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      1. CoderNerd

        Destruction of evidence while being investigated. Cover up of medical negligence involving death of women. Promising that the nmh would operate free from influence of religious order.

        1. Spud

          Ah, thought you meant the journos!
          Totally agree, but doubt it’ll happen.
          Any other country it would no doubt…

  1. SOQ

    So, Brexit now means not only remaining in the customs union but also same or similar freedom of movement.

    What does Brexit mean again?

    1. John f

      The more I look at things the more I think it’s an absolute stitch up. Thersa May campaigned for the remain side in the BREXIT referendum. When appointed Prime Minister one of her first actions was to call a totally unnecessary election that left the British government without a parliamentary majority and greatly weakened. I am not against the idea of BREXIT and understand the valid issues that drove it.
      I think this country has made a big mistake being so pro-team EU. Sure we are all popular at the moment because the EU can use us as a stick to beat the British with but the second we are no longer useful it will be back to business as usual.
      Remember how they treated us during the banking bailout, how the ECB forced us to pay unsecured bondholders and privatise lucrative state assets? That’s the car we have hitched our wagon on to.

      1. Nigel

        What are we supposed to do exactly? The UK didn’t give the repercussions of Brexit in the North or the Republic a moment’s thought until more or less forced to. That’s as much regard they showed for us. You think we should turn down EU support and backing in the hope that the UK…what, remembers we exist unprompted?

      2. ReproBertie (SCU)

        We’re not being used as a stick to beat the Brits. We’re using our membership o the EU to protect the cross border trade and industry that is an integral part of our economy. Sasamach has been climb down after climb down after climb down by the British Taoiseach and her inept cabinet. They’re playing it as the EU punishing them but it’s purely their own lack of foresight and incompetence that has them the laughing stock of Europe.

      3. SOQ

        Yes but the real problem is the lack of planning or even ideas on the British side. The did not consider the legal implications of the GFA and as yet, have made no workable customs border proposals. I have said this before but the people border must go in the Irish sea because unless they attempt to seal all unapproved roads again, there is no alternative.

        The movement of people will be a lot harder to police than goods after all. As though it didn’t have enough problems without an influx of young male foreigners with a chip on their shoulder, what is likely is a Calais type situation in Belfast.

      4. david

        been saying this for ages
        And finally someone who agrees with me
        Watch out for the attacks on your grammar,the remarks that you should leave the country if you are not happy ,then you are thick., you know nothing
        Its the Brits fault
        Sure they even name the British PM the British teashock and sachanach or some Gaelic new make up phrase for brexit
        Then watch out you will have all your posts moderated and delayed in posting
        You will be in the naughty step

        1. SOQ

          Although the idea of politically motivated religious extremists colonising the cheapest parts of Belfast, mainly east Belfast, does have its own ironic attractions.

      5. Alors

        So it’s a big stitch-up that will leave Britain inside the customs union and subject to EU rules but with no votes or decisionmaking powers? What a triumph! How we must envy them! Heh!

      6. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        We were asked not to do the bank guarantee, we did, we paid the consequences. Our banks lied to our government and our government lied to us and everyone else. At every step of the bubble to burst we were the principal authors.

      7. JackM

        Cowan folded like a old newspaper to the ECB in panic and panic it was at the time, it showed up the incompetence and lack of education skills needed for the 21st Century. Ireland is a far better place than it was when I grew up in the 1970’s . I prefer to be in the EU club than back with the English shouting the odds.

    2. david

      NO FAkE NEWS
      brexit means UK out and depending on how nasty Europe gets Ireland future depends
      We have no government capable of leading us
      Meanwhile boy Harris is on the telly instead of getting his hands dirty getting to the bottom of the latest cock up

  2. Frilly Keane

    Dunno ’bout ye
    And I’ve had a drink
    So ya know

    I think those tapes being destroyed (INM lark btw)
    Is a whole new hape of stuff that rhymes with writ

    1. SOQ

      It would not be difficult to replicate what was on those tapes. It is just the current full backup minus everything from the tape dates. Although I have never heard of a business deleting emails before. Commitments made via email have a habit of popping up again, especially in courtrooms and can cost a lot of money.

