8 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. ReproBertie (SCU)

    British Taoiseach’s party of incompetents turning on her for facing up to reality. Another day, another Sasamach shambles from the people who want to leave the EU without any of the consequences of leaving the EU.

    1. SOQ

      Within international business circles, the English had a reputation of being competent project managers which is pretty much shot at this stage.

      1. dylaad

        International business circles? Really? How are you getting this information from your the desk at the call centre?

        1. david

          They always did
          They did have an empire and lets face it a small country ruling half the world
          There was life before the EU and there will be life after it

      2. TheRealJane

        Well, their strategy with brexit appears to be brilliantly managed, so if it is their reputation, it’s richly deserved.

        Having annoyed the EU and the Commonwealth, where are they planning to get preferential trade deals?

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