10 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Rob_G

    Was an image of a Garda’s coffin was really the best one you could find to accompany this doggerel, Moynes & Bodger?

    1. The Old Boy

      He is a youth with serious alcohol and drug addictions, a relatively large number of previous convictions and has been in and out of prison since his teens for wreaking havoc in the Lifford and Strabane areas, including for motor theft and criminal damage.

      But sure, defecating on a Garda station counter while highly intoxicated makes him a legend.

      Grow up.

  2. Bernie

    They’re very lucky that only one member of the public has shown his appreciation for their all their honour, hard work and honesty. Nothing wrong with a bit of sh!t-hot karma in my book.

  3. The Ghost of Starina

    I can’t believe you deleted my comment. it is because I called the Gardai “pigs”?

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