‘Emails To And From INM And Also Digital Files’


INM logo; Denis O’Brien (right) and former INM chairman Leslie Buckley

This afternoon.

Further to an alleged data breach at Independent News and Media.

It’s being reported that INM has written to individuals who may have had their data searched.

David Murphy, of RTE, has seen one of these letters.

He told Claire Byrne on RTE’s News At One earlier:

Claire Byrne: “What does it [the letter] say?”

David Murphy: “Basically Clare, what it is is INM setting out the timeline of events, what it knew, what it didn’t know and it has also outlined the new information it got from the Office of Director of Corporate Enforcement which is hoping to appoint inspectors to investigate business affairs at Independent.

“So, in a nutshell, really what it says is that the letter says to people that their data may have been searched.

Initially the company was informed that this search was looking for a long-term service contract but now it’s been informed by the Director of Corporate Enforcement that the search may have been more extensive and for a different purpose.

“And it says that there was a list of names and or people of interest and that the individuals who’ve received the letter were on that list.”

Byrne: “This is the 19 people that we’ve heard of.”

Murphy: “This is the 19, exactly.”

The company says it doesn’t know if any searches were undertaken or for what purpose but it says, based on the limited information currently available to INM, it seems possible that there were searches done.

The company said it didn’t know to whom any of the searches, search results, would have been provided.

“It says, in the letter, that information related to you may have been put at risk of an unauthorised disclosure which would have consisted of emails to and from INM and also digital files held on its servers where any reference to a named individual, as of October 2014.

Byrne:So if you’re one of the 19, if your name popped up anywhere on their system, regardless, outside of your email exchanges, they’re saying, that’s included as well.”

Murphy:That’s included. So it’s not just emails sent by an individual in INM, it’s also emails they would have received or emails sent by an external person who’s on the list going into INM, so you can see it’s actually quite broad in terms of the way the search could have been conducted.”

Byrne: “OK, and the email [letter] aswell firmly points the finger at who they believe was responsible here?

Murphy: “That’s right so what it says here is very clearly that the information was provided to a third party service provider under the instruction of the then chairman of INM. Now Leslie Buckley, last Friday, who was the chairman at the time, issued a statement because a lot of this material has arisen from an affidavit which is being lodged in the High Court by the head of Corporate Enforcement Ian Drennan.

“And Mr Buckley has said that he is going to defend robustly each and every allegation and he also was very disappointed by the way in which this information had come into the public domain as opposed to being raised in court where it could be perhaps challenged by someone’s legal representative.

“But today he’s saying he’s not commenting on the letter.”

Byrne: “Ok, but we will hear more about this in five days time, if not before, but in five days time, we have that court hearing.”

Murphy: “So, in five days time, the Director of Corporate Enforcement is due to go into court and outline his reasons why he thinks inspectors should be appointed into INM. With any court case, you never really know, sometimes, they’re adjourned, but that’s the date that’s in the legal diary.”

Byrne: “OK, David Murphy, thank you very much for that.”

Listen back in full here

INM confirms Buckley role in alleged data breach (RTE)

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  1. Johnny

    its time the irish state stop funding this charity,Carmel’s sole qualification for sitting on the board and enjoying extensive international travel,is she’s Leslie’s wife !
    it was over 200,000 grand in 2016.

    “Carmel Buckley, co-founder of Haven, is also an active member of Haven’s Board, and regularly travels to Haiti on Haven’s annual Volunteer Programme. Carmel also serves on the board of Philanthropy Ireland: Philanthropy Ireland is the Association of Independent Philanthropic Organisations in Ireland, including grant-making truss and foundations. Carmel lives in Dublin with her husband Leslie, and they have three children.”


  2. GiggidyGoo

    ‘…was very disappointed by the way in which this information had come into the public domain….’
    Sure, Leslie! Are you as disappointed in how the lies about Maurice McCabe were put in the public domain by Paul Reynolds? Under your watch?
    And this 19 names. My donkey. It’ll be like the banks and their tracker mortgage scandal. The number will increase and increase.

  3. italia'90

    haha the bould Damien Meaney is working there.
    I was wondering where he was hiding these days? Haiti ffs, couldn’t make it up.
    Close it down now lads. It’s just a front in my opinion.
    Aaron McAllorum and Niall Murphy should know about him, they’re from the same parish, Queen of Peace.

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