Trip Of A Life


Sophie Merry writes:

These absolute chancers deserve a post. A couple Crowdfunding 10k to come over on a nice holiday and stay in a massive air bnb to spread their US anti choice message…

Send Us To Keep Ireland Pro-Life (GoFundMe)



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22 thoughts on “Trip Of A Life

  1. DaithiG

    That gives me an idea.

    GoFundMe to raise money from US evangelicals so i can get a superb holiday to go home, and i can vote to repeal and pish the rest of the money away in the pub.

    All drinks on me. We use coathanger wire to make the cocktail umbrellas.

  2. ReproBertie (SCU)

    “Send us to Keep Ireland Pro Life”

    They’re like Pro Life Team America. A pair of fundy super heroes coming to save us from democracy.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    “We are feeling called to do something to prevent this from happening in Ireland. That is why our pro-life organization, Let Them Live, is organizing a party of 10 Americans to travel to Ireland and directly appeal to Irish voters to protect the 8th… We are confident that we can help organize an effective movement to mobilize the Irish pro-life community and #SaveThe8th,”

    would the pro-life movement not find this all a bit patronising and insulting?

    1. rotide

      I doubt this has anything to do with the pro life movement here, just some american chancers making cheese from guillible US conservatives.

      Give it time and there’ll be some tumblr/twitter/medium outrage junkie doing the same for the pro choice crowd

      1. Brother Barnabas

        no, i mean they be offended at suggestion that 10 American college kids are rolling in to sort things out for them

  4. realPolithicks

    People who donate to this fall into the “there’s a sucker born every minute” category.

  5. Murtles

    We’ve enough lunatic god botherers here already Yank, we don’t need ye. Why not pop over to Syria and help kids there.

  6. :-Joe

    AFAIK… Airbnb does not condone the hosts using it’s service to promote politically motivated campaigns.

    I think they removed listings related to the alt-right movement planning demostrations in charlottesville recently because they didnt want to be associated with potential hate groups as reported to them by complaints from the public.

    IDK… maybe nobody here is making any complaints to Airbnb…

    Ahem, hint, hint, wink, wink…whistle and a nod.


  7. Michelle Rogers

    These people likely do not understand that they will be a boost for the pro-choice majority here in Ireland!

    Their kind of extremist, doolally “We’ll pray for you” and “Jesus loves you” ideology is foreign here in Ireland, where sensible compromise, compassion and caring are more the order of the day.

    They likely have no idea that they will actually embarrass the pro-life movement here, who try not to appear too extremist and, especially, religious in their public pronouncements. That kind of thing doesn’t go down well in Ireland, after years of control, child sex abuse and imprisoning of pregnant women in Magdalene Laundries by the Catholic Church.

    1. Liam Dunne

      Hi Michelle,
      I do think that any attempt to use religion in an argument will fail.
      That has been true in Ireland for a very long time.
      The 1983 vote was a sympathetic feeling for a helpless creature.

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