      so my take on this is the IT thought they were being smartarses but BS (rather than taking their bait by defying this incorrect deliberation) are being the better person so to speak by being mannerly & considerate in approach, not out of fear of prosecution? amirite BS?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      If possible, it would be great if BS and Shayna could post something on the case. It would be great to read Shayna’s thoughts in one post, as opposed to chasing (now deleted) comments in a disjointed thread.

  10. Shayna

    I phoned the Irish Times last night and was put through to the news-desk. I had a conversation with Conor Gallagher, then we had a video skype – he’d seen me before in court – I was described as a very tall blonde woman – during the skype conversation he kinda acknowledged my credentials.
    I’m a freelance autocue operater – now available for work – sorry, maybe 2 to 3 years, depending how this goes.

    1. anne

      Would you not be available for work as a freelancer autowhatsit anyway if you were freelance?

      Hope you’re ok there all the same.. all a storm in a teacup really.

      1. Frilly Keane

        No it’s not
        A storm in a Tay cup I mean

        The Irish Times interfered with the work of another news source

        How da’ rhymes with múc that isn’t the story and not whether or not Shayna O’Neill’s bone fides are legitimate.

        The Irish Times squealing to the Brits about Broadsheet

        Shur’ they won’t even send in their front page to Broadsheet.

  11. SOQ

    Armoured cars and tanks and guns
    Came to take away our Shayna wan
    But every man must stand behind
    The woman behind the BS wire

  12. Kevin Quinn

    If I didn’t know better I’d question Shayna’s credibility myself, along the grounds of: “Are you seriously claiming that an Irish Times journalist spoke to you on the phone AND Skyped with you, and didn’t take the brilliant journalistic opportunity of asking you for your insights into the trial and making that the focus of their story? I find it hard to believe…” etc

    Sadly, and unfortunately, I don’t find it hard to believe of The Irish Times any more…but I still find it difficult to understand what might be their motivation in turning down a good story. Is it that they’re too busy virtue-signalling? Anyone any insights?

    1. Shayna

      @Kevin Quinn I’m not claiming anything – it was an event that happened. I was told by the Office of the Lord Chief Justice that it was the Irish Times who’d examined my comments on Broadsheet, and contacted them -consequently, instructed me to ask Broadsheet to take down any reference to me on the case – which they did, kinda immediately. (Cheers Broadsheet for that!)
      I spoke to the Irish Times reporter, Conor Gallagher, yes and a Skype call – the reason for no more insightful revelations is the fact that I was then bound, by the judge, following my comments on Broadsheet and still am, to pretty much shut up about the case.. The conversation about me talking to a reporter from The Irish Times, then becomes a front page story – I didn’t say anything about the case..

      1. anne

        Ha.. damned if you do & damned if you don’t huh?

        Were you asked for permission for the Irish Times to print your words? What was the reason you called them? Were you advised it was an interviewed? I take it you called them to have a chat about their concerns & clear things up from your perspective – i.e. the instructions you got from the judge.

        I’d be seeking legal advice there if you’re not happy with the Irish Times.. Cant even stand up to that Prone wan, the shower of weasles.

        Don’t worry about any of it. If you followed the judge’s directions, you acted in good faith.

  13. Not On Your Nelly

    Not guilty.

    I hope he sues every single one of them on twitter.

    Free speech doesn’t exist. And I hope he buys an island from the profits.


    1. bisted

      …looks like first one into the dock is going to be Senator eYawn O’Riordan for his despicable tweet about Shayna and the other jury members…

      1. SOQ

        One case against BBC and now one against Ó Ríordáin for stating the bleedin obvious. Jackson has no hope of getting the green jersey back now.

        1. rotide

          On the face of it, the case they have against the BBC is solid (mind, you i don’t know the exact dates involved but you’d assume they do if they are persuing it)

          O’Riordan’s tweet was stupid and he knows it, which is why he took it down. It was as much ‘stating the bleeding obvious’ as the many other equally stupid tweets calling for the claimaints name to be made public.

          1. SOQ

            I only read an interpretation of the tweet on boards.ie so obviously not the real deal. But, if Jackson wants to play for Ireland again then running around suing people is not the best way to go about it.

          2. Martco

            Paddy Jackson won’t play for Ireland again. Here’s what will happen. The IRFU will cite them for bringing the game into disrepute & their contracts will be cancelled with some €€€ thrown in. Himself & his pornstar buddy there will play out the rest of what’s left of their professional careers in Japan or SA but never here. The reason for this is the IRFU aren’t stupid unlike the boyos there. Ireland are lining up nicely having a proper tilt at winning the next WC with all the commercial €€€ that comes with that. there’ll be no room for even the slightest hiccup in the remaining preparations & sports science so a bad smell like like the pornstars there anywhere near camp wont fly. women make up a major portion of the ticket buying fanbase both for the 4 provinces plus are undergoing a very successful push to involve them in the game itself. When you goto a Leinster game for example families & family values are very much extolled. IRFU won’t want me explaining to my son who Paddy Jackson is & why he’s being booed. Trust me whatever your viewpoint on the technicals neither of them will wear the green jersey there unless it’s in the local pub watching Ireland on the box.

