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      1. jusayinlike

        I’ll accept a Pulitzer prize winning journalist ahead of your blinkered view all day long pt..

  1. Shayna

    I’m not sure what The IT are doing there on their front page. In my opinion, The IT have never crusaded a cause, why start now?

    1. petey

      this would be the same stephen gowans who is the robust defender of the DPRK?
      yes, i think it would.

    2. Nigel

      Is it eight lectures about the critical thinking deficiencies of people who disagree with him?

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        Don’t be facetious Nigel, these are well researched logical arguments. Allow me to synopsise:
        1: Even the Fake News MSM admits that this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on civilians in an area with access tightly controlled by Assad’s forces is unverified. If it’s unverified it probably didn’t happen.
        2: We don’t even know who carried out this unverified indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on civilians in an area with access tightly controlled by Assad’s forces. Since we don’t know who did it it probably didn’t happen.
        3: The only people providing footage of this unverified indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on civilians in an area with access tightly controlled by Assad’s forces are the people on the receiving end who clearly have a motive. Since we’re only getting footage from the victims and they have a motive it probably didn’t happen.
        4: Despite Assad’s numerous atrocities on the civilian population the US had announced its intention to leave the area. This latest atrocity on the civilian population might just convince them to stay where all the others didn’t. Clearly this was orchestrated by people with an interest in the US staying so it probably didn’t happen.
        5: Since Assad is on the cusp of wining this 7 year civil war it makes no sense to indiscriminately use chemical weapons on civilians in an area with access tightly controlled by Assad’s forces so it probably didn’t happen.
        6: When it comes to indiscriminately slaughtering civilians Assad has much more efficient weapons available to him. Since this wasn’t his most efficient method of indiscriminately killing civilians it probably didn’t happen.
        7: How could Assad carry out an unverified indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on civilians in an area with access tightly controlled by Assad’s forces when he doesn’t even have chemical weapons? Syria cooperated with the Organisation for the prevention of Chemical Weapons to eliminate them years ago and since we can trust Assad to indiscriminately slaughter civilians using other methods this probably didn’t happen.
        8: None of the 26 previous indiscriminate uses by Assad’s forces of chemical weapons on civilians in areas with access tightly controlled by Assad’s forces have been verified so they probably didn’t happen and since they probably didn’t happen then this probably didn’t happen either.
        TLDR: Assad, with his history of indiscriminately murdering civilians, wouldn’t lie to us and the only people telling us this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on civilians in an area with access tightly controlled by Assad’s forces happened are the people it happened to. Who are you going to believe?

          1. david

            What evidence Nigel? Just accusations and after the double agent nerve attack ,I would think you would not be so gullible.
            These terror groups which came from the Arab spring have no qualms regarding human shields and attacks all over Europe.
            Ina Aleppo attacks were blamed on Assad
            When the inspectors went in they were given samples and not one of the victims were autopsies to find out if it was chemical weapons
            This is fact
            The Russians asked for access and were denied

          2. Nigel

            The evidences in the comment I was replying to which has all the evidences and are irrefemutable.

          3. ReproBertie (SCU)

            David I hate to dispute your facts but Assad invited the Russians into Aleppo and the Russian investigators concluded that sarin had been used. The UN, when they arrived on the ground 5 months later concluded that it was likely chemical weapons had been used. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons compared samples taken from 3 sites of attacks, including Aleppo, and found markers for nerve agents in all the samples.

            So that’s the Russian investigators, the UN investigators and the OPCW investigators all disagreeing with your fact.

          4. jusayinlike

            Yes an attack, but if you look at my articles above you’ll see who planned and executed it Bertie.

          5. ReproBertie (SCU)

            See David, even jusayin agrees there was a chemical attack. So that’s Russia, the UN, the OPCW and Broadsheet’s leading conspiracy theorist all disagreeing with your “fact”.

          6. Nigel

            ‘but if you look at my articles above you’ll see who planned and executed it Bertie’

            Spoiler: you will not see who planned and executed them.

          7. jusayinlike

            I’m sorry Nigel, however Pulitzer prize winning journalist is far more learned on the subject than you are..

          8. Nigel

            You didn’t link to an article by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, though. You linked to a shoddy mish-mash of quotes from an interview, links to RT, supposition, speculation, and trenchant editorialising.

          1. david

            Wrong repo
            The Russians on RT interviewed the inspector who when asked about the procedures of the testing for saran
            Stated when asked about testing the now buried victims ,stated no corpse had been tested for chemical weapons or sarin to establish cause of death
            I actually watched that interview on RToday with the chemical weapons inspector by Oksano boyko on worlds apart after that attack
            You see I watch all sides before making up my mind as all are prejudice to a side
            You can provide evidence from everywhere, but the only evidence that is valid is from the victim at an autopsy.

