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  1. SOQ

    As we are heading into what will be a bruising week, this is just a post for all the silent victims of this horrible campaign. Especially the women who made a very personal decision to protect their health and families and are now being so wrongly judged by (mainly) men spouting theoretical nonsense.

    We are all thinking of you and wishing you well. XX.

    “Manta Ray” by J. Ralph & Anohni.


    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      SOQ. If I could have a wish it would be that ALL posters disappear. it would be that no TV programmes would seek ratings by putting on phoney ‘debates’. It would be that the referendum not be mentioned on any radio programme. I would ask for a week of peace where people could calmly consider how they should vote. I’m a veteran of the original horrendous campaign of 1983. It was ugly. I will vote to remove this dreadful article from the Constitution, others will vote differently, or the same. Can’t we just be civilised for once?

      1. Cu Cullan

        Not with those mindless pieces of poo brainwashed into denying heath care to all.. from another veteran..

          1. Sentient Won

            Babies are good news for the world

            Evil minds have stirred things so pregnancy is now considered a disease.

            Terminating pregnancy is already allowed to save the life of the mother.

            You’re now calling for abortion becasue it’s fashionable, all the ‘in’ crowd are doing it.

            That’s just sick.

            Watch the video I’ve linked to below describing the 12 week abortion and tell me you’re ok will that form of execution for a human life in the womb. Would you do that to your child?

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Yep, can’t wait for my fashionable new abortion to arrive in the post.

            Your comments repeatedly show precisely why you’re so ill-equipped to have a serious conversation about abortion.

          3. mildred st. meadowlark

            Yes. Yes I would, if it was necessary. I would do what was right for me and my partner.

            But it’s absolutely none of your business if I do or not. That’s the whole point.

          4. Sentient Won


            Would you really let a stranger crush the skull of your child after ripping them limb from limb?

            That’s a pathological, dysfunctional form of parenting.

            Luckily for you the 13th Amendment to the Irish Constitution allows you the freedom to indulge your wishes elsewhere.

            While the 8th Amendment protects the rest of us from being unwitting accomplices to your actions.

          5. mildred st. meadowlark

            It is honestly not worth answering you. There is nothing in that wordy, spiteful comment worth addressing.

            You’re a fool.

          6. ReproBertie (SCU)

            The 8th amendment does not prevent abortion but it destroys human lives.

      2. john g

        But at least sheik do not lie like the claim baby yodel was severely disabled
        For he is not
        Surf the internet and you will see no mention of his severe disability
        So sheik I found you out
        Unless of course you can post which newspaper article stated it

    2. newsjustin

      It will be a tough week, undoubtedly, SOQ. But this proposed constitutional amendment and legislation must be debated – and in my view – defeated.

      There is nothing “theoretical” about abortion. It ends the life of real humans. And these proposals are outrageous.

      Yesterday on Today with Sean O’Rourke we had the Taoiseach….an actual medical doctor….tell the nation that 2 patients, 2 humans, only existed during a pregnancy “after viability (6 months) or IF THE BABY IS WANTED.”

      That is chilling. The right to life only exists if someone decides you are wanted in this world.

      So, yes, it may be a tough week. But the issues involved mean that many people can and will not be silenced on this very grave matter.

      1. Listrade

        There is nothing theoretical about abortion, it is happening every single year in the thousands. You voting no won’t stop it, but it might help pretend everything is grand.

        What’s so outrageous an option for abortion in FFA and only FFA? No reference to impairment or handicap, just FFA? It won’t be compulsory it’ll be a choice.

        What’s so outrageous about a choice in the case of pregnancy from rape? A system will respect the woman or girl? The Rape Crisis Centre statistics shows 90 pregnancies from rape, 17 chose abortion.

        And that grey area of serious risk, or imminent risk. The one we both pick and chose which doctor’s opinion we listen to. Do we or don’t we give cancer treatment? Was there a risk of infection? One person missing in all that is the woman. Doctors are making different judgements for different reasons.