  3. Catherine costelloe

    This Republic is known for many years abroad whereby represatives are known to be untruthful/ liars, but rolled out as ” professionals”. Not politically correct to call it but as citizens be aware justice dept is an insult and HSE isn’t too far behind.
    If the headline you refer to is Dinny , Irish water will never be privatised. Otherwise he can do as he likes, when he likes. We , however have choice. Don’t buy Indo and turn to off propaganda button.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Hence the gift of advertising revenue (disguised as editorial) that FG endowed on it. One way or another FG finds a route to add flavor the round chocolate sweet

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Peculiar that INMs housekeeping suddenly coincides with the investigation into them. But I think I read a few weeks ago that these tapes were copied by the Welsh company, in Wales (as their man on site in Dublin wasn’t getting much assistance by INM staff the tapes were moved),then returned quickly to Dublin.

    And yet there are ‘journalists’ still prepared to work in INM?

  5. david

    This must be the SCUnit blogging facility
    Not one comment about the victims of smear tests
    Tony O’Brien must be removed from the HSE from immediate effect pending a garda investigation
    Boy Harris must also be removed for his incompetence
    Wakey wakey boy Harris peoples lives are at risk
    This is not a PR exercise
    This is not a drill
    This is life and death and you are in charge

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      This is solely the responsibility of those in charge of the smear tests, they choose not to share the new information, it is their heads that should role.

  6. Ron

    We are at a crossroads. The cancer scandal, the destruction of INM tapes, the collusion to destroy an innocent Garda whistleblower, the NMH now saying their religious ethos will apply to the board. If we do the usual Irish thing and look the other way with the I’m alright Jack’ mentality then we have lost the right to ever challenge the state. I’m asking a serious question but what will it take for the people of Irelabd to go out on the streets like other countries and mass protest until the degenerates that supposedly represent us go. The cancer scandal whatever way you look at it amounts to State sponsored manslaughter. What needs to happen in this country that hasn’t happened already to make people finally say enough is enough?

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Dunno. A huge cut in farming grants? Halving of Childrens Allowance and all other State benefits? An embargo on Prosecco, gin and avocados? I throw me hat at it. I have long advocated marching on Leinster House, (when there’s at least a few of them in there), and dragging these bums out into the street and telling them to sling their hooks – but I’m just a silly old sod. We have had the full range of unbearable scandal and insults, so the answer is: There is nothing so eggregious that ‘the Great and The Good’ can do in this country that we meek, craven mice won’t tolerate.

      1. Ron

        I don’t like to admit it, but I think you are right. So what does that say about us as a collective nation of citizens?

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Ah, Ron, I’m sorry I was so negative – it’s just sometimes the anger boils over. I’m 67 years old and still waiting to live in a Republic. The answer is we keep fighting – to paraphrase the late Tony Benn “there is no victory, there is no defeat, there is only the same battle to be fought over and over again – So toughen up, bloody toughen up!” I loved that guy. If the opposition won’t /can’t hold Government to account then it’s up to us, the citizenry. Constitutional reform? Let’s revert to the 1922 Constitution which was for the people and contained the ‘Citizens Initiative’ – sneakily gutted by De Valera and his mob when they gained power and produced the 1937 Constitution which doesn’t actually accord any rights, unless you are part of the elite.

          1. Sheik Yahbouti

            Sorry Ron. To actually answer your question: A shower of cowardly selfish bums who don’t give a damn about anyone other than ourselves? it’s for better than me to Judge. :-D

          2. Lilly

            I loved Tony Benn too. We’ve never had his ilk in (southern) Irish politics, not in my memory anyway.

      2. Bull Duggan

        The Irish are docile and pliable.
        And the EU’s useful idiot.
        Barnier’s lapdogs will be out doing his bidding this week when he visits Ireland to give Varadkar his sealed instructions from Jean-Claude Juncker.
        Michael Collins will be turning in his grave although De Valera, the first person in to the German Embassy in Dublin to sign Hitler’s Book of Condolences, would relish the chance to suck up to Brussels if he was alive.

    2. realPolithicks

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Ireland is an extraordinarily corrupt country and always has been. You get scandal after scandal for which nobody is ever held accountable and the Irish people just shrug their shoulders and look the other way.