        1. f_lawless

          wow, where to start with all that. I don’t have the time now but here’s just one :
          “5: Since Assad is on the cusp of wining this 7 year civil war”
          What the article really says is “the Syrian Arab Army is on the cusp of an all but inevitable victory in Eastern Ghouta”. If you don’t even realise that the whole of northern Syria is not under the control of the Assad government and are unaware that there has been an unprecedented build up of US troops there in recent times, then sorry, but your musings lack credibility.

          1. ReproBertie (SCU)

            These aren’t musings, they’re a synopsis of the piece you linked to. Clearly Assad being on the cusp of victory over this pocket of resistance, and not the entire war as I mistakenly said, changes everything and lends extra credibility to musings in the original article.

          2. spudnick

            Who to believe?

            1. Fake News MSM with all their tiresome facts, footage from the ground and a cohesive, believable geopolitical explanation
            2. Random bloggers off the internet whose main thrust seems to be that US is evil incarnate and every other world power is a saint just struggling for its rightful place

            Ah, I’m running for SU president. Number 2 it is

          3. f_lawless

            Spudnick, you don’t seem to be aware that Western corporate media have none of their reporters in “rebel held” areas of Syria. Instead they rely on the discredited White Helmets or “activists” who in reality can only operate with the permission of the militant islamist groups who control those regions. Patrick Coburn points that out in this rare piece from December 2016.

          4. ReproBertie (SCU)

            “you don’t seem to be aware that Western corporate media have none of their reporters in “rebel held” areas of Syria”
            Yet despite knowing this you offer us an article that cites lack of verification as 50% of its reasons the attack is probably nonsense.

          5. spudnick

            I’m still talking about the balance of probabilities. Just because you can’t get 100% verification on every piece of news footage doesn’t automatically mean that the opposing side must be on the side of right.

            Sure, the US has had a good dirty tricks game. But at the moment the Russians are better at it.

            BTW the Indo.co.uk site is cancerous these days. Barely viewable with the amount of ads on it. Goes to show your beloved MSM seems to be on the way out…

          6. ReproBertie (SCU)

            jusayin, points 1-8 are all in the piece f_lawless linked to. if you have an issue with any claims you need to ask him.

        2. david

          Yes its too easy to blame the Russians and the Syrian government
          Look at the attempted murder of the Russian double agent and the mess when the truth starts to emerge
          Hopefully little Leo verruca will keep his mouth shut now
          Previous attacks have happened also blaming Assad
          All were rather dubious as when you listened to the other side of the coin it was more plausible
          Just look at what constitutes the rebels ISIS for one who would use them at the drop of a hat and yes why would Assad when winning use them

          1. Nigel

            TOO easy to blame them. We have to look for more difficult people to blame with more difficult reasons.

          2. david

            you have no issue with the names we called past teashock including biffo-cowan
            You have nothing to say and no argument so you resort to one of the following-
            pointing out spelling
            Calling me a troll
            Using disrespectful names
            Well what I call disrespectful is a leader who thinks homelessness is normal
            All lowerpaid workers are to be abandoned
            Pay for health or get nothing
            Stand by and collude with others raping our country
            Try and introduce abortion on demand
            And allow our future to be at risk as a nasty game of FU UK is being waged by the EU
            That sort of leader dose not in my opinion command any respect
            So unless you want to debate add something constructive

          3. david

            Nigel you blame people with evidence that is believable and can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
            Not someone that is from an opposite society because there is political gain from it.
            Russians are as human as us
            They are identical to us.
            They have only one wish ,and that is raise a family ,enjoy a life and have a home.
            They are not bred ,then when born conditioned by some sort of programme
            Neither are Syrians.
            Rebels are trying to oust the legitimate elected government, and Assad is like if a coup happened here by the IRA ,he is trying to crush the rebellion.
            What made it worse is the west and its desire to remove him, arming rebel groups regardless if they are terrorists, the white helmets are ISIS, and its proven.
            Russia interfered and hey presto
            Any terrorist group ISIS Hamas for example that use human shields and civilians ns as cannon fodder, do not respect life and are totally unfit to rule
            These groups will use chemical weapons on anyone in their little playgrounds as a means to an end.
            War is obscene and ruthless and achieves nothing but suffering.

