Blanket Coverage


Yesterday evening.

Rotunda Hospital,  Parnell Square, Dublin 1

Pro choice campaigners block graphic banners from the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (ICBR). Both sides in the referendum campaign have condemned the graphic nature of ICBR protests outside hospitals.

Earlier: The Girl With The Red Balloon


124 thoughts on “Blanket Coverage

  1. SOQ

    What ever side you are on, let’s hear it for the poor garda in pic 3 going ‘WTF do I do now?’

    1. Bob

      I like pic 3 best because it is a meaningful counter protest.
      The others would do well to learn from that example and at least paint a slogan on that white sheet.

      (The dead foetus poster people would have to be as stupid as they look to not a second set of polls and extend their banner higher.)

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The lads holding the posters must have brought the one piece of hand luggage allowed.

  2. Sentient Won

    It’s a cover-up!

    Snowflakes in denial. Next there will be a communal meltdown and a demand for ‘safe space’. Who’s got the puppies?

    Free speech for mee! But not for thee!

    Whatever we do, let’s prevent a true discussion/depection of the realities of the profit-driven baby-killing machine.

    Do you reckon they all read Broadsheet where these uncomfortable truths have been ‘moderated’ for years?

    1. Alors

      Is it a discussion when you put deliberately graphic photos of foetuses, blown up huge, with inaccurate messages about the gestational age, outside a hospital where women are going in, many having experienced stillbirth or miscarriage? That doesn’t sound like discussion to me, it sounds like bullying.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        and when you’ve been respectfully asked by the hospital not to do it at its entrance, it’s just fupping rude

        1. Sentient Won

          Picture of babies outside a hospital.

          Triggered much?

          Found your safe space?

          1. Brother Barnabas

            i don’t need a safe space, thanks
            pictures don’t bother me.
            zero triggering going on

            but i do think people should show some respect and consideration for others. and if you’re explicitly told that something you’re doing is causing real upset and distress to others (and we’re not talking about women attending for abortions, we’re talking about women who’ve suffered miscarriages) and you carry on regardless, then you’re just an bottom h ole

          2. Sentient Won

            You’re definitely triggered Brother Barnabas.

            Have a puppy.

            Take the rest of the day off.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            actually, i am taking today off

            haven’t decided what i’ll do, though – but am veering towards being in the pub by 3.30pm at the latest

          4. Frill the 8th

            This is a Publicly Funded Health Care Facility
            The First dedicated Maternity Hospital in the World
            (The Coombe used to hold the distinction of being the largest)
            It caters for all wide range of needs

            from Fertility to Early Baby Units
            From Obstetrics to Gynie
            Rape Units and other emergency needs
            and general Womens Healthcare
            As well as being a teaching hospital

            Those Posters and the evil cruel people hosting them
            have very clear motives
            to intimidate patients
            and to bully Staff of the hospital

            There is nothing worthy or humane or charitable about their carryon

            So don’t go all Broadsheet is biased and censoring to taste with your uncontrollable bitter bile

            There are standards here
            and as a Broadsheeter
            of a bitta standing
            I will defend every single one of them

            Nobody around here is making those people stand outside the Rotunda and other locations
            Nobody around here is making you post here

            If you don’t like it
            don’t log in

            and whatever da’úck you do
            don’t go near todays FrillBit

            you’ll give yerself a stroke

          5. Jonjo

            Sentient Won, it seems to me like you’ve read some phrases on the Internet and think you can throw them around to win an argument when someone doesn’t agree with you. You’re using them completely out of context.

          6. Nigel

            You think expectant, recent or bereaved mothers (and fathers, and their children, and their friends and other relatives) should be ‘triggered?’

      2. mildred st. meadowlark

        I was speaking to a woman who works in the Rotunda the other day.

        She tells me they were screaming and attacking the pregnant women going in to the hospital, the staff, and visitors to the hospital.

        They are lower than low. They are harassing people and are an absolute menace. It’s disgusting carry on, and hypocrisy of the highest order when you consider that the majority of women in there are bringing new life into the world, just as they want.

          1. Listrade

            Don’t remember that one, but Pure and Simple was a decent enough tune for its time.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Ha! The video that made it look like they were doing fire farts.

          3. Joe cool

            Arent all the ibrc idiots wearing bodycams? If they are not vilifying people going into the hospitals then show us the footage

      3. Deli

        Bullying!!! Please you must be one of those people you cant look at with out using the Bully card.