        What’s so outrageous about removing that doubt so that if there is a risk of harm, the mother has a choice an option that she can take if she wants?

        It’s happening anyway. Is there anything to be gained by making a pregnant rape victim a criminal or those who support he a criminal?

        Is there anything to be gained from making a mother a criminal because of FFA?

        Fine, you want me to keep a 35 year old amendment and pretend it’s always been there. You want to deny choice despite huge numbers of women telling their stories. You want to pretend that the legislation the No campaign fought tooth and nail against protects women despite thousands of doctors saying it doesn’t.

        And we want the women to be criminals (up to 14 years in jail).

        I’m overwhelmed by the love.

      2. Listrade

        “Yesterday on Today with Sean O’Rourke we had the Taoiseach….an actual medical doctor….tell the nation that 2 patients, 2 humans, only existed during a pregnancy “after viability (6 months) or IF THE BABY IS WANTED.”

        That is chilling. The right to life only exists if someone decides you are wanted in this world.”

        Also, this is wrong whether Varadkar said it or not.

        After 12 weeks there are strict conditions on abortion up to viability. It requires an obstetrician and a gp to agree that:

        1. There is a risk to life or of serious harm
        2. Foetus not viable and
        3. Abortion is appropriate (I.e the abortion will remove the risk)

        All three conditions must be met. It isn’t a matter of “wanting”.

        The only circumstance where post viability abortion is allowed is emergencies and that is currently the case under PLDPA. So that doesn’t change.

        Late stage is allowed in cases of FFA (not currently under PLDPA) but the definition of FFA in the proposed legislation means that the foetus isn’t considered viable and therefore viability isn’t a factor.

        1. john g

          There is no laws on our statute books regarding abortion
          Just proposed legislation that can be altered anytime the eight amendment is removed.
          Your post is totally irrelevant and untrue, except for the statement
          “‘That is chilling the right to life only exists if someone decides if you are wanted in this world”
          And who will decide?
          The father
          The mother?
          The state?
          For Varadkar to state this shows how cold and calculating he really is

      3. SOQ

        I use the word theoretical because there is a lot of people shouting to whom it will ever be an issue. Just like the last referendum, busy bodies sticking their nose into other people’s affairs. The very idea of having to carry a dead baby to full term is morally and ethically wrong, as is rape, or an incubator.

        And the doctors argue, and the patients die, and the priests still pull the strings but finally, for once, a politician with a bit of backbone made a decision. The people will decide and it WILL be repealed.

        I trust the people, I trust women.

        1. john g

          Talking about rape, not one comment regarding the young girl stripped naked raped and beaten to death.
          And a thirteen year old boy suspect
          There is a terrible evil put there and it saddens me that people in this country do not even comment
          I just wonder if this child is the one who did this evil what punishment he will receive.?
          Will he even serve time ?
          Gods prayers for the family of Anastasia Kriegal during their terrible time

      4. George

        The thing is if this referendum passes the No votes like Justin will shrug their shoulders and get on with their lives completely unaffected just like they did when divorce came in and marriage equality came in. They’ll move on and never think of it again. Not so for the women who have crisis pregnancies.

        But I hope it will pass. We’re coming for the schools next.

        1. J Dizzle

          If you come for the schools, have your cheque books out. The church owns all of the schools, if you really want them out I’m sure they’ll be only happy who sell.

          Also, if this is passed of course the people that voted no will get on with there lives, and the whole “Trust women” campaign will be put into practice, but if there is one thing I’ve learned is that people are flawed and not everyone can be trusted.

        2. Bob

          As a society we need to do a lot more to improve care for mothers and children. Repeal wont fix the hard cases, they will still be no shortage of impossible choices.

          There will still be teenage crisis pregnancies where the mother is too young to legally choose her own medical care.

          There will still be cases of suicidal mothers close to viability and doctors trying to save both.

          Every law has unintended consequences, with difficult edge cases and this will be no different.

          At best Repeal is only a start.

