Alarm Bells


From top: Alan Kelly and Tony O’Brien this afternoon

This morning/afternoon.

Public Accounts Committee

Labour TD Alan Kelly, vice-chair of the Public Accounts Committee, raised a memo sent to HSE chief Tony O’Brien in 2016

Mr O’Brien said that while he learned about the Vicky Phelan case on RTÉ News, he said he was told in the briefing note that a communications process was about to begin to notify patients with cancer about an audit of their smear tests.

“I was aware that an audit was carried out which was good practice. I was aware of a detailed plan to communicate the results of that audit,” he said.

….Mr O’Brien told the committee that he will strive to get a copy of the memo to the PAC today before the meeting concludes

More as we get it.

Wat live here

Memo over cervical audit did not ring alarm bells, says O’Brien (RTÉ)

Earlier: Unspeakable

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14 thoughts on “Alarm Bells

  1. Rob

    So he knew in 2016 of people who had Cancer and/or abnormal smears and by 2018 his organisation hadn’t told all of those people?

    I was going to say I’d get his coat, but he can go and get it himself.

    1. Topsy

      When he eventually gets his coat, his pockets will be stuffed with a massive pension & a wad of hush money.

  2. insert ridiculous internet pseudonym here

    Nothing short of a pointless tragedy. The state should compensate them, and their families immediately and pay for any treatment experimental, or not, that the patient wishes regardless of cost and it should happen NOW.

    Those responsible should be held criminally liable: these women were handed death sentences for ineptitude and laziness.

    1. realPolithicks

      “Those responsible should be held criminally liable: these women were handed death sentences for ineptitude and laziness.”

      Don’t hold your breath.

    2. Cian

      “Those responsible should be held criminally liable: these women were handed death sentences for ineptitude and laziness.”

      um, no. The ‘crime’ here is that women, who had been told that they had a positive smear test, and were in treatment for cancer weren’t told that an earlier smear test was a false-negative. The information withheld wouldn’t have affected their treatment.

      Screening can never achieve 100% detection rates. Even with the best screening in the world, there will, unfortunately, be people that are missed.

      There is a separate review happening to see if there were deficiencies in the testing. And/or the tendering process. IF it is found that there were shortcuts taken – I will gladly join you on the barricades as we storm the HSE head-office and push for criminal sanctions.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Odd that it seems to be this subject seems to be the only one, almost, that brings you out Cian. Skin in the game?

        1. Cian

          I have answered this multiple times (the answer is still no). And explained my interest too.

          But feel free to add substance to the conversation rather than make snide remarks about the commenters.

          1. Catherine costelloe

            Cian, another victim who came forward today had 3 false readings and is seriously ill. I replied to Lilley who had a clear test a year ago to play safe and not to wait 2 years for another test. As the situation stands , it’s drip feeding , 1500 more need to be audited. You need to STOP comments such as screenings are not foolproof. Audits show cancer cells WERE detected from screenings but ignored and women were not told .It’s responsible to query ones last reading, because next test like Vicki and Emma + possibly hundreds more could be told you have 6 months to live.
            What part of that do you find difficult to com pretend? It’s a safeguard to early intervention.

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