      1. Sentient Won

        I see you aiming Listrade but at what I’m not sure.

        Commentary is not censorship. Unlike the snowflakes in this post (and on this board) who want to prevent those they disagree with having any kind of right to comment, protest, express themselves or disagree with the baby-murdering agenda.

        1. Frill the 8th

          that’s so 2016 of you

          you’re obviously not familiar with Broadsheet pre 2018
          you’ve a bitta updating to get on with first before you can start togging out with real Pro-Trolls

          1. Listrade

            Did I? Or did I just reference an example where you supported censorship? Or the bit where you caterwaul about frilly asking for you to be censored. Even though she didn’t.

            I dunno, it’s almost like you disgorge any old cliched crap that comes to mind without actually thinking about consistency of what you’re saying.

          2. Sentient Won


            I supported the Charities regulator doing his/her job.

            I object to offices funded by public money (like various ministers, various arts organisations, etc) taking a partisan position on a referendum IN DEFIANCE of the law as understood by the Supreme court.

            I point out the hypocrisy of the ‘Yes’ side causing a breach of the peace because people they don’t agree with are expressing their point of view in the public domain.

            I point of the hypocrisy of Broadsheet censoring debate on the No side while letting the Yes side hurl any manner of vile insult they like without consequence.

            I reject the Repealers insistence that they and only they have the right to define the terms of the debate.

            Abortion destroys human lives.

            Why trust people who profit from such destruction?

          3. Listrade

            Of course, you’re the reasonable one here.

            Never mind clutching at straws with “breach of the peace” to justify backing down on your belief in free speech. But I’m sure you don’t need a lesson in the point that those covering up the signs are also expressing free speech.

            Someone who has put so much thought into their position would understand that free speech allows for a rebuttal, allows for freedom of expression. It means they can put up a poster and others can cover it.

            And yeah, I see broadsheet censoring everything. Sure there isn’t any, I still see comments from those opposed to repeal, I still see their comments. Maybe you mean why don’t we have more “no” columnists?

            Who cares? Maybe you can also request more posts that are counter arguments to pizzagate or the deep state or how Trump might not be a super awesome guy playing 4D chess with a huge huge penis.

            Or maybe we just have to put up with posts that we disagree with because it’s an aggregate site curated by people we sometimes agree with and sometimes disagree with and they let us disagree and debate in comments.

            I’ve disagreed strongly with some posts and I’ve never been censored.

            Maybe quit the wounded soldier, Mr reasonable being censored by a shadowy cabal and stop posting inflammatory lies and bullshit. It might work out better for you then.

          4. Sentient Won

            “It means they can put up a poster and others can cover it.”

            That’s censorship.Are you in favour of ripping down poster too?

            “Maybe you mean why don’t we have more “no” columnists?”

            Is that the royal ‘we’? Are you a part of the editorial team here?

            “I’ve disagreed strongly with some posts and I’ve never been censored. ”

            Is that because you’re part of the editorial team? Or because you’ve never challenged the editorial agenda here? Are you in permanent moderation?

            Answer this question: Why trust people who destroy human lives for profit?

        2. mildred st. meadowlark

          But those of us who disagree with you are snowflakes, liars and have been brainwashed by Soros.

          You’re a joke, pet. Have a lie down.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I’ll send you a personalised memo when I do yeah.

            Didn’t know you cared xx

    2. gavin

      This is outside a maternity hostility…it shows just how sick in the head these people are and how little they consider how this affects others…there’s only one story an view point…theirs. Broken people

  3. newsjustin

    I thought those banners were the ones showing dead foetuses.

    Why is showing a healthy foetus wrong again? And why is covering it with a jumper supporting abortion of foetuses somehow better?

    1. kellma

      They are not “supporting abortion of foetuses”. They are supporting the repeal of a statute that affords equal rights to life of a person living and breathing on their own and a foetus that cannot sustain its own life. A statute that therefore makes it nigh impossible for doctors in this country to deliver adequate healthcare to pregnant women. A status that forces victims of rape and incest to either make the journey overseas or to drag themselves down to a garda station to parade themselves in front of a judge and jury and a few psychiatrists to see if they believe they were raped enough to justify intervention. Maybe there are a few women out there who are “mad for abortion on demand” and who would prefer to go through an invasive medical procedure like this, than take a contraceptive pill but for some reason, I would be reluctant to bet any of my own money on it.

