Coming Together


Tomorrow at 10am.

In Cork city.

At St Peter’s Church on North Main Street.

Together For Yes will hold a media event – a month ahead of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment on May 25, 2018.

Those speaking at the event will include Orla O’Connor, Co-Director of Together For Yes; musician John Spillane, broadcaster and journalist, who will be MC, Joe O’Shea; and GP Mary Favier, of Doctors Together For Yes.


In Sligo

On Thursday, at 8pm.

There will be a public meeting in the Glasshouse Hotel during which Galway Independent TD Catherine Connolly and Ulster University’s Dr Fiona Bloomer will talk about abortion, the workplace and why a Yes vote on May 25 is “vital to protect the health and lives of women and girls living in Ireland”.

Pat Fallon, of the trade union IMPACT, will preside over the event while other local trade union activists will also address those present.

Thanks Sarah Clarkin and Therese Caherty

8 thoughts on “Coming Together

  1. TheQ47

    Pat Fallon is from the trade union, Fórsa, the new amalgamated public service trade union, comprising of IMPACT, CPSU & PSEU.

  2. Sentient Won

    In the USA Abortion providers have been found to be trading the body parts of aborted fetuses for profit. A congressional committee looking into the matter has written to the Department of Justice and the FBI recommending criminal investigation.

    Is this the type of business we’re all supposed to be ‘Together for Yes’?

    I don’t seen any see any provision in the so-called General Scheme of a Bill… to prohibit this ghoulish trade.

  3. filly buster

    together for yes are the only ones actually doing anything. the repeal black jumper brigade just hold talks for each other in trendy dublin bars where they can all slap each others backs, but doesnt change anything, because theyre preaching to the converted.

    together for yes are the only ones to hold talks in areas where they can actually reach no voters and possibly turn them to yes’s. the repeal jumpers mustve turned around some serious cash.. but where is that cash? what did it get spent on? and what do the jumpers do? they only create deeper division. they even look like a swat team uniform.

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