    3. Martco

      I listened to RTÉ’s This Week earlier. I usually don’t as it just makes me angry for the rest of my only day off. and of course it has, again.

      One of main items covered was the revealing analysis of the State’s own legal papers outlining what they were about to do to Vicky Phelan if she’d tried to challenged them…by “them” I think I mean US….I ask myself how is this possible? How come “The State” i.e. Ireland, us? gets to set out to drive Vicky Phelan & her family into the ground if she’d have the temerity to challenge us?

      It’s evil, abhorrent. I don’t know a single man woman or child who would set out to deny Vicky Phelan & her family justice. For my own good.

      But yet “The State” gets to do this? but who are they, us? “The State” is a construct representative of us, right? but I’m really confused. It certainly doesn’t sound to me that “The State” is doing something that protects me here. Or you if you’re reading this. Or Vicky Phelan & her family.

      Can anyone help me understand what “The State” is, how it relates to us the people/citizens of Ireland & assuming it represents us how being ready to destroy its represented peoples is somehow favourable to us in any way?

      If it was a computer “The State” would present a danger, risk & you’d move to decommission it asap, no?

      Can anyone help me understand better please?

      1. david

        Noonan also did this to hepatitis C victims
        And the victims of the magdelaine laundries by this government
        The minister for children Catherine zaponne stating the babies in team will not get separate burials
        This government I toxic and varadka has no compassion for the weak or defenceless
        I will say it again with varadka its incompatible to his culture and psyche
        Meanwhile our country is being raped and asset stripped

      2. CoderNerd

        Parish pump politics means people vote in these sillies who then behave in this manner, without repercussion from their base. The fault lies squarely at the feet of voters.
        Case in point: Lowry.

        1. Martco

          but TD’s aside for a minute….

          there’s this construct that keeps coming up in our everyday language called “The State”

          I think it’s multiple departments defined by scope, each one a hierarchically arranged bunch of administrators, techs, law (& PR of course :) ) civil servants…who are flesh & bone people with families & needs/dreams/occasional emergencies just like me or you or the Phelan family….as opposed to computers or some factory floor equipment…all topped off by some elected TD minister installed by luck/chance/whatever you’re having yourself reason to direct it….direct it to implement the will of the people, act in the interests of the people past, present & future that make up the citizens of this state we live in.

          Or have I got this completely wrong?

          I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m asking the internet a straight simple question.

          If this be true the logic surely is that we did this to Mrs Phelan & her family. We are responsible. And if we give a sht we have to remove this broken construct & replace it with something that does what it’s supposed to do.

          1. CoderNerd

            I believe these people think they’re doing the right thing.
            People can convince themselves of all sorts so that they’re right.
            The disclosures tribunal has revealed something incredibly rotten within Dept. of Justice, where they view a lot of the left as enemies. Withholding files and all sorts of carry on with the garda commissioners “for the good of the state”.

            Public scandal involving the dept somehow equals damage to the state and must be silenced. We need root and branch reform and that has to come from the public.

            Look at the NMH and the public outcry changing the situation. People power in action. If it turns out that religious ethos will have an influence on procedures carried out then the public must demand Harris’ resignation and hold politicians to account.

            Excuse the rant. I am utterly disillusioned with the whole thing at this stage.

          2. Sheik Yahbouti

            You are perfectly correct, Martco, the State does view its own citizens as ‘the enemy’, for as long as I can remember. It’s a sort of Bunker mentality. People who try to point this out, however, are dismissed as ‘loony lefties’ who ‘want everything for nothing ‘. This State and the way it functions is long overdue for overhaul. A development of the Citizens Assembly might help, provided they receive meaningful questions to ponder. In the meantime I’m sick of “you voted them in so it’s your fault”. No I didn’t, and no it isn’t. Were we to adopt the Right of Recall in the 1922 Constitution we could curb our representatives who were elected on lies, instead of leaving them to snigger up their sleeves at us before they bail out with their pensions.

          3. Martco

            why can’t we construct a new constitution then, one that’s current & fit for purpose?
            does that require intervention by force?
            straight question, in your opinion Sheik?