        3. john g

          Once protection of the unborn is removed from our constitution then it can be open season on the unborn
          This government cannot be trusted to work on behalf of the people
          If this is passed women will be at the mercy of which hospital they go to secure a termination
          For an example our new national maternity hospital has the power and the doctors as well to refuse a abortion
          Its in their contract freedom to practice their beliefs
          So depending where you go and even if its your right under the law it means nothing
          And this is what we are all being brow beaten to accept

          1. Nigel

            No. We are being asked to remove the the 8th which does not protect the iunborn but which harms women.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Dave, we know its you. Even when you were mary, we knew it was you.

      5. john g

        it is a grave matter, once the protection is gone that’s it we can only prey government dose not start to ensure those born imperfect will no longer be a Burdon on finances
        By advising options available in the event of a scan being read as a baby that will have disability’s
        And the option presented would be a termination as parents struggle with how to cope with finding out the terrible news.

    3. dylad

      Forget the unthinking fetus blob for a minute. Does anyone else think the coverage of this girl’s death, and other murders like this is unnecessarily prominent and explicit? it doesn’t really help anyone.

  2. Sentient Won

    Yes campaigners don’t want debate. They want to destroy those who resist their evil programming.

    Look at what happened in Sligo with a perfectly lawful (and temporary) ‘NO’.

    You deny all rights to the public domain to those who disagree with you.

    You rigged the Citizen’s Assembly.

    You bought off the political establishment.

    You will rig the vote if necessary.

    Abortion is murder. You all know it.

    You’re too afraid to admit it because it undermines your cozy victim status.

    Claiming victim-hood is just another way to shut down dissent.

    Why does Broadsheet ‘moderate’ those who disagree with their agenda?

    Is it because you know killing babies is wrong?

    You say abortion up to 12 weeks is a chemical solution.

    This doctor explains how you’re wrong.


    You failed to let this be posted earlier in the week. Why?

    Will you allow the post now?

    If not explain why. In public.

    Else you are cowards.

    1. Lilly

      No, it seems we can’t have a week of peace and contemplation because shouty bottomholes like this one can’t resist shoving their views down everyone’s throat, one last time.

      1. PlumBobSmearPants

        One last time?! If only! They would – figuratively speaking of course – scorch and salt the nation to prevent a yes vote.

        They will push their agenda by any means possibly. They are extremist and their shock tactics will amplify to horrifying levels this week.

        If the yes vote carries. They won’t sit idly by. They will make our legislator’s lives a living hell. Violence will be implemented. I’m certain if that. Because that’s the kind of people they are. Right now they are emotional terrorists. They will regroup and upgrade. They won’t stop.

        But still. We have to remove this pernicious article from our constitution.

        Vote yes on May 25th.

        1. Sentient Won


          Not wanting to kill babies is now an extremist position?

          That’s just twisted.

          1. SOQ

            Sentient if you just keep repeating the same slogans again and again then people will believe it right? It really is getting old.

            Go talk to the women who have actually been in these situations please. But you won’t now will you? Much easier to just throw out high handed judgements on the internet.

          2. Cian

            Both sides are repeating the same stuff.
            Yes – talks about the hard cases – and is quiet about the on demand.
            No – talks about the healthy babies. But ignored the hard cases.

          3. Sentient Won

            You had a big lying moment during the week Listrade but Broadsheet covered your bum area as soon as you were found out.

            You claim FFA is a justification for abortion even as you admit if poses no risk to the mother. You refuse to consider the option of palliative care for mother and child in these situations. You claim these mothers are victims of the 8th Amendment when the condition of FFA has nothing to do with the wording of the constitution.

            You claim rape and incest are justifications for Repeal even though they account for just 1% of abortions world wide

            You claim the Protection Of Life During Pregnancy Act is not permitted by the constitution even though the words “as far as practicable” are included in the relevant section seemingly for just such occurrences.

            You, Listrade, lie by omission, never calling for Abortion on Demand even though what you propose will lead to exactly that. You should be upfront about what you seek. Is it Abortion on Demand or not?