            and should I somehow be wrong & if it ever comes to pass I will join the protest that will guaranteed happen

          3. Martco

            sadly nowhere kipp-ey enough on that departures flight board yet to send him although there’s an Easyjet @07:00 to BHX which is close enough to Coventry

            goodnight to ye all

            I know it might seem like romantic Ireland’s dead & gone but I think this girl has done something very brave & is sacrificing much but maybe without knowing it might well have just sparked a conversation that will lead to a culture change in this country that’s badly needed. if that is so
            she at least will get to be more of a hero for Ireland than any of those highly paid & trained perfect physical pornstar specimens ever got to be! I think every decent polite mannerly respectful bloke out there is feeling very bad about what’s happened here…maybe if in the past he has witnessed some of this utter nonsense in the form of “banter” at the workplace or at the pub will next time say something about that and call it out straight instead of staring at his shoes uncomfortably hoping the subject moves on.

          4. Frilly Keane

            C’mere Rottie
            Maybe the BBC were just following through with Eddie Jones’s opinion of the Irish Rugby lads
            “Scummy Irish”

    2. Frilly Keane

      Well #SueMePaddy is trending
      And unusually for #ing

      It’s actually funny

      One thing for sure
      The lad will never for an Irish side again

      If the IRFU can’t dig out a morality clause their sponsors will

  14. jusayinlike

    Both the times and examiner are lobbying digital safety measures, coincidence that it’s when Leo’s SCU is being dumped on the scrap heap.

    1. Not On Your Nelly

      Slander existed before the internet. And was applicable to anything you posted online.

      Some people think “free speech” they see on American tv shows applies to their online rants.

      Some right on twitter eejits in Dublin are sweating and deleting as I type. Funny.

      1. Percy

        Nah dude, we’re fully ready to be sued over this. We have legal representation lined up already. At least I and my friends do.

  15. :-Joe

    Shayna will be ok… nothing incriminating was said and can you imagine the reaction, based on the spontaneous marches yesterday, if they were to target her for giving an opinion.

    Nice bit of publicity for the real unbiased record of public opinion in Ireland.

    I hope BS doesn’t delete, edit or censor the previous posts without a fight.


  16. dan

    Who needs legal advice when ‘Joe’ is here with his insights.
    If you really think Broadsheet is unbiased, you may be beyond help.

  17. Spaghetti Hoop

    Why would a juror in a high profile case, after exhausting work and despite the cautions issued to him/her by the judge – run straight to a satirical news blog to ‘spill the beans’? What happened to discretion? Not surprised that the AG up yonder is investigating this.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Now now Anne

          What was said was a confirmation that Shayna really was the Foreperson of the jury in this trail

          don’t worry about it are yours

  18. italia'90

    Imagine for a few minutes if we were informed that a jury foreperson, after a trial, was in communication with The Mail Online or Times Online during that trial? It does not look good regardless of the outcome or whomever was on trial.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah would ya give over

      Shur’ the OJ crowd were writing books and going on telly talk shows
      And what have you

      1. italia'90

        Perhaps you could address the question next time without the whataboutery and false equivalence.

          1. italia'90

            Ah I know but I thought it was a pertinent and reasonable question to ask… I now think the lady does protest too much

  19. SOQ

    Oh drama.

    Shayna if you are going to be dragged out of your home then pop around to Paul Stafford for hair and makeup at least an hour beforehand?

    Also, as there may be the odd photographer passing by, could you ensure you are handcuffed to someone who is half way good looking? Preferably female.

  20. Shayna

    I had lovely chat with a couple of constables of the PSNI, just then (22.00pm) who informed me that it’s now a civil case. Phew!

    1. Lilly

      That’s a relief. It would have been too farcical, everyone acquitted but the juror ends up in the slammer.

    2. italia'90

      TBH Shayna, and please don’t take this the wrong way,
      as I would advise one of my own if it was them,
      but perhaps you might think about refraining from making comments about all these matters for a short time?
      By all means seek advice, but don’t feel pressured to make comments on here.
      I wish you all the very best for the future.

    3. some old queen

      He’s gonna sue you too? Sounds like small willy syndrome to me. Has he no m8s who can give him a lift to the airport?

    4. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

      @Shyayna: Why did you feel the need to post your comments about the trial on this site in the first place? Seven hours after the verdict was delivered?

      1. Lilly

        I can’t speak for Shayna but I’d have thought it a perfectly natural response, having spent several weeks secluded away in a pressure cooker, to relax when it’s over and return to a place where she knows people (Shayna being a BS regular sworn off social media for the duration of the trial), let her hair down and chat. Why is that so difficult to understand?

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Difficult to understand because of the sensitivities of this case and its fallout. Respect for the legal process, the individuals involved and the work of a juror would, in my view, be far more important than letting ones “hair down” and having a good old indiscretionary blurt. I’m not attacking the juror for her actions, I just think it was a foolish move. Gossiping, I would call it.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Oh nothing will stop me Lilly – these endless tirades of abuse I embark on here.

  21. michael walsh

    The Lord Chief Justice in Belfast – about as much use as similar toe-rags in the Republic.
    ”If we only had Old Trumper over here”

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