      1. newsjustin

        It’s not about “abortion on demand”. It’s just a very simple fact that repeal of the 8th has one goal – to liberalise the abortion regime in Ireland. Repeal = access to more abortions in more cases. That’s not in doubt, surely?

        1. Brother Barnabas

          “It’s just a very simple fact that repeal of the 8th has one goal – to liberalise the abortion regime in Ireland”

          with respect, justin, that’s bizarrely hysterical and unfounded. surprised at you coming out with something like that.

        2. kellma

          I agree with you on both points. But why is that a bad thing? Whether access means higher rates also remains to be seen. Abortion is here already. Repeal the 8th means that we are not shipping it across the sea and in all likelihood causing the “real” crisis pregnancies. The 32-year-old financially secure woman who just doesn’t want a child will travel to the UK. She can. The 14-year-old rape victim or first generation immigrant working a minimum wage job can’t make that choice so readily. Should we continue to force them to carry pregnancies? It is about bodily autonomy.

          1. newsjustin

            I understand you’re pro choice point of view. But go back to the start of this conversation. I simply asked why it was better to display a slogan supporting abortion of foetuses versus a picture of a healthy foetus.

          2. kellma

            @ newsjustin – its the emotional factor. On the one hand, you have someone standing outside a maternity hospital (housing expectant and new mothers and also women who are grappling with grief and impending grief) with graphic pictures of a potential life with the underlying message being about the ending of same. On the other hand, you have someone either covering that or holding up a t-shirt with one word on it that refers to an article. They are not holding up pictures of women skipping out of abortion clinics, delirious with the experience of having had to make such a choice (the lesser of two evils some may call it) Having an abortion can never be equated with getting a boob job. I cannot think any woman hopes that someday they will get the chance to have one.

          3. newsjustin

            “Having an abortion can never be equated with getting a boob job. I cannot think any woman hopes that someday they will get the chance to have one.”

            Yeah. Obviously I 100% agree.

          4. Bob

            I was going to write a longer comment but in an effort to avoid going further offtopic and discussing broader principles of bodily autonomy and debate about what full bodily autonomy could ultimately mean I’d keep it brief and simply point out that The Irish Constitution only enshrines the principle of bodily integrity
            “This means that the State may not do anything to harm your life or health.”
            which is far far less than bodily autonomy.

        3. Nigel

          There are people who see it that way, certainly, but since the 8th is demonstrably not fit for purpose and actively dangerous for women’s health, an argument could be made to remove it while still legally restricting abortion. That the pro-life side disregard these facts tends to give the lie to the ‘love both’ slogan.

    2. Listrade

      Because it’s the location and the fact that the hospital asked that there be no campaigning outside for any group. The hospital gave clear and rational reasons why they felt any campaigning, let alone pictures (graphic or not) was inappropriate.

      Because commentators on this site have described their own experiences and stated why this form of campaigning would be extremely distressing.

      Because they were asked nicely to be compassionate and consider those who may have suffered a trauma at the hospital.

      Because it’s about being a human and having empathy.

      And for all that it is indefensible.

      1. Cian

        For clarity – the proposed 12-week ‘on demand’ abortion is based on the medical principle that pregnancy is dated from the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period. This is the Gestation period.

        The embryonic or fetal ages in the link above are from conception – which will be anything from 7-21 days after this.

        Oh and she needs to give 72 hours notice. So effectively she needs to request the abortion on or before 11½ gestation. So the embryo/foetus would be a (at most) 7½-10½ weeks after conception.

        1. newsjustin

          Thanks Cian. To be clear, I just linked to that because it clarified embryo versus foetus.

          Your response begs the question how the GPs, who will lead us into this brave new world will effectively ascertain the age of the embryo/foetus at later stages of development. The HSE is unlikely to supply the necessary equipment to GP surgeries.

          (Maybe experienced providers from the UK could help?)

          1. Cian

            Simple. An ultrasound that can accurately measure the foetus[1]. After conception every foetus grows at a very predicable rate for the first trimester, it is less accurate in the second trimester. This gives a very accurate ‘age’.

            So what will happen is:
            Doctor: “When was your last period?”
            Woman: “8 weeks ago.”
            Doctor uses ultrasound, measures foetus and double-checks that size correlates to a foetal age of somewhere between 5-7 weeks.

