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  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Does everything have to be a gimmick these days? Fupp me. How depressing.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      You know, this has been quite an enjoyable week. An uplifting one. And this tops it off so far as one of the biggest laughs I’ve had. An invited audience of little FGers bringing their three wise men gifts to the babby. To top today off, i’m going to google Trudeau and his antics. Leo’s soulmate, and you’ll see why.

    2. Fran Carroll

      looks like you have to have a relation who was in FG . ie. a Dad so you can keep the TD’s salary in the family for ever

  2. Brother Barnabas

    is Síle Seoige an RTE employee? and doing a nixer for FG. how can that possibly be ok?

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Not at all. It’s cool. If the Teesh thinks it’s cool, it’s cool.
          Cool, cool, cool, cool.

          That’s my Jake Peralta impression, fyi.

          1. Neilo

            Ah, yes, humour. There’s nothing more that I love than laughter and laughing. That’s my impression of Holt’s mammy, fyi.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Heh. I really love Brooklyn Nine Nine. I think it’s the show that brings out the most LOLZ in my gaff.

    1. Sean

      Nobody really works for RTÉ anymore. They’re all contractors.
      Meanwhile the distinction between RTÉ and FG diminishes on the daily. I’d not be surprised if this is being considered for the Autumn schedule.
      In fairness, it has all the ‘star’ charisma of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ mixed with the cringey unpredictability of First Dates Ireland so it’s made for Network 2’s weekday evening slots. ;)

      1. phil

        Different between FG & RTE … non-existent , until of course FF are back in power then the difference between FF & RTE will be non-existent … Thats how RTE roll

    2. david

      It also brings in a conflict of interest which a journalist cannot be seen to be having.
      Especially in the tax payer funded television station
      Maybe Dee Forbes might express her views on employees

  3. david

    Its comical
    We have an Ireland’s got talent cabinet
    Now a dragons den think tank
    We have a scum unit
    Meanwhile brexit looms and sadly none of the above will save us
    If you have a mortgagee be very scared

  4. qwerty123

    Apart from Leo, I believe all these are sons/daughters of retired TD’s and Councillors. You can have great ideas, but the chances of being able to do something about them are slim to none in Ireland as it really is a family affair, and it would also make no difference.

    The best people are no longer attracted to politics, as we can see to starkly in the UK.

  5. Alex Francis

    Is the idea here that we have to vie for representation for our pet projects to be selected by the government with Leo Varadkar acting as supreme leader? Should they not have the plan which we get to endorse as the electorate? is what’s being suggested here not the antithesis of western democracy or the return of a royal court where the peasants compete for royal favour?

    If this tripe came out of North Korea it would be universally condemned as a totalitarian ruling class drunk on power and unable to comprehend how stupid they look.

    The king has no clothes.

    1. david

      I doubt he will be king for too long.
      The guy is so detached from reality I am sure he is Ireland new Walter kitty
      I see micky martin pulling the plug soon
      The apple tax thing is going to be his downfall as Leo takes up fiddling

  6. dav

    Nothing to match his “lockup people who claim welfare”, or his “homelessness is normal” ideas. I guess those people still have their souls…

    1. david

      We are products from our cultures it reflects our morals beliefs and our way we think.
      And it will reflect his views on society
      All we have to do is look at different ethnic cultures and we see a mind set.
      This is reflected in the way we think and treat people
      There is an old saying
      You can take the boy out of the country but cannot take the country out of the boy
      This maybe explains Leo’s cold comments
      Asians have a work ethic and also believe strongly in education brings success
      And society is two or even three tier

    2. Cian

      Fake news.
      1. Can you provide a link to where Leo said “lockup people who claim welfare”, or his “homelessness is normal”
      2. Can you provide a like to show any country that doesnt have homelessness?

      1. scottser

        dav is absolutely correct on FGs attempts to normalise homelessness by doing exactly what you do cian by resorting to whataboutery instead of rolling their sleeves up and serving the citizens they were elected to represent.

        chair of the housing agency speaks at FG conference:


        also, eileen gleason from the drhe says that most homeless people are scamming the system to get housed quicker.


        1. Cian

          You didn’t answer either question.

          Look. I understand there is a problem with housing and it needs to be fixed. FG were given a bad situation and done nothing to improve it. It’s a lot worse now. The local councils are also to blame.

          1. david

            Bit tiresome blaming FF
            For your knowledge since the bust over 200 billion euro of distressed property has been disposed of to various funds/vulture or whatever name you want to call them
            Our national debt was about 50 billion before the crash
            At the height of the crash our debt went up 200 odd billion
            Now our debt is roughly 200 billion
            Now where did that 200 billion worth of property disposals go?
            Very little off our debt
            Even worse was Noonan’s tax break for these companies which exempted them from paying capital gains tax on those profits
            This was not FFs work this was FGs
            Where are those billions?
            Answer me smarty pants in Leo’s SCUnit

          2. Cian

            David. You need to check your numbers.
            The debt went from 50bn to 200bn during the crash because we were borrowing to pay the bills. Social welfare, health and all the rest. Taxes weren’t covering the bills so we borrowed. And borrowed.

            Where is the 200bn? Ask you nearest pensioner.

      2. david

        Actually these are the views
        His attack on welfare fraud
        His quoting of homelessness is pretty average on the worlds %
        Its all about normalising the problem
        But its our society not other countries and this can never be trivialised
        He might not of said them but what he said was disgusting cold and uncaring
        He is uncharged and has to take responsibility or get out resign full stop
        I know I am on the naughty step as each of my posts are being vetted before publishing
        Many on hear do not like my views and would love me to be silenced but I will not

        1. Cian

          David. In future you should avoid using quotes unless you are actually quoting someone. It makes it look like you are repeating what they said.

          There is a world of difference between your original attribution of “lockup people who claim welfare” and your latest version ‘his attack on welfare fraud’.

          1. dav

            He purported to be attacking welfare fraud, against the advice of his department, ergo he was attacking welfare, ’cause you blushirts hate people who avail of welfare.

  7. Cloud

    I want to know who is in the audience, that’s what I want to know.

    Also, poops to everything to do with this. Including the audience.

  8. GiggidyGoo

    Courtesy of the SCU. I wonder will the original Dragons Den sue for copyright infringement. Someone inform Nippon TV.

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