Shiny Disco Balls


Light Leaks: darkened rooms at galleries in Paris, Nantes  and LA filled with 50 disco balls illuminated by a sequence of timed, coloured lighting cues by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan. To wit:

…hundreds of structured light scans to capture the volumetric position of every pixel being projected by each of the three projectors. The pair then used SketchUp to predict the reflected pixel positions.


15 thoughts on “Shiny Disco Balls

  1. scottser

    ..and then it’s on with the roller skates, crank up ‘i will survive’ and off you go.

        1. SOQ

          I hate getting poo for wearing Daisy Dukes. If its nice out, I want to show off my body.

          And I can go without the rude comments like ‘your legs are hairy’ and ‘you balls are hanging out’ thank you very much.

  2. Murtles

    * Right arm up with index finger pointing to roof whist putting left leg out simultaneously, heel to ground
    * Right arm down and left leg back in
    * Rinse and repeat
    * All together now in 1…2…3..

    ♫ Gimme that night fever, night feevahh-ahh, we know how to show it….♫

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