            [1] Embryo/foetus/baby/child – I’m going to stick with the term foetus for all stages from conception to birth.

          2. newsjustin

            Yeah. I understand the process, I’ve seen it done.

            What I’m not clear on is if GPs will leap at the opportunity to buy what must be very expensive ultrasound equipment to provide the service. Maybe I’m wrong.

          3. Cian


            Perhaps the conversation (Doctor without an ultrasound) would be:

            Woman: “I want an abortion.”
            Doctor: “When was your last period?”
            Woman: “8 weeks ago.”
            Doctor: “Okay, [insert what he’ll have to tell her about 72 hour cooling off and the legal position] [insert what he’ll say to her from a human perspective] [insert what support is available to her] ”
            …then 72 hours later….
            Woman: “I still want an abortion”
            Doctor: “here is a prescription [insert medical stuff about how to take it and follow up]”

            Doctor updates government register about said abortion.

          4. SOQ

            Yes Cain but that would rely on asking women to tell the truth and we know they are awful liars.

          5. Cian

            SOQ: but the great thing is – when they lie to the doctors (cause obviously they will) the medication that they are given (for a 1st trimester abortion) won’t be appropriate and they are just putting their lives at risk! They might even die.

            But, that will serve them right. hussies!

          1. Cian

            Although they should be commended for using accurate terminology.
            I’m not in a position to know if the images are accurate.

          2. Papi

            Hard pass on the commendations. I have nothing but disgust for them and their rabid ilk.

  4. dav

    It’s clear that when the referendum is over, we’ll have to insure it will be illegal for protests to occur up to1km from the entrance of maternity hospitals, these anti choice nut bags need to be kept away from pregnant women

    1. newsjustin

      Yeah. That’s been pushed in some parts of London now. Dissenting views must not be tolerated, eh?

      1. The Real Jane

        Or harassing people going about their lawful business will not be tolerated.

      2. SOQ

        Are you honestly advocating that those nutcases should be allowed harass women going about their lawful business?

    2. Bob

      Protest Free Zones! I feel a chill.

      Undermining the right to protest doesn’t sound like a good idea.

      Counter protesting like the women with the Repeal jumper in picture 3 seems like the right thing to do.

    3. Frill the 8th

      they need to be kept way from everyone ffs
      they need to be stamped with Health Warnings
      if 20 fags has to carry them
      this crowd should
      I’d go further and say they should have a Special Hazardous Material notice with them
      in plain view at all times

  5. Bruce Wee

    What ever your view….Human decency and even a small amount of respect should be show. These images could be shown anywhere but to blatantly target an area where woman could be having a very difficult situation regarding their pregnancy is…..just being a winkie move to be honest. If anything, would sway me to go against them and their views had I been on the fence about the referendum

    1. SOQ


      Even the Love Boat crew know this is a vote loser. There is no love in holding such outside a maternity hospital.

  6. Nat King Coleslaw

    Sentient Won, you’re doing great.

    * profit-driven baby-killing machine
    * triggered much
    * snowflakes

    Can you please use “Soros” and “Virtue-signalling” next?

  7. The Real Jane

    I must say, I’m full of admiration for these young people standing up for some women whose attendance at a maternity hospital will involve hearing news that of us wish to hear. How shocking and callous it is to hold those pictures up to those women, some of whom will be grieving. As time goes on, how hollow “love both” rings.

  8. Kolmo

    It’s like a US proxy referendum, external evangelical sponsorship and interference is warping the debate – I hope that most people will see through it – I can’t wait till this is over – ghouls and their ghoulish posters outside hospitals – that’s not debate, that’s shilled hysteria masquerading as reasonableness, they’ve said no to everything, it’s the death rattle of the old order – No contraception, No Divorce, No Gay marriage – has the promised destruction of society occurred yet?
    I see there are teams of comment-bots working away on a number of websites, I hope you’re paid well..ghouls.

    1. SOQ

      external evangelical sponsorship and interference is warping the debate.

      No I don’t think it is. It is just highlighting what most of the Love Boat crowd actually think. Mainstream anti Choice know this sort of Protestant behaviour is a liability so the more exposure it gets, the better.

  9. Frill the 8th

    I dunno if this is the thread for this
    but why don’t these imported Poster Holders
    picket the ferry terminals and departure halls?