          4. spudnick

            Nope david, I have zero interest in ‘debating’ with you I’m afraid. Just wanted to point out the oddness and repetition. All done

          5. Nigel

            david’s mad because Ireland’s not being sufficiently subservient to the UK and not appropriately in awe of the genius that is Brexit, so he relentlessly and tediously attacks ‘verruca’ because he also likes driving jokes, such as they are, into the ground. Not that I’ve any sympathy for Varadkar, but david puts the (supposed) national interests of the UK ahead of the national interests of Ireland.

            Blaming Varakar’s Indian ‘psyche’ for wanting to turn Ireland into an Indian slum was a nicely racist touch, though.

          6. Nigel

            ‘Russians are as human as us’

            Yeah? So you rant about their sexual mores and call their, er, elected leader after a chiropractic complaint and refer to their propagandistic press with an obscene term of your own coinage and attack and criticise every aspect of their society? Or do you not bother because Putin’s pro-Brexit?

          1. jusayinlike

            A link to Assad’s atrocities that you refer to at the end of your reply to f lawless?

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Are your posts are being moderated? You post something and then a reply to it before your original post is visible. Or is this a browser/app issue?

          3. ReproBertie (SCU)

            When it comes to dealing with you jusayin there’s a vast difference between “any links” and “any links form sources that I would accept” and I have no interest in playing that game.

            Try this one: http://www.duckduckgo.com

          4. jusayinlike

            Can’t deal with not accepting your bias opinion, this without you posting any link to support your puke?

            You’ve no problem poking fun at others putting their neck on the line by posting up links to support their assertion.

            Yea well done..

          5. ReproBertie (SCU)

            For anyone else who may be interested here’s a link to the Centre for Justice and Accountability who have been trawling through more than 600,000 government documents smuggled out of Syria.


            Some selected excerpts on Assad’s atrocities:

            “Throughout 2011, Syrian government forces committed crimes against humanity and state terrorism against the civilian population, deploying the mukhabarat, the army, and sectarian militias called shabiha (Arabic for “ghosts”) in attacks on protestors”

            “Torture has long been a defining characteristic of the Assad regime. Beginning in the spring of 2011, the regime rounded up tens of thousands of people—including activists, doctors, journalists, and human rights defenders—into detention centers run by the mukhabarat. Detainees were subjected to torture on an industrial scale.”

            “Homs became a symbol of the opposition’s resilience—and a proving ground for the regime’s tactics of siege, starvation, and indiscriminate bombing. “

          6. jusayinlike

            A ridiculously unobjective link Bertie, have you by any chance checked who fund and operate the cja?


          7. ReproBertie (SCU)

            “When it comes to dealing with you jusayin there’s a vast difference between “any links” and “any links form sources that I would accept” ”

            “A ridiculously unobjective link Bertie,”


          8. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Warmongers like the Centre for Civil and Human Rights? Or did you mean Warmongers like the Academy for Educational Development? Or perhaps the Liberty Hill Foundation? Which of the warmongers funded them to challenge Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and Extraordinary Rendition? How does their funding change the evidence of the hundreds of thousands of government papers that they smuggled out of Syria which show evidence of Assad’s atrocities?

          9. jusayinlike

            warmongers like the open society, the Ford foundation, the Jewish community endowment fund..


          10. jusayinlike

            Now your asking why I’m shooting the messenger, when that’s exactly what you did above with f lawless..


          11. ReproBertie (SCU)

            “You’ve no problem poking fun at others putting their neck on the line by posting up links to support their assertion.”
            Jumping in to defend Assad by posting a link to an article that favours speculation over evidence is the act of a useful idiot, not someone putting their neck on the line. Also there was no assertion to support beyond “worth consideration” which the article clearly wasn’t as it goes on about lack of verification while totally ignoring the simple fact that Assad won’t allow anyone in to independently verify the attack, probably because that time he invited his Russian buddies in they came back with uncomfortable evidence of chemical attack.

            And since you’re so hung up on links, have you found one (from a reputable source obviously) that shows that Ireland had told the EU they would expel a Russian diplomat the day before the cabinet met to review evidence and discuss the expulsion of any Russian diplomats? After all, there I was putting my neck on the line with an assertion that a decision had yet to be made and you had no problem poking fun at me about it…

          12. jusayinlike

            As usual wild assertions, no links, Bertie.. I don’t care about your views on me or Syria, either support your assertion with an objective link or leave yourself wide open for criticism.

            I see why your still sore about jumping the gun on the diplomats..

            Agh well, off you go on your race to the bottom..

          13. jusayinlike

            You didn’t link to anything so therefore your not really sticking your neck on the line..

            brain gymnastics as per..

          14. ReproBertie (SCU)

            “I see why your still sore about jumping the gun on the diplomats.”

            So you can’t produce a link?