            You, Listrade, already admit that 97% of Abortions have nothing to do with healthcare so what exactly are you so keen to remove the right to life of the unborn and their mothers? Explain yourself.

            Abortion destroys a human life and carries significant physical and psychological risks for the mother but the Yes campaign refuse to admit any of this: more lies of omission.

            The Yes campaign claim the fetus is not human when if fact it can be nothing but human.

            The Yes campaign claim Men have nothing to do with this when, in fact, it is impossible to create a baby without a man.

            Commentators for Yes on this site claim a 12 Abortion is a matter of taking a pill but the doctor in this video explains how a 12 week abortion is much more complicated that that.


            In fact, Abortion at 12 weeks is an act of butchery.

            Would you be comfortable if the life of your child (or any child) was destroyed in this way? Particularly when this destruction has nothing to do with healthcare

          4. Listrade

            I can only comment on the things you claim I have said.

            I do believe FFA is grounds for an option of abortion. I’ve made no bones about that. Except until now you dismissed it, never once countered with any discussion about palliative care. So it isn’t me refusing to debate it, it’s the first time you’ve mentioned it.

            As it happens I don’t reject that option. I believe in all options for those in that situation. And for me that includes the option of abortion. It’s my opinion based on hearing what people have been through. It isn’t a lie.

            It is the 8th that removes that option and that is a fact. A fact confirmed by the Supreme Court decision on the X case. Abortion is only permitted when there is a serious and imminent risk to the mother. It does not provide for abortion when the foetus isn’t viable. Unless you are aware of something the Supreme Court isn’t.

            I did state rape and incest are TO ME reasons to repeal. As with FFA I believe that option should be there. You say 1%, I say 90 women pregnant from rape that the Rape Crisis Centre know about. 90 individuals, not percentages. If the foetus is an individual, then that 90 woman and girls are individuals.

            In my opinion, I believe they should have the choice. I know what that means, they know what abortion means. That choice is preferable to me than a raped and pregnant woman trying to kill herself then being locked up, force fed and cut open to deliver the baby.

            Thing is I’ve always stated that as my opinion, so how can that be a lie?

            And you are way off on what I’ve said about PLDPA. Of course it is allowed by the constitution it’s basically the X Case decision brought into law. What I have said is that it ONLY covers serious and imminent risk to a mother’s life. And that to me isn’t enough.

            I actually know what the words where practicable means. For two reasons, I’ve actually read the XCase decision, o saw 5 judges discuss it in detail. I also spent 10 years discussing it in detail every time it popped up in new or proposed legislation (I was usually trying to get it watered down but to so far as is reasonably practicable).

            In lay terms it means where scientifically and technically possible. In the context of the 8th it means that if it is still possible to keep the foetus alive and there is no serious and imminent risk to the mother’s life, then you must. That’s why FFA can’t be aborted. Even though the foetus isn’t viable, even though it will have no life beyond seconds, minutes or days. Even though that life may be painful and distressful for the baby, if there is no serious and imminent risk to the mother’s life, as long as it is possible to sustain a heartbeat you must.

            So no, you’re wrong on that one by quite a bit.

            And finally, I have never omitted anything about abortion on demand. The 12 weeks is abortion on demand. I’ve said that here. All I have done is give the reasoning we have regarding rape and incest and that the 12 week is the only way in my opinion to legislate for that. I’ve been up front it’s my opinion and that I still believe it to be for the greater good.

            That’s not a lie or disingenuous it stating my opinion and why.

          5. George

            Are you telling me I have to add 9months to my age now? Because apparently I was already a baby when my mum was 12 weeks pregnant.

          6. Cian

            Sentient wan
            That video you keep posting is not how the majority of abortions are done. And under 12 weeks the vast majority are taking 2 pills.

            And you accuse the yes side of lies but you keep pushing that as ‘fact’?

            You are lying. Please stop.