          4. Sheik Yahbouti

            There’s no reason why we can’t, and the Citizens Assembly could be the way to go. How to obtain it? Either a MASSIVE petition to the Government – or armed insurrection – it’s up to them what they prefer, but we CAN’T continue this way.

          5. Cian

            @Sheik: if we had the right to call a referendum on collecting 50,000 signatures – what you propose as the first few referendum (yes/no) questions?
            What exactly do you want added/removed from the Constitution?

        2. david

          The EU is one big parish pumps politics
          Germany parish pump
          France parish pump
          Ireland parish pump
          UK ex parish pump politics from the future onwards
          The whole world uses parish pump politics
          What we are talking about is out and out corruption.
          And we have no government.

          Just KAPOs a word that describes the Jews who kept the Jews in line from ghetto to cattle train to concentration camp ,to gas chamber
          The KAPO was of course the last one in who closed the door with the rather confused look on his face which was I did my job I thought I was exempt

          Its time we woke up because brexit is going to ruin us and we must have plan B in place, our little Leo verruca and his Ireland’s got talent cabinet are like lambs to the slaughter and we will be the ones paying the price.

      3. david

        I would say its about legal action.
        They shut everything down refuse to accept liability then as the legal process starts all hurdles put in the way no matter how inhuman or wrong
        Then its a case of settling in court
        Sadly its not those who do the wrong that pay its us
        And all remain faceless and their reputations intact
        The savita case was a prime example
        Those doctors who treated her
        Withheld life saving treatment using the legal definition to the extreme callous and frankly a stain on the medical profession
        Then hiding behind an argument in law about what defined death
        And where are these doctors now?
        Faceless and free to do the same with another unfortunate victim
        And look at the result
        If savita was given the life saving treatment we would not be where we are at the moment
        A divided country out and out hatred and possible either abortion on demand or other savita’s facing the same future

        1. Nigel

          Yes they were legally constrained from acting by the 8th which is why we need to get rid of the 8th because it caused all the terrible things you describe.

          1. david

            There was not
            Those doctors could of saved savita’s life but did not
            I would say if they would of acted no legal case would of been won, or taken by the state
            But its all hypothetical as they allowed her to die
            Which was hiding and an excuse
            Ever wonder if those doctors are still working in a hospital in this country?

          2. mildred st. meadowlark


            The journal have a very good article on how the 8th amendment and how it pertains to Savita’s death. It goes into the factors which influenced her death and to what extent, and how the 8th amendment fits into it.

            Keep an open mind reading it, because – like most things with abortion – there is no clear cut answer. I found it very informative and well written.

          3. Nigel

            Either the 8th was the cause or the 8th provided cover for those who caused it either way gotta go.

          4. mildred st. meadowlark

            The 8th absolutely affected how the medical staff approached her treatment.

            It was never as simple as denying her an abortion because “this is a Catholic country.” (I feel so sorry for the woman who uttered those words.)

            It was a host of factors which caused Savita’s death; the 8th is just one of them – although by far the most far-reaching and problematic of them.

          5. SOQ

            But Mildred was she not right? As far as women’s health care goes, it is a Catholic country, it really is that extreme.

            To his credit, the 8th probably wouldn’t even be up for consideration if it wasn’t for Leo and equal marriage was a Labour initiate. I mean, just look at the school system?

            Any changes so far have been bottom up because the people are way ahead of official Ireland. The further up the social classes you go, the more aligned it is to the church. How does Iona get so much air time?

    4. david

      One of my reasons for saying no to repeal the eight
      We cannot trust this government to do one thing properly from health care to housing to ensuring fair play and people are not ripped off
      Scandal after scandal after scandal
      I have born nothing but insults on my posts which are based on fact
      We have brexit that’s heading to a disaster thousands of kids homeless
      We have a massive crises
      We see the response of boy Harris which reeks of bury this
      Tony O’Brien should be arrested over this latest scandal as he was the one who gave the contract to the company that cocked up. We need to know was his palm greased by cash,
      Its been years, and the HSE knew about these wrong results and they sat on it. Was it under order by O’brien
      Was the delay in informing these victims due to he wanted to scraper into retirement with his pension before the shit hit the fan
      Serious questions must be asked and its criminal investigation with all involved no longer hiding behind being anonymous and protected by the state
      And it must be treated as a criminal investigation,The HSE must be disbanded and all management sacked not laid off or transferred or pensioned SACKED
      Those identified directly responsible jailed
      Time boy Harris is gone
      Mick martins duty is to ensure another farce like Fitzgerald O’Sullivan shatter callings is not repeated
      By Tuesday these heads must be on a plate