    1. The Real Jane

      Because they’d need to read up on the local situation rather than just hold up pictures of gore porn and harassing hospital staff? My guess is that a significant number couldn’t place Ireland on a map and have no idea what’s going on.

    2. Lucy

      They wanted to hold protests in Dublin and Cork airports last June, but the airport authorities said no. Thankfully.

  10. SOQ

    I am being a bit cynical here but all this reminds me around the 12th up north. One crowd marching to get a reaction and the other getting up in the middle of the night to be offended. Everyone talks about rights but nobody ever mentions respect.

    I am sure most of the public would love to have the time to be so ‘radical’ and shout at each other all day but they aren’t so fortunate. Do any of these people actually earn a living?

    1. Cian

      Just going by the photos above: neither side is shouting at the other – and the seem to respect each other. respect may be to strong – ignore?

      1. SOQ

        Well you get my point. Let people have reasoned debates and maybe even learn from each other but this is all contrived headline grabbing nonsense.

    2. Lucy

      Don’t really have to try to be offended by this one. As mentioned above, this is terribly cruel to women and their partners who are already receiving terrible news. And seems to serve no other purpose, so I feel like we can really be outraged by this without any qualms, cos it’s bloody outrageous.

  11. gavin

    How anyone can see this as acceptable is beyond, and it really shows just how sick these people and some on here are. Imagine having to walk past this if you had just lost a child through miscarriage or for whatever reason. Absolutely horrible vial people who support this kind of thing with zero compassion or understanding. They see one view point, and its through rabid, blinkered bloodshot eyes. Its this behaviour that swung me to Yes..sick people.

    1. postmanpat

      The police will probably turn a blind eye like they do with the graffiti “artists” that deface the Grand Canal every other weekend.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Have you checked outside the Rotunda? Thought I spotted him there roaring abuse at pregnant women.

      1. Papi

        I wonder would his verbal roaring be the same though? With the Nazis and the Israel and the scattershot references? Hmmmmm….

  12. painkiller

    Seriously, this is the hardest aspect of the Repeal movement – anarchist movements like this presenting themselves as having something to offer. First off, I can’t help bet see these these as the edgy-antifa anarchist hypocrite punk types who engaged in student politics rather than their chosen field of interest, if they went to college at all (you know, back when it was actually free!) and when they fail to forge a path for themselves in life, they cede to blaming an unfairly designed system for their personal failures on.

    I’m not saying the system is fair or that what much of they believe is untrue, but at the core of their movement is deeply resentful and dysfunctional people who commonly have addiction and mental health problems. What makes them dangerous is that they are oriented to think they stand for all that is good and the radical culture around this type of movement enables them to exploit the more naive among them, so it inevitably ends in teargas and riots. In a different time, they might have been more useful..when they stood for and protested for freedom of expression – which makes it ironic that they would use the diversity rainbow flag to suppress an image (an image I don’t agree with, I will add).

    1. Nigel

      ‘deeply resentful and dysfunctional people who commonly have addiction and mental health problems.’


    2. Frill the 8th

      You may not like this but the Constitution represents, and is indeed owned, by every Irish Citizen


      so that means all walks of life
      no matter what age
      no matter what colour their hair is
      where they went to school
      or who they vote for
      or what motivates them

      frankly all of that is really no ones business other that our common bond
      law abiding Irish Citizens with a legal vote

      you attitude stinks and is totally representative of the No/ LoveBoth/ The Churches of I Hate You that have made a simple Referendum ugly
      how many of them are Irish Citizens entitled to vote?
      put your dialogue to that rather than pass remarks about college fees

      1. painkiller

        I’m not a religious person and I’m not inclined to voting no on this issue but it’s re-assuring your natural response was to label me and put my views into a box – something that people with conservative politics are more prone to doing:

        And a lot of my beef is with radicalism and disregard for public order ( and the very fact that anarchist movements tend to be conceited and present themselves as edgy and cool to impressionable people…when they are anything but.

        You know, spraying the Repeal logo on a wall without permission is technically a criminal offence but that is probably the least of your concerns.

        Good on ya.

        1. italia'90

          Pot, meet kettle.

          “at the core of their movement is deeply resentful and dysfunctional people who commonly have addiction and mental health problems,

          1. painkiller

   – great back in ’90 also haha.

