27 thoughts on “Air Rage

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    Kill them all.

    Those are all hanging offenses and I did NOT need to see that wrinkly arse on this lovely Friday.

        1. david

          I just wonder what airlines and where these peasants came from
          Revolting lot
          I remember decades ago flying in the middle east and someone was carrying chickens on the flight
          But as primitive as it was he was washed and well presented
          The potty got me

          1. Cian

            the potty, in itself, wouldn’t bother me… assuming it was emptied within a reasonable timeframe.

  2. Skeptik

    The hair related ones are easily sorted by the use of a scissors.
    Anything that comes over the boundary can be legally trimmed. Or is that hedges, I forget.

    1. Toe Up

      You wouldn’t be able to get a scissors onboard in your carry on though. You could gnaw through it I suppose.

  3. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    I had an auld wan sit and take things out of my bag infront of me, my blanket off my knees. I had to keep taking it back, she was totally unfazed little old Asian lady. Long flight.

  4. Junkface

    Ugh! Hard to believe some people do stuff like this. Totally disgusting!

    Straight to the Gallows!

        1. Nigel

          These fascists need to be shot for body shaming and criticising the free expression of their fellow human passengers.

  5. martco

    regarding the overhanging hair wan….

    in my early teens I recall being upstairs on the 27a one evening heading for town & the eventual upstairs of the International Bar…one of the green angular bombardier doubledeckers that would have featured here on BS in the Bus P0rn thread at some point I’m sure…the one with the dashboard off the starship enterprise dials galore & those proper toggle swtiches boj lusts after.

    anyway I’m upstairs down the back as usual & this group of “tough” wans get on @ Edenmore & sit down behind this girl with very big hair…they’re smoking & cackling away….start teasing & poking her, pulling at her hair basically bullying her a bit…next thing one of them takes a lighter out to same hair presumably in an attempt to keep annoying her which was hanging out over the bar bit on the seat….I’ll never forget the sound which accompanied this blueish halo like a gentle whispered WHOOMP sound…mad panic ensues as the poor girl is flapping & screaming….the tough wans go all red alert panicking trying to put her out & apologising at the same time “sorridy sorridy sorridy etc.”

    one of the funniest things I ever saw

  6. david

    And you are not allowed to bring your pet on board a flight
    We love our little man so much when we travel we have to resort to the ferries and after realising as the ferry sails all the car alarms go off with the motion ,so we just holiday at home now
    To actually bring your dog on board would be more hygienic than the pigs on that flight
    Even if the dog peer on every seat
    What a vile bunch of humans

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