‘There Is A Conflict Of Interest For Me As A Journalist’




CEO of Neva Labs Mark Little

Further to the alleged data breach at Independent News and Media.

And Data Commissioner Helen Dixon stating she will appear at an INM-sponsored data protection conference in Dublin’s RDS next week…despite Ms Dixon investigating INM’s alleged data breach…

The Irish Times, is reporting that Mark Little – who was scheduled to be a speaker at the event – has pulled out.

Mr Little, now chief executive of digital media company Neva Labs, said that he was due to participate as unpaid panellist at the INM conference speaking about broader issues around privacy and how people can regain control of their personal data from large corporations.

“I am not going to do this on Monday,” he told The Irish Times. “As far as I am concerned there is a conflict of interest for me as a journalist.”

Data regulator to speak at INM event despite investigation (The Irish Times)

Yesterday: At The Data Summit

27 thoughts on “‘There Is A Conflict Of Interest For Me As A Journalist’

  1. anne

    Mark displaying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs perhaps?

    Doesn’t need the money, his morals can dictate his actions. The rest not so much.

    1. anne

      INM are the sponsors.

      It’s be like the Donald sponsporing an event about protecting yourself against sexual predators.

      1. Jody Howard

        Which is fair enough, but why not use the platform to call these people out…right there in their own sponsored event. That would be uncomfortable for them, no?

          1. postmanpat

            Really it’s just because he feels uncomfortable about the no money. Dixon is a Civil Servant. She will be making out like a bandit when she puts in for the expenses. Any CS out there whos ever put in for expenses knows how easy money that is and knows exactly what I’m talking about. Why would anyone getting zip, sit next to someone whos getting compensated handsomely?

          2. anne

            He signed up knowing he was getting zip… he’s a millionaire from some website he sold. He doesn’t need the expenses.. He’s not going because of the sponsors.

            Are you purposely acting stupid?

      2. Clampers Outside!

        Fair enough… would it be OK if it was say the Irish Examiner?
        Genuine question.

        Mark says, “as a journalist..” he has a conflict. So does this mean, no media company that employs journalists should sponsor the event?

        I’m not playing devils advocate… genuinely a bit slow today.

        1. edalicious

          No media company, that has just been exposed as suffering from one of the largest data security breaches in the country’s history, should be sponsoring a data security event, possibly? I’m not well read on it but it appears that it happened deliberately too.

        2. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

          Irish Times are taking money from Google etc for their digital initiatives. The use Facebook as a platform. They’re all at the zero credibility game FOMO.

          Tech correspondents are the worst in terms of looking at the poo on their own doorstep – Irish Times and INM included.

          Irish Examiner is borderline Irish Times. Same thing.

    2. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

      He sold Storyful to Murdoch, so he doesn’t come to table with clean hands hardly, does he. Wide open for criticism. Conflict-avoidance. W

      hole conference should be called off or turned into a comedy improv.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Wrecker writes in the indo? Hope he’s in the process of determining if any of his emails were viewed.

  3. Frilly Keane

    On the face of it there is no real COI to match the definition
    unless the Sponsors have made their financial support conditional on the content
    ie only favourable mention etc = influence
    but any cribbing can be nullified by the fact that INM are publicly noted as the event sponsors, therefore attendees know well in advance who is endorsing the event, so there is no transparency or hidden bias issues

    if Mark Little is preparing to sue INM

    he might be in risk area

    as for the Data Commissioner, I see nothing wrong with her attendance as her function is to present her mandate to the attendees, which is her job
    unless she has had to have her speech pre-approved by the sponsors
    or have them prepare it for her
    or maybe she accepted gifts etc from them
    then she fails the independence test

  4. Truth in the News

    Independent spoofing about data security when they could not protect their own…..???

  5. :-Joe

    Mark Little, establishment insider if ever there was one…

    I used to love his unintentional Max Headroom impressions when he was political correspondant for RTE in washington. Jim Carey made much better intentional use of that plagerism.

    It’d be interesting to know if he was reading Broadsheet before he made the decision and how many of the establishment apart from PR Spin Doctor un-extrordinaire Derek Mooney(obviously) are actually paying attention to comments on here.


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