          7. SOQ

            The ony new FACT to emerge out of the No campaign is that a woman may currently receive differing levels of care depending on which (witch?) doctor is treating her. Going forward, that alone will be a legal minefield.

            Even after Repeal, if I was a pregnant woman, I would be taking a good hard look at the respective doctor to ensure they are not part of the current NO campaign or, even a supporter of.

          8. Sentient Won


            According to Marie Stopes ‘medical’ Abortion is only available up to 63 days (9 weeks).

            After that it’s surgical.

            In fact most Abortions are surgical anyway.

            Somebody has been feeding you bogus information.

            You’ve probably been spending too long on Broadsheet.

          9. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Yeah, I’m sure the head of the IFPA is the one who has been spreading lies.

          10. Listrade

            Mifepristone is used up to 10 weeks. After that it is surgical via vacuum aspiration.

            Medical abortions account for 62% of overall abortions in 2016 (UK). But accounts for 72% of abortions under 10 weeks. Abortion under 10 weeks accounted for 81% of abortions in 2016.

            All detail here:


            Not sure where “most abortions being surgical” comes from. Not the UK stats anyway.

      2. john g

        Oh Lilly
        The only ones who have a right to debate something which is about life and death and the right to terminate a life is those who are all for it
        Seems to me your Orwellian world is not mine

    2. Frill the 8th

      Ah would eff off wi’ yer Rigging
      The People’s Assembly

      Off all things
      The People’s Assembly is one of the most beautiful, honest, and democratic things in this Country

      Cop on ta’ yerself Senile
      And know this

      You and the people like you
      And the people telling you what ta’ spew here
      And everywhere else in between
      Need to accept the fact that ye have lost control, and,
      Yere grip on the decision making in this country,
      And yere historical management of people’s lives, families and jobs
      Even their health and education
      Even the media

      Has come to an end

      Nobody gives a .úc. about being ostracised by Catholics
      Or any other Holy Phoney
      And if I got lucky t’night
      Discovered a blue line under the weewee next month
      I’d be organising a termination 1st thing

      And I don’t give a púc who knows it
      Not my kids
      Not my neighbours
      Not my colleagues

      And if all that happens Senile
      I’ll post a full tick-tock
      Like Olga’s tribunal tweets
      And dedicate the lot to the entire No-Sider Constituency

    3. john g

      The citizens assembly was not voted in by me or any other Joe public
      It was imposed on us from some quango that runs poles called red c
      Of course this research company has many contracts with government so one could say it could of been tampered with
      They chose those who sat on the citizens assembly not the general public, as we all know its who you know.

      1. john g

        Yes before I vote I will prey to my god that he guides my hand
        Never before in a nation have the people the right to decide life or death for the unborn
        This day will be a first for our nation, and a last.
        I have no control over a life forms creation
        If it will develop to a birth and develop into a loving normal human being with compassion and love
        But I will have control to partake in termination or not
        My vote could decide the outcome like millions
        When I die I will stand in front of my god and be judged by him for what I vote for
        I prey our people do the right thing

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          It’s pray. Prey is what the clergy did on children.

          Also there is no god.

          1. john g

            Your view
            Not mine
            The only thing that I agree with is the misspelling of prey or excuse me pray

          2. Nigel

            No neither the first comment nor my reply was about abortion no matter what your view is. But hey knock yourself out.

          3. Frilly Keane

            Ah now there is ReBerto
            I know a few meself
            John Fenton
            David Ginola

            So, ya know

            <New Avatar, Thanks ta' Shelia and the Campaign to wind up the men of Tipp

            Hon’ Cork btw
            Championship opener t’morrow against last year’s baten MF ists
            Go one more step than last year and we’re in the AI 2018 !!?!!

