32 thoughts on “The Long Good Friday

    1. Yep

      Hitler went to Argentina. Thatcher went to Meath.
      There’s a chant in here for someone.
      But it might just get obscene.

  1. david

    I am raging this ban was removed
    We run a small food pub and we get off 2 days a year
    Christmas day and good Friday
    Being a publican one must be in ones business
    The real reason is the VAT
    The revenue get 23% on pub prices
    Compared to 23%on supermarkets
    And that’s 3 times the revenue coming in
    It will be interesting to see if the drink driving death toll goes higher this year
    But alas will they release the data?
    And I wonder how many fines as the garda strangle the country with drink drive checkpoints?

    1. Not On Your Nelly

      Nobody is forcing you to open. Unless they are? You can always change jobs. Shackled to job you seem to hate. Bizarre.

      1. david

        My own pub, and running your own pub means you must provide a service, so you must work.
        I do not have the luxury of having a boss who pays my wages, pays my holidays, and pays my insurance .
        It might as well be compulsory as your competition dictate that you must openers working for your self, creating jobs, paying VAT ,corporation tax ,Paying employers PRSI
        The money that is yielded up to government
        People depend on my business for their livelihood
        Maybe try this yourself.

        1. Lilly

          I heard interviews with several publicans who said they would be continuing the tradition and wouldn’t be opening today. What’s stopping you following suit?

          1. david

            The competitors are all open
            If not I would of stayed closed just like in Newmarket
            In mallow its different

          2. Lilly

            Just close, David. Have confidence in your business and the loyalty of your punters. Give yourself a break.

        2. george

          If you have staff you don’t need to be there every day. You just don’t. Learn to delegate/trust your staff. 23% is the same as 23%. And you have a 9% vat rate on food so I don’t see how VAT is something you should be moaning about.

          Anyway you can always close the pub. Why do you need to worry what the competition are doing for one day a year? Can’t stand the idea they are making a few quid when you’re not? If you’ve got a good business it should robust enough to cope with closing for one day.

        1. realPolithicks

          I wonder if he speaks in the same manner that he writes, if so it would be fascinating to listen to…as long as you had a few pints in you.

          1. david

            are you schoolteacher.?
            Your avatar shows your command of English
            More polithick than politic

          2. realPolithicks

            In fairness I don’t think you should be slagging people based on “their” command of english. A lot of your comments are barely comprehensible.

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