      1. Nigel

        I love how shoddy health treatment of women leading to death is now another reason for retaining something that ensures shoddy health treatments for women and has lead to death. It’s almost as if you don’t actually give a damn about women receiving shoddy health treatment leading to deaths.

      2. Frilly Keane

        Before you start making yourself out’ta be a martyr there david with yer born nothing but insults tripe

        You should take yerself back to that Priorities thread from earlier in the week there and clean up your own insults

        Unless you’ve already obliged with a retraction and apology, n’ stuff
        Have ya?

        1. david

          I am not making myself out to be a martyr.
          Those were not insults and where’s your grammar you are very keen to point out
          You cannot even state one fact that disproves what I say
          Maybe you are in little Leo verruca’s SCUnit blogging at taxpayers expense
          Those so called insults directed at O’Brien who has a hell of a lot to answer regarding smear tests
          Harris who like some young child toys at health as people die and varadka and his team whose negligence effects us all ,have to answer for their incompetence
          Ireland has no room for these individuals and I expect more from those who serve the Irish nation
          To be honest removing pieces of our constitution and handing it to them with their form is suicidal and a thing our country will regret for many decades

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Climb down off your high horse there and stem the ranting for five minutes.

            You’re every bit as bad for insulting and name calling fellow commenters here. At least have a bit of self respect and own up to it.

            If you want a respectful debate, then stop acting like a child. It’s pretty simple, no? If you can’t be civil, why would anyone be civil in response?

      3. ReproBertie (SCU)

        So now Sasamach and the homeless crisis are reasons to vote against Repeal. More “throw enough muck” nonsense from the anti-women, No mob’s chief of whataboutery.

        1. david

          Bertie game to the end
          Lets put it this way
          I do not trust this government so I will not trust them to do what is right if we remove one piece more of our constitution
          Unless they print exactly what laws are to be introduced I will vote no
          If the print abortion on demand I will vote no
          If they print FFA I will vote yes
          If they print if giving birth to a baby will endanger the mental health of the mother I will vote yes
          Not too hard to follow Bertie is it
          Sadly the repeal mob have created a monster that many citizens will on the day say no
          Thanks to the citizens assembly this became like gay Byrnes there is one for everyone in the audience

          1. ReproBertie (SCU)

            The proposed law has been published. That is what the government intend to replace it with. Now you’ll say that can be amended in the Dáil debates, which is true, but if you accept that then, knowing that the 8th needs to be repealed before legislation can be debated then you have to accept that your demand is impossible and you repeat it purely as a nonsense.

        2. david

          Do you actually read
          I clearly state I do not trust this government to do anything right
          These things I point out like homelessness brexit smear tests scandals after scandals are REASONS why I do not trust them
          Repeal is to repeal a segment of our constitution and my vote is the only thing I can do to try and stop them making another cock up of our future generations who will be paying for all this incompetence years after we are all dead

          1. Nigel

            The existence of the 8th IS the cock-up. Repealing it is one less thing wrong with this country.

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Yeah, I read the bit where you said you’d vote No unless they told us what was coming next and responded to show you why that was just empty nonsense from someone who is happy to vote for more women to die.

            Nothing has changed your position and nothing will. You will throw every sort of distraction and impossible demand into the conversation to try and confuse the issue in the hopes of dissuading people from seeing what this issue is actually about.

            And what’s that? It’s about removing bad law from our constitution. It’s that simple.

            Nothing to do with Sasamach, travellers, the EU, the smear test scandal, the nazis, moving statues, Tulsa, the banks, Irish water, the HSE bullying pregnant women, Israel or whatever other garbage you want to throw at it.

  7. Ron

    I agree with everything said above. So why aren’t we out on the streets in mass protests? Whats stopping us?

