55 thoughts on “No Surrender

  1. missred

    These lot are like the well-known lot who are voting No – whatever they do, ye do the opposite.

  2. Ian O Keefe

    Let’s move the border to within the 6 counties. We’ll take Derry, Fermanagh and Tyrone back…for now.

  3. Scundered

    The sad thing is that most people voting for them wanted to stay in European union and want gay marriage etc, but are forced into voting for them if they want a unionist party to win come election day, the system is very mixed up, there is no viable alternative for people who wish to remain part of UK. Fear wins every time.

    1. Bern

      Like the way I voted for Fine Gael to prevent the Shinners getting in.
      Now I feel like an eejit and still don’t know who to vote for.

      1. RuilleBuille

        Leo and FG are love bombing the Shinners in the Dail at the moment preparing for the next government if the numbers fall right.

  4. Jimmey_russell

    brexit was RACIST!!!! a bigoted mob hijacked democracy away from the people, the EU needs to force a second referendum on britain democracy must be restored by giving the people the chance to make the right decision this time.

    1. david

      Yep democracy in the making sums it up
      The forth Reich
      Remember the third and lets force our Nazi views on others
      So their you go force another referendum on a sovereign nation

  5. SOQ

    Not sure what they think there is to ‘surrender’ because unlike the tories they don’t have a strong view on whether the UK remains in the CU or not. They are petrified that NI will remain in CU and Britain leaves however because that to them signals the beginning of the end, especially as NI will have a Catholic majority with 5 years or so.

    1. rotide

      They didn’t mention surrender, broadsheet did.

      Also, that catholic majority thing. I’ve been hearing that since i was a young lad, but it always remains 5 or 10 years away. Is there any numbers showing it?

    2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      not sure majority makes a difference when dealing with a minority elitist food chain

        1. SOQ

          Yes well, old skool tribalism still props each other up in the north. A bit like FF and FG in the south.

    3. Truth in the News

      The Nationalist’s have crossed the majority threshold and will have gone past the early 53% level by
      2021 Census, and by the 2031 they will have passed 60% level,….and within the year the DUP
      will self destruct Madame May, as she is stuck with saving her own country’s access to the European
      market, to do this she has to forget about the DUP and their border mentality…..the Europeans could
      not care less about Sammy Wilson either with his clothes on or off, and Arlene may have to pack her bags
      which would be blunder, but she has already blundered, should realize it’s not Craig, Andrews
      or Brookeborough that are now are the boss, it’s the sons and daughters of those they discriminated against
      for almost 60 years.

  6. david

    Actually paisley served his people well and that’s what representatives are elected for
    When one resorts to the bomb and bullet they have lost all credibility and hint of democracy
    Paisley paid the price of what he was part of achieving as in the GFA and that’s when my respect for him started
    He was a great man

      1. david

        Are you a child
        Evidently your knowledge about Ireland pre GFA and post put you in the ignorant band

    1. Listrade

      I think this just proves that this is one massive trolling exercise. Every single post takes a deliberately inflammatory position to wind us up.

      1. rotide

        Listrade, you are clearly being anti-semitic or you hate Arsenal. Or Liverpool. Or any of the football clubs that david’s da used to take him to.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          david’s father abandoned him mere weeks before he was conceived

          you’re an insensitive brute, rotide

          1. rotide

            Janet, there’s satellites in orbit that are lower than some of things that go over Jussayins head

    2. Iwerzon

      “When one resorts to the bomb and bullet they have lost all credibility and hint of democracy”
      I hope you include the RUC, UDR/UDA which Arlenes Da was in and other ‘security forces’ which were state sponsored unionist militias. Paisley marched these groups to the top of the hill and banged the sectarian drum rallying working class protestants to do the dirty work of their middle class overlords.

      1. SOQ

        What gets me is this constant media narrative that we need to be ‘sensitive’ to unionist concerns. They are not very sensitive when they tramp around mixed areas sticking up paramilitary flags in the run up to the 12th now are they?

        The 50/50 religious mark will be a huge boost to all those who view Irish unity as a good thing and while some Catholics are unionist; an increasing number of young middle class Protestants are looking towards ROI as a place that reflects their values.

    3. Scundered

      His sister was my school teacher, I grew up within his stronghold, he actually done a lot for catholics in the area, not that the media ever reported on that, only interested in the darker stories.

      1. SOQ

        Yes he did. His failure was to understand his power of persuasion and how his words inspired those of less principle. We now have a situation where outside England; South Armagh is the most Thatcherite part of both Ireland and Britain.

  7. Bernie

    +1 SOQ. The 11th night and 12th fleg arseholery is so played out now, same crap, different year.

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