  3. Charger Salmons

    I just thought I’d make a brief return to BS to say why I hope people vote YES in the forthcoming referendum.
    Some years ago to our great joy my wife became pregnant with our first child.
    Five months into her pregnancy it was discovered our child sufferered from a rare and lethal genetic abnormality which results in a child dying before or shortly after birth.
    She was offered and accepted an injection and some hours later a badly-deformed foetus was aborted – among many abnormalities he had six fingers on each hand and part of his brain encased in a sac outside his skull.
    We lived in the UK at the time.Had we lived here my wife would have been forced to endure a full-term pregnancy knowing effectively she was giving birth to a dead child.
    To see a subject that was for us profoundly distressing being reduced to the level of debate and hysteria that has happened in Ireland in the last few weeks has been very depressing.
    But I hope no other mother has to go through what my wife would have had to endure had we lived in Ireland at the time.
    It is to the eternal shame of this country that so many women in Ireland have had to rely on the UK for moral support and compassion at probably the most distressing time in their life.
    I urge everyone to vote YES.
    Thank you and goodbye again.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Thanks for sharing, it is a most distressing time, all that hope and joy is turned to excruciating pain. May the future bring happier times.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Hope you did eventually have the happiness you were looking for.

      Charger, I haven’t made up my mind either way. I’ve kept away from commenting on the subject, save to say that the referendum isn’t just about yes or no. It’s also about giving or not giving power to the State to pass any laws they see fit in relation to the subject. That is a stumbling block for me to be honest. Given the motley crew of politicians we end up with and the whip system, i could not be sure that any future legislation would be to our benefit.
      A free hand shouldn’t be given to politicians on a subject as important as this.

      1. Cian

        GGoo, Do you think the proposed legislation is too consiverative? Because most of the no side seem to be saying that it will be the most liberal in Europe.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Proposed legislation doesn’t interest me to be honest. I just don’t trust our politicians, and having a referendum going on without the knowledge of what we are actually voting for if we vote yes is not acceptable to me. So i’m in the undecided camp still. When the media, are telling us what the legislation COULD look like it doesn’t look to be an honest campaign by the State. http://www.thejournal.ie/eight-repeal-legislation-3925410-Mar2018/

          1. Cu Cullan

            And so, your opinion about politicians will condemn many more women like Chargers dear wife, to excruciating pain. Get over yourself. Grow a pair and do the right thing. Vote YES..

          2. Sheik Yahbouti

            Hear hear, Cu. The public will be well able to make their views clear to their TDs. Not trusting politicians is a cop out. That’s why we’re still saddled with an extremely expensive and useless rest home for the unelectable.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Cu and Sheik. Grand, you have your minds made up. So, as the legislation hasn’t actually been published, can you tell me what exactly are you voting yes to? (The legalities?)
            So, I haven’t made my mind up, as haven’t many many others. Do you honestly think that a post like Cu’s will garner votes from the undecided. More of a rant and a bit of bullying thrown in.
            So, rather than a post like that, please be so kind as to give the reasons why you would trust a politician to do the right thing but also why you would vote for a legal pig in a poke.?

          4. Sheik Yahbouti

            I am voting for the removal of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution (which should never have been in our Constitution) simpliciter. That is the ONLY question being put in this plebicite.

          5. Nigel

            Sorry but this reasoning is moral cowardice. Regardless of what they do the 8th is broken and actively harms women. Preferring this status quo is the privelege of someone who will never themselves be subject to the mercies of the 8th.

            We have one example of modern politicians doing the right thing: they called this referendum.

          6. ReproBertie (SCU)

            That argument is a total crock Goo. It’s just an excuse to vote No disguised as some sort of concern about the legalities. The outline of the bill has been published. They can’t debate or publish an actual bill until the 8th is Repealed. There’s only one person being dishonest in this and it’s not the government.

          7. GiggidyGoo

            Sheik that is NOT the only question. ‘the public will be asked to repeal article 40.3.3 of the constitution and replace it with the following 13 word sentence:

            “Provision may be made in law for regulation of termination of a pregnancy.”

            Nigel. You’re full of it.

          8. Nigel

            And you rant and rave and foam at the mouth about every bad thing happening in the country but you prefer to heap personal abuse on flawed politicians and whine about our flawed systems than make even one simple, single but meaningful change, so I think we’ve all got your number.

