Files ‘Located’ Two Years After Tusla Said None Could Be Found


Former basketball coach Bill Kenneally


Survivors of abuse by former Waterford basketball coach Bill Kenneally met with Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and they are now hopeful a Commission of Inquiry will begin in June or July.

At the meeting, they discussed the terms of reference for the upcoming commission.

Readers will recall how, in 2016, Kenneally was given a 14-year sentence for sexually abusing ten boys aged between 12 and 16 in Waterford between 1984 and 1987.

Five survivors – who’ve waived their anonymity – have been calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the handling of the case by State agencies, including the gardaí.

They have repeatedly claimed that certain gardai, the South Eastern Health Board, members of the Catholic Church, certain politicians and certain businessmen knew of the abuse and that it continued despite their knowledge of it.

They believe gardai were aware of Kenneally’s abuse as far back as 1979 but Kenneally continued being a basketball coach up until 2012 – when survivor Jason Clancy came forward.

In addition, the men revealed in February – at a press conference they held in Buswells Hotel – that it was their understanding that, in 1987, two victims of Kenneally were receiving counselling from a psychiatrist with the South Eastern Health Board while, at the same time, the men were still being abused by Kenneally.

Further to this…

RTE reports:

RTÉ news has learned that files from the 1980s pertaining to Bill Kenneally have been located by the child support agency Tusla, even though two years ago Tusla said none could be found.

Kenneally victims meet Minister for Justice (RTE)

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Waterford’s Big Dirty Secret

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9 thoughts on “Files ‘Located’ Two Years After Tusla Said None Could Be Found

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Did anyone watch Damned on Channel 4? It’s like that episode when Morwenna Banks tried to sneak the ‘lost files’ that she had in her attic back into the office.

  2. Catherine costelloe

    I think its shameful the shocking delays in facilitating victims on their valid queries. 34 years on and victims given the merry go round. The justice Dept made a big deal of giving a pardon 150 years later to a victim the other day. Could ye deal with the here and now ;- its state abuse.

    1. david

      The state has always been complicit in sexual abuse
      Nothing new here
      New would be those who handled these cases named publicly even if dead and those still alive jailed and pensions revoked
      Ireland has not faced up for its holocaust
      Those who partook or colluded or failed to protect were not dragged before a Nierenberg trial for their part in this vile period
      The Jews on the other hand had their Nuremberg with the trial shown to the world
      Its time for criminal trials

  3. michael walsh

    ”7 thoughts on “Files ‘Located’ Two Years After Tusla Said None Could Be Found”

    You have to remember, it has always been difficult and turbulent times for our Republic – the way we are and were.
    As it was for:
    Emperor Charles, Larry Goodman, The Bert, Pee Flynn, Biffo, Baldy, Edna, Watery Phil, Dinny O’B and Lowry
    The song headline should have read ‘2 years from Tulsa’
    How is Maurice McCabe still standing?

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