            Make a meaningful and engaging comment…or why chime in…

    3. ReproBertie (SCU)

      “it inevitably ends in teargas and riots”

      “ironic that they would use the diversity rainbow flag”
      Hardly ironic given they call themselves “radical queers”. They say they are “fighting for change by direct action.” I applaud them for the direct action they have taken against these foreign “Christians”. At worst they could be described as idealistic and it makes a change from the apathetic youth we hear so much about from people who are far from young and forget what it is to believe change is possible.

      1. painkiller

        You sound kinda totalitarian, if I may say so….

        I’m not sure where progressivism and totalitarianism overlap but my guess is they don’t – as in, when you seek progress via forceful means, you cease to be a progressive.

        1. SOQ

          Yes you are somewhat right. I was that soldier, protests and what not. It is a right of passage for some LGBT people because they have put with so much poo in their lives. They are angry and they want change, and there is nothing wrong with that.

          But in this case, they are not the ones who are causing the hurt and offence and from appearance, most of the people holding up things to hide the offence were just passing by on the street. They certainly were not Queer activists. Please explain why you are focusing on them rather than the nutcases with the posters?

          1. painkiller

            I don’t like the poster either – I don’t think any poster serves a purpose beyond propaganda. We have RTE for expert panel debates and sites like this and dinner-tables where people can reason out their positions.

            I assume the poster went through an approval process with the referendum commission, so the better thing to do is make a formal complaint or create a petition rather than taking the law into our own hands – especially as a group.

            I appreciate that the experiences of LGBT people has left them predisposed to activism and I look forward to a time when sexual orientation is a smaller part of identity of an LGBT person. I hope you are with me on that…

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            “I assume the poster went through an approval process with the referendum commission”

            I suggest you do some research to remove this ridiculous assumption from your mind. Start with what the referendum commission does.


          3. SOQ


            Yes I am definitely with you on that but in the Irish context, street politics is a fairly new thing. The French on the other hand, would take to the streets because they had nothing to take to the streets for.

            The Irish establishment is poo scared of street protests and so far, it has proved to a very effective tool, the most recent example being the rape trial. I see it as quite healthy myself, especially in a country where the public has quite a fatalist and subservient history.

          1. SOQ

            Or in Irish granny speak: The more you talk about others, the more you say about yourself.

          2. painkiller

            ….by making a statement like: “I applaud them for the direct action they have taken against these foreign “Christians”.

            You know, they could use the complaints process, and failing that, you can resort to using petition. They aren’t alone in being uncomfortable with those posters. But hey, way easier to nip it in the bud and take matters into your own hands.

            And regarding your “At worst they could be described as idealistic” comment – some of the comments above suggests they are doing more than just covering up a poster. By all means, cutesify it if you need to.

          3. ReproBertie (SCU)

            The complaints process? Do you mean calling the gardaí? Because that is done every time these “christians” turn up outside maternity hospitals. They’ve also been asked by the staff not to turn up outside maternity hospitals as they upset patients going in for less than happy occasions. That they return again and again is a clear sign that they have no regard for the “complaints process”.

            The method used by the people you seem to think have a history of drug abuse and mental problems is a non-violent demonstration but you believe it will result, inevitably, in tear gas and riots and you accuse me of being totalitarian.Then you reference posts by other people to back up your claim that I’m totalitarian for applauding the peaceful actions of some idealistic youths. This is a whole new level of stupid. Do you understand how evidence works?

          4. Nigel

            This is an incredibly mild act of counter-protest that’s as likely being done by young professionals as by student anarchists and with motivations that arguably go beyond politics to simple thoughtfulness. Stop trying to turn it into a nascent riot.

  13. Andy

    I don’t think these protests/banners should be removed. Freedom of speech etc. Abortion is a messy, ugly process.

    You can’t hide the reality of it.

      1. italia'90

        It would be great if the Phoenix Park was decorated with images of Pedophiles and a long banner with the names of all the perpetrators that were protected by the Popes church while he’s here.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I had to suppress a very real shudder at the thoughts of that.

          1. italia'90

            Which part?
            The prospect of a protest against a cult leader of men who wear dresses and talk to fairies, or using a similar tactic used by those wonderful, sympathetic and thoroughly understanding christians in ICBR?

    1. Lilly

      @Andy – I don’t mean to be disrespectful towards people who embrace concepts such as the holy trinity but reality is not exactly their strong suit, innit.

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