          9. italia'90

            GiggidyGoo: You have a simple choice, and all things being equal, you can vote

          10. GiggidyGoo

            Nigel. To you it’s one ‘simple’ change. Very good. The change is so that the State can legislate for anything it likes basically. True or not? It could actually legislate to keep the status quo. True of false? The moral cowardice here is that FFGLABSFetc wouldn’t write an actual set-in-stone replacement for Article 8.

          11. Nigel

            Realistically the replacement will be either as proposed or something adjusted to be more restrictive. The idea that something wildly permissive might be introduced instead is ridiculous. Voting no out of this completely overstated terror of the wretched evil of politicians is either childish or cynical. So long as it’s not enshrined in the constitution it will not be as set in stone as the 8th.

          12. Nigel

            Assume what? That voting no because you claim to be too scared of change proves everything you say about the cervical smears scandal is crocodile tears?

          13. GiggidyGoo

            As i said Nigel, you’re full of it. Youre pulling the usual FGer stunts. name calling, diversionary tactics, unable to discuss the subject at hand, assuming, bullying.
            It’s funny that when you’re asked the reason why you’d vote for a legal pig in a poke, you can’t answer the question and proceed to all of the above mentioned tactics.
            And you’re still assuming.

          14. Lobster

            Do you sincerely believe this should be legislated for and controlled via the constitution? And otherwise regretfully condemn more women to awful choices and inadequate medical care?

      1. bisted

        …hiya Charger…my favourite west brit..your wit and caustic perspective are sadly missed…I’ve borrowed your ‘hook, line and ginger’ and use it as my own…

    3. Lush

      So sorry Charger and, like others, I hope you guys got your little Bambino eventually.
      I too miss your jibing and provocation; you often brought a smile to my face.

    4. john g

      Absolutely horrific story
      Its much like the baby Bentley Yoder who was born with the same condition ,its called encephalocele
      I think I have spelled it correctly.but Google it.
      Around 375 of these children are born each year in the USA
      The doctors advised abortion ,the parents agreed but after a change of mind they decided to go on with the pregnancy
      The baby was born and after 5 months the baby had complex brain surgery
      He celebrated his first birthday when the article was published
      People say there is no god ,but clearly he was looking down.
      The doctors at BCH under doctor Meara successfully operated and the child now is a healthy baby of 2 years
      Medicine is always evolving and miracles do happen
      This is one reason that shows abortion is not the only solution, and life is so precious
      Only the people by voting no can stop possibly a drastic mistake worse than the few women lives that will be saved by removing the eight amendment
      If the referendum is defeated, another referendum could take place to ensure cases like FFA are the exception and women get protection in defined compassionate examples
      This would do both, protect the unborn and protect the mothers.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Would this be in the USA where all manner of ‘miracles’ seem to occur, John? How dare you cheapen the experience of Charger and his wife to peddle your nonsense.

        1. john g

          How do we know its charger or the story is true
          We are about to vote on our constitution
          And for life of the unborn or to kill the unborn
          You cannot get more serious than that
          So I question
          And look up abortion on 5 month old foetuses
          Its not a simple injection its a needle into the abdomen of the mother
          Fluid removed to be replaced by saline
          This burns the skin of the foetus and kills the foetus over 1 hour
          I wonder if their is pain but the dead foetus is delivered up to 35 hours later
          The miracle is fact and Google the article
          And how dare you accuse me of cheapening life or stories of terrible heartache

          1. john g

            SOQ we are talking about abortion on demand which is a little bit more than 2 pills
            Yes 2 pills in a majority of cases
            The law is not on the statute books and can and will change
            Knowing the form of this government I will not trust them to introduce something on a promise that could and will be abused by out of control state agencies like the HSE
            Look at the cervical smears
            The list goes on and on like the jumbone advert

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Irrespective of the outcome of the referendum pregnant women will be remain in the care of the HSE david so I don’t know what makes you think mentioning previous HSE scandals will have any impact on people’s decision to have faith in women and vote away this stupid, damaging amendment.

