Simon’s Memo


Minister for Health Simon Harris

This evening.

At around 6pm.

The Minister for Health Simon Harris is expected to make a statement and answers questions in the Dáil about the CervicalCheck scandal.

He’s also expected to outline what kind of inquiry will take place into the matter.

Vicky Phelan has also tweeted that she has given her approval for the three-page memo which Mr Harris received about her case on April 16 – three days before Ms Phelan had a full day’s hearing in the High Court – to be made public this evening.


The Vicky Phelan memo

Leaders’ Questions will begin the Dáil at 2pm and can be watched live here.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

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11 thoughts on “Simon’s Memo

      1. Ron

        You are correct. Nobody died due to inaction. It was in fact their actions that caused people to die.

          1. Ron

            I’d explain it to you, but I don’t have any crayons with me right now.. try harder..

      2. david

        Are you sure you are not a HSE or SCUnit worker?
        Inaction delayed her chance of early treatment
        Only on reading her patients notes did she cop on
        Then rather than be decent they had to pit her through an ordeal
        Just like Bridget mc caul

  1. filly buster

    Harris has always been the Minister of inaction. He talks a big game and delivers nothing. Like most of them, but he’s more convincing when he vows to resolve issues. This will be more of the same, just watch.

    1. Ron

      what do you expect from a 31 year old with very little experience who has been sitting in Sugar Candy Mountain since he was 24 years of age…. why does anybody think that he could be a competent minister for anything. He couldn’t even finish a 3rd level qualification but somehow it was decided that he is the most able candidate to lead a Health Ministry with the largest budget of any.

      I mean why are people genuinely expecting anything other then incompetence. incompetence breeds incompetence


    2. mildred st. meadowlark

      I actually thought that was Leo. Y’know before he became the cool edgelord we know and love today.

  2. david

    So Simon how many women to be retested?
    Will there be waiting lists?
    Judging your answers in the dail tonight you must go
    His replies were peppered with what I have done just like the usual excuses and platitudes and hats off to Mattie McGrath ,he certainly did not minced his words

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