A Limerick A Day


Irish Water propose to pump 300 million litres of water daily from the River Shannon at Parteen Basin (above) to meet the future water demands of the Greater Dublin area

Irish Water have said that it’s best
That they build a big pipe to the west
It’s worth it, they think
To let Dublin drink
But the locals are far from impressed

John Moynes

Graph: Irish Water

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9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. david

      And 40%of it will leak through the pipes
      Even more reason why a referendum must enshrine water in our constitution as belonging to the people
      We need many pipes and pumping stations to pump water to purification stations then onto ships to be exported
      In years to come even European nations like France Spain and others will face droughts ,and we could make a killing selling them what they need
      Water will be the new oil and we have copious quantities that if harvested will prevent flooding in years to come and a major export income for our country, which is the reason Irish water can never be allowed to get its hands on it

  1. Nigel

    A H, two, O, four, five
    Drain the basin and pump it down the rusty pipe
    And all the ways to Dublin, whack, follol de-dah

  2. Cian

    300 million litres per day = ~3.5 cubic meters per second.
    In the picture above, it says there is an (average) combined flow of 180 cubic meters per second.

    So the proposed pipe is 1.9% of the current flow….

    1. 7ollie

      dont take “our” water. where’s my free fodder? keep your water and Dublin will keep it’s income to spend in Dublin.

      1. Hieronymus Tosh

        And its these statements that ensures Dublin such an endearing place in the heart of the nation

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    Utter nonsense. The thought of commencing this unnecessary and extremely costly project without first attending to ALL AND EVERY leakage problem is a farce. I believe that this is a ploy to secure EU structural funds to keep this disgraceful entity afloat, and secure plenty of lucrative contracts for “the right people”. DISGRACEFUL.

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