        1. Nigel

          Poor maligned little Assad/Putin, you mean! Those meanie rebels inconveniencing the relentless barrage of slaughter and atrocity by selfishly using chemical weapons on themselves! ‘This’ll discredit them on internet message boards and maybe get some tweets from Trump and the UN will be ever so cross!’

          1. Nigel

            But if I believe you I’ll be believing an anti-vaxx Pizzagater climate-change denying Sandy Hook truther! It’s almost as if neither you nor Trump are the barometers of truth!

          2. david

            The news from Syria to the west is through the Syrian observatory of human rights
            They are funded by the EU and though not on the ground in Syria are in a council house in Coventry
            Wiki pedia it
            Run by a activist and self confessed enemy of Assad his name
            Rami Abdulrachman
            He receives his information by fax ,internet ,and phone
            Now I suppose that’s good enough for you,?
            Rtoday did a piece about him and sent a journalist to his office/ home and command centre.
            Needless to say when they buzzed the door firstly he pretended not to be home then when they saw a curtain twitching and the Rtoday reporter shouted through the letter box he then said no comment.
            I suppose little Leo verruca took intelligence of that standard to boot a Russian envoy out
            Meanwhile the US governments sanctions are biting in russia and an oligarchic targetted a aluminium billionaire has learnt his company is now worth half
            A fellow broadsheet blogger warned the other day about these sanctions hitting an aluminium plant owned by his company in limerick
            Expect job losses
            Its only the start as the anti is upped and little Leo verruca’s Ireland has talent cabinet and especially Simon coveney need to think before opening their traps as we as a nation cannot afford sanctions from Russia because of little Leo’s KAPOs spouting the EU lies
            He is not impressing anyone

  2. Bull Duggan

    ” Rape trials should be less of an ordeal for victims ”
    That should read accusers.
    They are only victims if the courts find those accused guilty.

  3. david

    Amazing the SCUnit is in over drive
    So to Nigel Ireland is not subservient to the UK for me
    Ireland is not ,but ireland is to the EU
    So Nigel loves Ireland to move to a bigger master ?
    Maybe Nigel likes to be a gimp to the frau.
    He is comfortable to know his place in life
    800 years of Ireland trying to become its own man ,only to be given away to a new master
    Be happy in servitude as our children work in servitude,
    But at least think like your own man.

    1. Nigel

      We chose to be part of the EU democratically but david wants us to prioritise to the wishes of the voters in the UK who forgot Ireland even existed when they voted to exit the UK to get blue passports.

      1. david

        We chose to be part of a democratic Europe
        We are now part of a Europe that has changed from the Europe we signed up to
        A Europe who punished us after the bust then a Europe that changed the conditions of austerity when the larger nations banks failed not making the Germans pay for their failing deutsche bank and other institutions
        You forget the austerity and troika ,
        Which was spread unevenly throughout Europe
        including the rape of this country
        That’s our friends
        Our KAPO regime stood back and colluded in this
        Brexit will finally show what’s in store under the Reich
        Like the last Reich it will finally fall in the next decade

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          “We are now part of a Europe that has changed from the Europe we signed up to” and we voted for every change as it happened. Go Democracy!

          1. david

            Like the Lisbon treaty where we were warned to vote again
            Bertie I thought you would of remembered that?
            I reckon there is a new sickness which is connected to the Irish gene
            Its called selected Alzheimer’s
            And you are suffering from it
            The cure will be brexit

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Oh, you mean the Lisbon treaty that was amended to deal with our concerns after we rejected it and then presented to us again for our approval?

            Yeah, I remember that democratic process.

        2. Nigel

          And the UK is trying to punish us with Brexit, and not deliberately, just through pure indifference and ignorance and incompetence.

  4. Jimmey_russell

    only insane conspiracy theorists would question why Syrian forces would use chemical weapons knowing it will bring western condemnation and possibly full scale military action in a war with “moderate” militants that they’ve been winning so far via conventional means

      1. Nigel

        Don’t you agree with Trump? About Clinton and about Russian interference in the election?

        1. jusayinlike

          Nigel, Trump let Clinton off the hook, see his last statement in relation to “lock her up”..

          1. Nigel

            He let you down badly there all right. What a betrayal that was. As if you were a complete fool to believe a word he said about anything.

          2. jusayinlike

            He didn’t let me down, I couldn’t care less what he says or does, it’s you who links to his tweets..

  5. michael walsh

    Lord Mayor of Dublin, Sinn Feins’ Micheál Mac Donncha has described attempts by the Israeli authorities to prevent him from entering Palestine as censorship.?
    If, only Jean McConville and Paul Quinn had been sentenced to censorship
    They would still be alive – Lordy Lordy

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