    1. CoderNerd

      Some people want to protest, but don’t want to protest alongside the likes of Sinn Fein or Ming or pinko lefties etc….


      Others just don’t care. Ask your friends about current political stories and see how many even know about what is going on.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        So it’s basic social fragmentation and lack of any solidarity whatever? Sounds about right.

      2. david

        I remember going on a protest against water charges
        When I got to merrion square and listened to the Muppets making political gain out of it I just went home
        Imthought what a missed opportunity
        I said to my pal Michael
        This is achieving nothing, but if the people attending would of included people in suits and the professional workers we might just see some change
        For the life of me I cannot entertain a party like Sinn feinn who cannot even apologise to the victims of their blood letting
        Even though all others did
        And for them to sit in our dail is obscene
        Sadly for Ireland no option has emerged to lead us
        Just the murders of the past Sinn feinn
        The cannot pay will not pay people before prophet
        The bunch that landed us in the bust fianna fail
        And the ones that sold us off the KAPOs whose lust for power was insatiable
        Fine Gael the new independents labour
        I think we need a Donald trump to drain our rancid swamp

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            you know nidgel
            It’s been a terriffic weekend and the
            sun actually shone for
            a few hous there
            and as I said to my freind fat sally
            I’m only roasting
            shall we have a drink
            and of course she said yars
            I’m wondering if anyone will even.bother to read mu incomprehensible nonsense
            but if they do I hope
            theyvare ENRAGED
            so I cam have my opportunity to
            pretend to be mortally offended
            would you like to konw a secret?
            I don’t own any matchig socks
            no sir I do not
            and if you were to offer me. pair I would likely slap you in the face
            with at least one
            but most likely both of them

            I bid you a good day sir

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Funny story. She’s not actually fat. Or called sally for that matter. She is a marvellous dancer and is married to a nice Swedish man called Ville.

    2. david

      WEare Irish
      When the editor of vanity fair did an article on the bust after visiting us,when Ireland had to get I the IMF and troika
      The editor wrote that there was a sort of eerie atmosphere in Ireland
      The editor quoted I other countries you would of got riots, but the Irish just soaked it up and became very bitter
      I suppose its like the famine
      I remember looking at news articles from correspondents of the English media at the time wondering why no riots one actually stated that if the famine would of been in India the Indians would of revolted
      But we as a nation soak it up and people are too worried that they might loose their home if they do not play ball as all around them loose theirs
      Maybe people need to read these reports at the time and actually you see a very familiar pattern in the Irish psyche
      I suppose people just do not know what to do and its as long as I am ok we will weather this
      Sadly our country is being raped and the next crash will be devastating as nothing is left
      It will be like what the Greeks got

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        “Our country is being raped.”
        You do love your dramatic statements. How is our country being raped?

  8. Sheik Yahbouti

    BREAKING NEWS – The Sheik today indicated willingness to take up the office of Benign Dictator – by popular acclaim, of course :-D

    1. ReproBertie (SCU)

      On a thread with a newspaper highlighting another Sasamach climbdown we have people lauding Trump and calling for us to be less pro-EU.

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          Never forget that it is in Britain’s interests to make the EU look weak and to turn Ireland against the EU. They have no strong bargaining position as long as Ireland is committed to the EU. Hence their desperation, disappointment and disbelief that we won’t just do their bidding like a good little colony.

        2. Sheik Yahbouti

          I don’t hate Ireland, I love it – that’s why I want to make it fairer, more hopeful, more decent and better all around – and I don’t believe the bunch of Tories we have in charge are the people to do that.

    2. david

      Not Ireland haters
      The government haters
      For the government has destroyed Ireland future and has stood back as all and sundry have raped us
      The next five generations will be paying for the mistakes and incompetence this lot have done
      I love my country with passion but hate what these individuals have done
      The latest now is the smear tests and the extent this government were prepared to go to ruin this woman who now is dying with cancer

        1. david

          a figure of speech
          Used in the context
          You found your insurance doubled
          You feel either robbed or raped

  9. Lilly

    Which are bigger chancers, medics or politicians? They make used car salesmen look like Mormons.

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