20 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. david

    EU nations use rubber bullets
    I believe the Spanish authorities used them in the Catalonian demonstrations
    Also they will be used as a method of crowd control by PESCO which we now are members
    So what’s the big deal for we hear no objection by our leaders when they supported the actions by Madrid to supress the Catalonian’s when they democratically voted for independence

  2. Neilo

    When pressed for comment on the uproarious aftermath of the local dance at the local county jail, the governor admitted “I love to hear those convicts squeal, it’s a shame these slugs ain’t real”.

  3. Capitan Alatriste

    you do know its a scripted reality tv show. Rick didnt just become an expert on bloody sunday. my favourite is the guitar expert, he always seems to have a different hairstyle.

  4. Chucky R. Law

    The person who wrote the date and location on the CS casing had great foresight to write the date in US format.

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