‘I Don’t Want To Be Associated With This Pig’



On RTE One’s Late Late Show.

A pre-recorded interview by host Ryan Tubridy with Bob Geldof will be broadcast, in which the campaigner will explain why he returned his Freedom of Dublin award to Dublin City Council last year – in protest at Aung San Suu Kyi’s inclusion as a recipient of the award.

From the interview, Mr Geldof said:

“Burning people alive, raping women as they held their babies and in front of the women when they finished raping them, they burned the babies alive. That’s a fact and it is on film. I don’t want to be associated with this pig once.”

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28 thoughts on “‘I Don’t Want To Be Associated With This Pig’

  1. david

    She certainly fooled the PC brigade
    This woman is in a league with Adolf Hitler
    And where is Mickey Dee or little Leo verruca
    They are silent as is the Nobel peace prize mob who have not revoked this monsters award
    This abomination of a human being sits as president of a genocidal regime
    And the Irish harp on about Israel
    Time Burmese goods were banned world wide and a travel ban for their people
    Bob might have a big mouth but he is right

    1. SOQ

      david please. Diplomacy is the art of making your point without causing offence. If you are going reference Leo then at least spell his surname correctly? Otherwise your point is completely lost. Tnx.

      1. david

        Diplomacy is different from what hypocrisy is .Sadly hypocrisy just oozes from their lips.
        When standing for election micky Dee stated he would bring a new type of president to his presidential role
        He certainly did nothing .
        To be honest if Micky De thinks what he delivers justifies what a president dose ,its justification for dissolving the office.
        And save the country millions per year .
        Leo varadka certainly is way above his head
        His record in health was a disaster and to be honest I fear for our future over brexit.
        To be honest we could just skip the whole lot of them and just be ruled directly from the Reich and save on the administration costs and their offices.
        They just are a luxury we can ill afford
        Imagine the savings in the supporting of their pensions when they are ousted or retired we would make.

      2. DeKloot

        David likes to think that the satiric misspelling of Leo Varadkar’s name helps him hammer home the dislike/hatred they have for him.

        In reality is nothing but racial micro aggression and with all the other venomous drivel he spouts, it tells me all I need to know about the kind of person he is.

        1. david

          And a true hypocrite you are.
          Its lampooning an individual a play of words.
          Way above your head,
          You simply cannot contribute
          Lampooning has been used for decades
          Biffo used against Cowan is just one .
          As usual those with nothing to say ridicule those who bring up valid points
          They try to silence people much like bullies.
          I expect more from those who my taxes pay for and we live in a democracy where people can speak their minds
          Some do not like it and to be honest they have their views.

  2. RuilleBuille

    Geldof didn’t return his London freeman of the city award which Aung San Suu Ky also has.

        1. Mé Féin

          He’s not a SIR since he isn’t a Brit cit. He’s an honorary holder of that award therefore cannot be called sir.

          1. david

            He cannot but because you are jelly bags of him, you will as usual try and belittle him.
            Others will call him such like Terry Wogan ,who also was given that such honour.
            But you would not disrespect Terry Wigan or begrudge him such a honour.Sadly the only way you will receive a sword on your shoulder is by a jihadist

          2. Mé Féin

            OK. Arise Sir David The Moron. Gogan took out British citizenship so he could be called “sir.”
            And I never mentioned anything about jihadis, FFS. What’s your deal?

          3. Lilly

            @David – Because Terry Wogan was a perfectly decent, personable man whereas Bob Geldof is a gargoyle.

  3. Shane

    Bob gets a lot of bashing but regardless of how he gets the message out he succeeds
    And he’s right about that pig

      1. Niallo

        Bono is a pox
        He had a bunch of people parade around the stage in assk masks on the 360 tour… the pox.

  4. SOQ

    How many family homes within Dublin does Geldof own? I am asking for an Irish Times friend obviously.

  5. Sheik Yahbouti

    And many a pig doesn’t want to be associated with you, Bob. How’s the oul holdings in Africa Bob?

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