          3. SOQ

            We have the most extreme abortion laws in Europe, mainly because we are an ex Catholic colony. For what you say to happen, it will require major social changes and if history has shown us anything, it is that as a group, politicians are more socially conservative than the electorate.

            No one knows what the future brings but that is no reason to keep this bad law. People have died because of it. It must go.

          4. Sheik Yahbouti

            My last word to you on this. Firstly, you cast doubt on whether this was Charger or that the story was true; secondly you say how dare I suggest that you cheapened his heartache ; thirdly, I looked up the American child you mentioned. He is alive and is severely disabled and will remain so. I cannot see how his introduction advances anybody’s case.

          5. ReproBertie (SCU)

            After 12 weeks abortion will only be allowed if two doctors agree that there is a serious threat to the health of the mother. You seem to have forgotten the mother in your lust to describe a particular abortion procedure.

            We are not voting on death for the unborn.

            A child surviving surgery does not mean some mythical sky wizard was looking down. Fairy tales are for children john, time to grow up.

        2. john g

          I too looked up about baby yodel and he is not severely disabled
          I advise everyone to read his story
          Even the mail on line has the article
          All the talk about survival and being a vegetable was talk from doctors who advised the parents to abort
          The pressure at a time of terrible stress proved to be wrong advise
          They did not abort and thanks to doctors in Boston that baby is alive and his brain is developing
          Sheik is typical of the pro abortionists trying to influence people to vote to remove the rights of the unborn
          I also reckon charger salmon post is fake again to push the undecided to vote for the removal of the rights of the unborn
          They cannot argue with fact
          They twist people’s words belittle them and bully them

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            You’ve really gone off the deep end today. Did the heat get to you?

            Do you even read what you post?

            I also reckon charger salmon post is fake again to push the undecided to vote for the removal of the rights of the unborn

            That’s an awful, loathsome thing to write about anyone. Cop on.

          2. italia'90

            Mildred: John g wrote it, but I’m sure he was not the only one thinking it.
            There is no depth of duplicity the Nimby’s will stoop to in my opinion.
            Do you not find it a little bit strange that Charger has suddenly appeared now that all his other pathetic, contrarian pseudonyms and poor arguments have been exposed on the 8th threads?
            He opens the disability door and in rushes John g/David/Ricky/shitferbrains/Jonickal/jockey or whatever other username he’s getting his rocks off under today.

  4. SOQ

    Who is that black man who won’t shut up preaching at the WASPs at the royal wedding?

    Love to see the UKIP types who are watching this. Lol

      1. SOQ

        At £200,000 it bloody well should be. The wealth these people have is obscene.

        Even the way the church was divided. A wall between the knobs and the commoners?

    1. john g

      I thought it was weird bit like the preacher in Eddie Murphy’s coming to america
      It was funny
      Judging by the faces of bride and groom it might of been play acting

      1. SOQ

        Yeah Camilla had her face well hidden with the hat. There was certainly a lot of uncomfortable smirking going on.

  5. johnny

    MacLennan statement -the circus has left town but forgot this clown “LET ME TELL YOU” oh please !

    ” Let me tell you this: if there was any wrongdoing in the past it was done without the knowledge or approval of the Board, and the Board is prepared to take such steps as are necessary to protect INM’s interests and to obtain redress from third parties if advised that it is appropriate to do so.”


  6. Dinny Do Well?

    The Ana Kriegel killing is appalling. RIP to her and condolences to her friends, family, the community. Some of the reporting of how she was found left much to be desired in terms of balancing news reporting with respect for her family and herself.

    1. john g

      I agree but it just rammed home the evil that was done to her
      No matter how this is reported her family can only be one thing and that is destroyed
      If this thirteen year old is the one who did this evil act he must never see the light of day ever
      I remember the bulger murder which was by two young boys and what evil they did
      They should never of been allowed out
      One reoffended and now is back inside under a new name
      I am convinced great evil stalks the world

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