7 thoughts on “Repeal: The Movie

  1. Digs

    What an awful attempt to get involved. BS. Total and utter BS. EVEN THE “acting left me drained”.

      1. Emma Fagan

        Thanks Daisy- check us out on Facebook and Twitter if you havent alreadyt.
        Pity about the unkind comments on there though.. giving men a bad name.

  2. Bob

    Interview with writer director

    His 3rd short. Self funded. Aimed at the undecided.

    The interview says he wanted a fly on the wall style and didn’t want to over-rehearse to keep the actors performances spontaneous. I think the wobbly camerawork is distracting and a shorter film that didn’t try to address multiple stories might have been more effective but I struggle to believe any of these short films would sway an undecided voter.

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